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May: Design Graduation

May: Spring and Design Graduation

During April we invited readers of the Design Cafe list and DTG readers to share advice for new Design graduates, or comment about their experiences and thoughts of the design field. WOW... they have spoken so eloquently that your lowly editor is humbled, with no additional comments to add to these thoughts of wisdom... Design Graduation!

Special Interview: Rhoda Grossman, Elements Fun

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Rhoda Grossman, the world's premier caricaturist as we talk about drawing, retouching, and her thoroughly enjoyable new book Fun with Photoshop Elements 3: Foto-Fakery for Everyone! Come along as we meet the First Lady of Art and Farce

Photoshop + Elements for Sepia Prints

In this Photoshop Elements seminar we answer a reader's question on how to achieve the warm sepia tone look of old-time photos. We'll dispel a few rumors about sepia tones, and provide some tips for Photoshop and Photoshop CS users as well. See: Sepia Tone Photographs

Adobe at Orange County Choppers

Orange County Choppers (OCC), a motorcycle shop that builds custom choppers and is also the focus of the popular television show, American Chopper on the Discovery channel. Take a look at how graphic designer Jason Pohl utilizes Adobe software for Orange County Choppers

Critique: Thomasina Music Site, Round 2

You may remember our last visit to the Thomasina web site, and the rather harsh critique that ensued. Well, the web designer took it to heart and did a complete makeover! Bravo! But there's more work to do on the photos and typography of "Thomasinamusic.com"

Editor's Choice: Home Invasion

How to protect your family in a culture that's gone stark raving mad? You only have to look at one day's spam to understand why Rebecca Hagelin has good reason to be afraid... and why you should be too. Home Invasion

Type: Intense Display Type

What's springtime without trees? Fonts that are trees of course! You read our tutorial on putting images into type, now we put it to work with Jerry Gallo's new "Trees" font along with his killer new "Display Intense" font... together, they make a pretty cool way to Get Intense Display Type

Field Trip: Latta Art

Latta Art Services is a stock photography web site with a difference. Not just digital stock photography -- but unique photographic illustrations carefully enhanced for a unique look and feel... Latta Art.

Fotographic: Desktop Photography

We've updated and refreshed an article, first published here several years ago by Dennis Curtin, expert professional photographer and author of the Short Course Photography books, Digital Photography from the Desktop Includes reference bibliography of best training books! Desktop Photography

Guest: Ten things to do with Photoshop

There are literally hundreds of things the professionals do with Adobe Photoshop -- things most people will probably never need or use... however everyone needs to know these Ten things you can do with Photoshop

Business: Virtual Assistants

Busy graphic designers have more important things to do than the chores that can easily and inexpensively be done by someone more qualified. This white-paper from Team Double-Click helps you understand why you don't necessarily need to hire someone if you've got a Virtual Assistant

Adobe Creative Suite 2

Adobe's new Creative Suite 2 accelerates Print, Web and Mobile Publishing Workflows for a Complete Design and Publishing Environment -- plus Adobe Stock Photos Service; Adobe Bridge and Enhanced Version Cue CS2. (Of course, you knew that, right?)Adobe's new Creative Suite 2

2005 Horizon Interactive Awards

The industry's best interactive media solutions have been highlighted in the 4th annual Horizon Interactive Awards. Take a look at just a few of the award-winning entries...

Digital Art Juried Show

If you are into digital graphics or photography, perhaps you should check out the LACDA Digital Art Juried Show. Here's an OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES in the annual juried competion for digital art and photography

Tips: Building a Business Website

Nowshade Kabir shares some important tips about building and growing your business web site

How-To: Anti-Aliasing with Fireworks

Anna Capili writes about Anti-Aliasing with Fireworks -- The anti-aliasing capabilities in Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 helps users create great looking text graphics.

Stuff: Guest PC for Mac OS X

Guest PC is a Mac OS X application that allows you to easily create and manage virtual x86 computer on your Mac. You can install Windows operating system and access applications available only for Windows compatible computers. Guest PC

Stuff: Data Publishing in Adobe Illustrator CS

Zumedia software has announced the release of Automata 1.5, bringing Variable Data Publishing (VDP) to Adobe Illustrator. Automata 1.5 combines the creativity of Adobe Illustrator, the power of databases and the speed of automation to generate multiple filesAutomata 1.5

A Course in Mac Digital Photography

With the scrupulous objectivity, clever wit, and technical wisdom you count on from David Pogue along with the expertise of Mac master and professional photographer Derrick Story, this book is for digital photographers at any level ... iPhoto Missing Manual

Security: Identity Abuse

Albert Scherbinsky, editor of Software Press, shares insights into Identity Abuse with thoughts on protecting your online identity...

Stuff: Stock Layouts Collection CD

StockLayouts LLC, provider of graphic design templates for print, has announced the release of its Volume 3 Master Collection CD. The new collection, made up of the most recent additions to the template library, contains unique design sets of matching templates created for a variety of business types. Stock Layouts Collection CD

Vanity: iVistas Launch Onto Your iPod!

Spice up your iPod Photo today with these awesome pre-rendered worlds, scenic landscapes, and serene realistic environments. iVistas Launch Onto Your iPod! Awesome backgrounds from Vistapro Renderer

Resources: CodeZoo

Developers have a new place to find good code components quickly. CodeZoo offers a repository of components plus a rich mix of related information from O'Reilly and the community.CodeZoo

JUNE: Summer Books

Many design and publishing practitioners will be taking a little time off this summer -- and it's always great to catch up on some reading. So, this month's Prize Topic is: Can you suggest a graphics or design book to read? * What's the most beneficial book you've read? * What's the most RECENT book you referred to? * If you had only ONE book, what would it be? * What book(s) would you NOT recommend? (ISBN numbers would be helpful! Share yours in 25 words or more . . . to register to WIN!

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