Photoshop (May Color) Madness

by Fred Showker

Photoshop Madness, Fred Showker surfs the web in search of good Photoshop stuff

PHOTOSHOP MADNESS for Designing Women PHOTOSHOP MADNESS is where you practically go mad trying to find the most useful stuff for Photoshop! But seriously folks, it's spring, and we're on the search for cool color stuff in Photoshop, so stand by here we go . . .
* Premiere Pro CS6's new Three-Way Color Corrector tool step-by-step
* Color Correction and Enhancement in Adobe Photoshop CS6
* How To Use Blend Modes With Color Channels In Photoshop
* Thread: Hue Value Chroma Color Swatches For Photoshop
* How to Use Color Balance Controls in Photoshop CS6
* 3d Color Splash 3d In Resolution Of Hd Wallpapers
* Adobe Photoshop Color Blindness Filters
* An Easy Guide To HSL Color In CSS3
* Photoshop PSD File: Color Wheel
* Adobe SpeedGrade CS6
... and MORE

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Adobe SpeedGrade CS6

A colorful use for Photoshop

I want you to listen to this video. Talking about madness ???? Does this video sound like one of those outer space ads?
      Adobe¨ SpeedGradeª CS6 color grading software brings the Lumetriª Deep Color Engine to your production workflow. Open the full dynamic range of your footage through a sleek new interface. A new component of Adobe Creative Suite¨ software, SpeedGrade gives you the power to push your stories further.
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How to Use Color Balance Controls in Photoshop CS6

A colorful use for Photoshop

With an understanding of Photoshop CS6 and color theory, you can probably use the Color Balance controls to make some simple changes to the color in your image. The difficult part is recognizing exactly which color you need to add or subtract from your image in the first place.
      Colors are subtler than you might think. For example, a slight colorcast toward cyan can look a lot like a slightly green or blue colorcast. Is your image too red, or does it have too much magenta?
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Adobe Photoshop Color Blindness Filters

A colorful use for Photoshop

Photoshop supports Color Universal Design (CUD) through its soft proofing features, which can simulate color blindness. This feature enables the designer to see what the image will look like for people with different types of color blindness, such as protanopia and deuteranopia. Color blindness simulation makes it easier to create accessible signage and other artwork
      CUD ensures that graphical information is conveyed accurately to people with various types of color vision, including people with color blindness. Several countries have guidelines that require CUD-compliant graphics in public spaces.


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