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March: Designing Women

Again we top the record for content and special events! In celebration of Women In History Month, once again we bring you some of the most influential names in the creative industry... it'll be fun for all... Keep reading or just go to the Front Page

Designing A Digital Portfolio

Our featured guest this month is Cynthia Baron, MBA in Marketing, Technical Director at Northeastern University, designer, author and lecturer. We're discussing the pros and cons of getting that job with a Digital Portfolio

Designless in Seattle

So you think it will be easy to get that job in the design field? Bright, young Seattle designer Melissa Mason takes us along on yet another job interview in pursuit of a big agency design job. She relates the experience which leaves her still Designless in Seattle

March "The Luck of the Designer"

Do you feel lucky? Do'ya? During February our readers competed for prizes by sharing their lucky or unlucky experiences in the design business. Come along and meet the winners and read their winning comments in the Creative Networking department... Luck of the Designer

April: The Colors of Spring

Okay, get out your palettes and paints to win prizes... the April theme is "The Color of Spring" ... and you're invited to share your favorite or not-so-favorite color scheme, palette, project or web site.
      Post your comments to get in the running for the coming month's prizes. This time we list the prizes right on the Registration Page

Feature: Why Black & White?

Featured guest writer Robert Bruce Duncan provides us with a rich commentary on the virtues of black and white photography. Must reading for all graphic designers and photographers. With introduction by Scott Kilborn of Ace Camera Magazine and AceCam.com ... Why Black & White?

Designing Women: Creative Katz

Catherine Morley, one of our original Designing Women makes a return return appearance this month with new stuff and new energy behind Katz Design

Designing Women: Sandy Wright

Sandy is a progressive thinking designer and strategist in McKinney, TX, USA. Sandy says: My purpose is to share my artistic vision through the emergent opportunities that exist in today's explosive technology evolution Visit her at Lyric Marketing & Design

Designing Women: Gina Geick

Canadian powerhouse designer Gina Geick has a good eye for colour and space, but more importantly a good ear for listening to her clients' needs and expectations. . . visit her web design studio, GAWD Productions

Creative Latitude

A new young web site has become a blockbuster in the design community attracting some of the most influential names in the graphic design industry. "Creative Latitude" was started by Catherine Morley, one of our Designing Women this month, and the site features some wonderful content for anyone in communication arts. Check out Creative Latitude

Type: Famous Names in Typography

A reader in Canada wanted to have names such as Garamond, Bodoni and Jenson put into perspective. So here is our understanding of Famous Faces

Got Photoshop Questions? Who do you call?

This month we open the doors of Photoshop 911's new blog. Now you can follow along as the Photoshop 911 team fields questions and problems -- you can comment on posts, and even lend a helping hand where needed! It's growing almost daily, and you don't want to miss it... Who do you call? Photoshop 911

Feature Web Sites for March

Here's an interesting mix of new sites this month, from standard business sites to a few you might just call bizarre... give them a look in the Web Reviews

Web Site Critiques

Sorry folks. We just didn't get all of the critiques prepared for deployment on the first of March. They'll be arriving in the next week or so. We had a poor turn-out during February, only a few readers decided to share.
      Folks, it's a simple mission: find a site you like in the Reviews department, then share your opinions and suggestions. It's simple and takes but a few minutes. Who knows. Maybe you'll like it! Critique A Site

Mail: Reply to Spam Column

Tom Dalton from Provo, UT wrote in response to our "Time to go after those spammers" piece last month to say:
      "While your assertion that few websites pay for your bandwidth is certainly true, your implication that this shifts an unfair burden onto consumers seems incorrect. Few real-world stores pay for your gas. The website does have to pay for its own hosting, as a real-world store must pay its own rent and utilities. I don't think that invalidates the basic framework you're using to evaluate sites for spam, but your argument is stronger without the assertion."
      Reply: Tom, it is generally accepted that the end user must bear the cost of spam. If you compare it to the alternatives available to the advertiser the cost of advertising via email is all but nonexistent. The end user pays for it in terms of bandwidth. He was referring to the article: Spam Registrars

News: Scanning Across a Network

Steve Saroff writes to tip us in on a new scanning software called RemoteScan. This software for Windows makes it possible to network scanners -- turning ordinary scanners into network scanners. Plug any TWAIN scanner into just one computer, and then operate that scanner from any other Windows computer on your network. Sounds like a great idea. RemoteScan (SW)

News: Check your Search Engine Rankings

Eduard Irimia tells us he's been using Advanced Web Ranking 2.4, a tool that helps him check his web site position on all major search engines. Checking your web site position is a very time consuming task -- so I'll betcha many of our web design readers may just find a benefit in that. Advanced Web Ranking runs on Mac OS X, Windows 98/2000/XP, Linux and Solaris. We haven't tested it. Someone out there check this out and let us know if it really works.Web Ranking

News: CSS Course in a Book

Thank goodness Donna Baker answered our call for help last month! She wrote with all the problems with our "CSS Test Page" -- BRAVO, Donna. As it turns out, Donna has a new book hitting the markets right now called HTML The Complete Course. I've asked Donna to join us in the Design Center next month. In the mean time check out Donna's : HTML Resources

News: Those Krazy Web Plaques

John Bogdanski knows a half crazed inventor who developed an amazing process to display websites off line -- Web-plaques.com has now cut a deal with the Connecticut inventor to be the internet's first retailer of web site plaques. We're on our way to get photos and the full story, but if you can't wait a week or two, you can see for yourself at Web Plaques

Photoshop Tutorials

We had more than 60 new Photoshop Tutorials reported this month -- everything from Clipping Paths to retouching tips and tricks. Some of them are quite good, and many are from reputable EDU sites. (There are also a number of PDF tutorials you can download and use off-line.) Photoshop Tutorials

ISO: Illustrator Wanted

We have a contact looking for a photo-shop/digital/artists/illustrators for a book project. A New York make-up artist has the photos for a very cool make-up trends and computer enhancements of famous models book. If you're interested, make contact through our online contact page: Artists Wanted

A good month on the rise

Lots happening this month! A little deeper into March we'll post some important news about ICANN and the "Selling of the Internet" you don't want to miss... we'll also be adding our Web Design Critiques from the February Reviews. Then in April we've got some great Photoshop tutorials on deck along with three more Designing Women and, of course our "SPRING COLOR" spectacular. Stay tuned and have a great March. Don't forget to register for the April Prize Giveaways... Think about it first, then share your thoughts and register: for prizes.

Hope you have a great Spring Break and stop in often

All month long, the Publishers' Warehouse will be hosting the loading dock under the "COLOR" directory in celebration of the Spring Colors theme in the Design Center. I understand they've uploaded some new stuff and enhanced the desktop publishers' Jumpstation as well. So, for this month you'll want to use: http://www.graphic-design.com/color/index.html.

Happy March, and ...

Thanks for reading

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words: on the subject of COLOR...

An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere.
The pessimist sees only the red light.
But the truly wise person is color blind.

        Albert Schweitzer

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