Ji Lee: bubbles to words to pictures to books . . .

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's favorite Wall Calendars are FREE In 2011, Ji Lee was listed as one of the 50 most influential designers in the US by the Fast Company magazine. A designer at Facebook, Ji's past jobs include Google and Saatchi & Saatchi. In addition to his professional work, some of Ji's well-known projects include the Bubble Project (where he plastered 50,000 stickers in the shape of speech-bubble on top of ads on the streets), Wordless Web and 3D Chess Board. Ji's work has appeared on the cover of Time magazine, as well as ABC World News, Wired, Fast Company, Huffington Post, among others. Ji is a frequent contributor for the New York Times.

Now, Ji brings to life an animated ebook: Word As Image, based on his print book of the same name (which amassed a cult following). Enhanced with entertaining and surprising animations for each word, Word as Image invites users to see letters beyond their utilitarian dullness. It's about discovering the magic behind the unique shapes and infinite possibilities of letters and words. This fully animated enhanced edition showcases nearly 100 of Ji Lee's head-scratching word images, along with tips to help users create their own and share them at

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These samples sent in by Melissa Broder, Assistant Director of Publicity & Social Media, Berkley/NAL/Riverhead/Perigee

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NOW ... go take a look at just a few of the "word balloon" results . . .

maid in manhattan

Camel-Smoke it


Trade one exploitation over?

Starbucks Saw Revolution.Outsourced Why do I make such a stupid mov


new at 11



Lord of the Rings

King of Queens-Read a fucking.

Kenneth Cole-NY isn't the same


Invest in Polka Dots!

In-Laws-So many plastic surgery



IBM-I use to download porn


I Bush.Dumberer



Glenn Lewis


ET-Let me die in Peace



Diary Black WOman

Dalai Lama

Citibank sucks

Bruce Almighty-We're fucked

Circus-I can't feel

Circus-being abused

Circus-Animal Rights!

Charlie's Angel4

Catch me Jesus2




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