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by Fred Showker

using postcards to market real estate

Sandy Hibbard Lyric Marketing & Design Sandy is fabulous. We first introduced you to Sandy in our Designing Women issue back in March of 2004. Since those days, Sandy and her "Lyric Marketing" is not so much about music -- other than the musical sounds of cha-ching, cha-ching! Let's catch up and see what's going on with Sandy these days -- including her music!

Sandy Hibbard began Lyric Marketing & Design in 2000 -- she writes :

quotingI'm self taught through imagination, constant research, listening, watching the culture, trial and error, courage, tenasity and the seat of my freaking pants! end quote

Lyric Marketing & Design is located in Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. There, Sandy's services have extend throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, with one of her specialties being real estate.

411 Real estate campaign

One of the strong-holds has been her Real Estate 411 Campaign. This is a monthly content marketing program for the largest Real Estate brokerage in Texas, including a monthly newsletter, social media integration, blog and accompanying collateral (Postcards, Flyers, etc.)

mortgage marketing

Your Resource for Results is Sandy's monthly content marketing program for a the largest independent title company in Dallas, including monthly newsletter and blog.

advertising design for clothing store

Sandy Wright HibbardLyric produces the Damon/Enro "Ready to Wear Catalog", an annual project for a the majore ready-to-wear, menswear company. It's 20-pages and designed around a classy, 3 ring leather presentation binder!

Sandy writes :

quoting Lyric Marketing and Design isn't about music, it's about carefully orchestrated marketing and design for your business -- it's about fun. The "Lyric" part comes from my love of music as a singer and performer (in my spare time!). We like to have fun and that's what the Lyric Marketing team works hard to achieve -- making the marketing and design experience an enjoyable one -- and bringing that joy and excitement to our clients and their customers. end quote

Sandy understands the latest web, social and technology trends -- and her firm of creative professionals is knowledgeable about the marketing BUSINESS and what it takes to purvey memorable, clear messaged design that POPS!

Sandy Wright-Hibbard
Social Media Strategist, Marketing Consultant, Designer, Writer

Lyric Marketing & Design Lyric Marketing & Design
Lyric Marketing & Design
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