Maki Kawakita : explosive color and graphics for dramatic storytelling

by Fred Showker

Maki Kawakita

Photoshop Master Class tutorials Maki brings a new kind of female panache to the scene with her kicky, sometimes kinky, always dazzling imagery. Her work exhibits a rare blend of diversity -- of Japanese, American and European cultures. In 2007, she was selected as one of the top 200 photographers in Japan!


Maki writes :

Quoting  begins The explosive use of color, graphics, and storytelling elements produce a stage on which to explore issues of identity and modern pop culture Quoting  ends


We met up with Maki while reviewing the book Adobe Master Class: Photoshop Inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists. She combines elements of illustration and photography for killer drama -- but she's NOT about Photoshop tricks and all those effects the others talk about. Her ideas and concepts are what take your breath away ... she only uses Photoshop to bring the message to life.

understanding color and light

In 2011 JONDO Tumblr had a chance to chat with Maki Kawakita while she was on location in Sudan. When asked about a 'day in life', Maki mused :

Quoting  begins pretty much morning until night I’m pretty much right in front of a computer working either on the theoretical part of Makirama, researching, layouts, editing again, re-editing you know the whole thing. And then I’ll relocate myself, but I’ll just bring my laptop so I can do the same thing wherever I will be. Quoting  ends


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