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April: Designing Color

April: Spring Colors

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring is beginning to bloom. With spring comes lots of opportunities to refresh that old promotional package and do some renewed design.
During March we invited readers of the Design Cafe list and DTG readers to share a comment or suggestion about color palettes and ideas they use to sell their client's message for a Springtime Promotion. So take a look at this month's contributors and see how they are Designing Spring!

Quark XPress, InDesign & PageMaker Ideabooks

Here comes an absolutely fabulous trio of books! Each book includes more than 300 ready-to-go templates on CD-ROM for the most sought-after graphic design projects -- from the legendary Chuck Green and his incredible Idea BooksChuck Green and his incredible Idea Books

Editor's Choice: Celebrating U&lc

This stunning new book from John Berry will enlighten the graphic design field with the story and wonderful visuals from the pages of U&lc, the ITC publication that literally changed the face of graphic design as we know it today: U&lc Influencing Design & TypographyU&lc Influencing Design & Typography

Photoshop: Beauty Retouching

Remove blemishes from photos? Give skin the fashion magazine look? Now we invite you to see some spectacular retouching from the incredibly talented photographer and photo retoucher from Designing Woman, Vinica, Croatia, Marija Matijasec -- as she shares some of her tricks on Beauty Retouching

Design: Color with purpose

See how careful planning of the photo shoot can save money on great shots. Then a single sheet solution that prints, trims and folds to do a lot more on less money. This catalog printing project for a small business delivers all the collateral materials they need on a very limited color printing budget... Color Wrap: Designing with purpose

Designing Women: Carol Catiller

Carol Catiller is the creative mind behind ArtMuvz Illustration Studio in Winterhaven Florida. Carol's art is popular for its fresh and innocent appeal. She sells her art on TShirts, and all kinds of other imprinted goods via the CafePress.com web site. Carol shares some insights into ArtMuvz Studio

Web Site Critique: Lessons in Color

In this critique Bennie C. Taylor visits the "Night Photography by David Baldwin" web site and sets the stage for a lesson in color. The photography is striking, but the presentation may be improved with some brief Lessons in Color

Web: Spring HEX Color Charts

The WEB department is forever getting inquiries from readers about how to build this or that color. Many want to have a matching PMS color too. Mr. Pixelsmith has gone to great effort to put together over 1,000 HEX colors in these 21 HEX Conversion Charts

Free, Downloadable Symbols

The IAN Symbol Libraries has just completed a major update and the total number of symbols has increased from 1000+ to 1500+. The libraries remain completely free for all users! free for all users!

Look Out for Evil Twin Wi-Fi Hotspots

Bogus hotspots designed to get credit card and other personal information are a growing problem for those used to logging on frequently to wireless Wi-Fi networks in public places, like airports or Starbucks. It's easy to spoof a legitimate service like T-Mobile's from a nearby hacker's laptop. There are several steps that can be taken to reduce the odds of getting badly burned, such as having a credit card dedicated to online purchases that can be monitored easily and closed quickly. Make sure you have a firewall installed on any Windows computer you use to access public hotspots.

Security: Silence on the Wire

There are many ways that a potential attacker can intercept information, or learn more about the sender, as the information travels over a network -- this groundbreaking security book goes beyond the norm to examine computer vulnerabilities

Security: Protect Your Identity (WIN)

This new internet protection suite includes all the tools needed to track spyware and combat phishing scams, spam to protect your identity. Phishing and harmful spyware are dramatically on the rise. Protect yourself.

PC: Blast Away Your PC Annoyances

For every user who has ever felt even a twinge of animosity toward his or her PC, Bass's book affirms the frustration (as any good friend would) and then alleviates it (as any solid resource should). Help is on the way

Fonts: Trying to Match the 'Perfect' Font?

Searching for a specific font used to take hours for graphic designers, but now can take only minutes with this unique little software tool called FontMatch!

Tools: Honey, we've shrunk the Disk Jockey!

The Disk Jockey hard disk duplicator / backup / diagnostic tool is a 7-in-1 tech tool can now easily fit into the palm of ones hand, or the shirt pocket. Use it on Mac or Windows to duplicate, back up, or even erase your IDE USB or Firewire drives. Get on the Jockey

Typing Acceleration with yType

yType adds typing acceleration, instantaneous spell checking, word prediction, typing logger, inline equation solving in any application - is easy to use, saves time and allows you to do less and accomplish more

Did you have your break today?

it is very easy to fall into bad habits when using a computer for hours on end. You care about what you are doing, so can sometimes push yourself too far, or over-strain yourself. This nifty little (free) utility reminds you to take a break

Web: Firefox Hacks

Tips & Tools for Next-Generation Web Browsing -- Firefox Hacks is ideal for power users who want to take full advantage of Firefox from Mozilla, the next-generation web browser that is rapidly subverting Internet Explorer's once-dominant audience. Hacking Firefox

May is for Mom and Graduation

Congratulations goes out to all our 2002 graduates -- whether graduating from High School, College, University or other institution of education.
      During April we invite all upcoming graduates to participate by getting in touch and perhaps sending in some samples. DTG readers would like to know about your education experience and where you're headed! Of course, if we publish your folio, you'll win in our monthly prize drawings.
      Pros can enter too... just tell us what you expected when you graduated, or what you look for in a prospective employee! As usual, stories, tips and insight is always very welcome by DTG readers.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms in the audience today!
And, congratulations to all the 2005 graduates. Go forth and be creative.
And, Post your entries at the DTG Registration page!

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for spring...

"An optimist is the
      human personification of spring

          Susan J. Bissonette

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