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June: Designers' Favorites

June: Design Books, Reading

During May we invited subscribers of the Design Cafe list and DTG readers to write in and relate a comment about their reading and learning faves... or just suggest a graphics or design book to read. We didn't get many responses, but from those we found five that hit the mark! See what designers are reading these days...

Digital Cameras on the Go

If you didn't win this month, you've got another chance in JULY: just share some of your thoughts on digital cameras, and digital photography -- tips & tricks, favorite hardware, special add-ons, favorite photo sessions, or helpful experiences with Digital Cameras on the Go

Designing Logos?

If you love logos, here's some eye-candy sure to please the fancy of any graphic designer, illustrator or sign designer -- Dan Antonelli's collection of 300 top logo designs created for small businesses. You'll learn how to be a success designing logos for your local clients. Logo Design for Small Business

Photoshop Cut-Outs

The next two seminars go hand-in-hand. First, a reader requested a tutorial on cutting a logo out of a piece of fabric using Photoshop version 6 under OS 9.1 on a Mac. The screens may look different, but the technique is virtually exactly the same no matter what version or system you use to ... Cut a logo out of the Background

Then we answer a reader's question on how to carve images out of a background. It's called "debossing" -- but we'll show you some other valuable layers and filters tricks too.
Surprise ending: as we wrap it up, we'll reveal a little trick we played for a surprise ending while carving an Image into the Background using Photoshop

How to create hand-drawn frames

This Photoshop911.com inquiry referenced photos from the Starbucks site, which change with pages changes but keep the same textured frame. So, we provide a quick walk-through of creating your own Textured Image Frames

Field Trip: Two Wild & Crazy Clip Art Guys

... Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ron & Joe and their extraordinary ART PARTS stock art web site -- get a shot in the arm in this totally fun and unique stock art and illustrations collection... let's take a field trip to Ron & Joe's Art Parts.

Critique: An Identity for FlexBox

This month Bennie takes a look at the FlexBox mailbox web site and comments: "This is a neat little site with interesting content and easy navigation -- it works. But it does not live up to the goal "showcasing" the product, FlexBox Mailboxes.

FAQ: Photoshop 911

A whole array of new "frequently asked questions" about Photoshop and Photoshop Elements have been loaded into the Tips & Tricks section. Many are from the Photoshop 911 Help Line. See the Adobe Photoshop FAQ

Case Study: Selling with Wood

In keeping with our "Photoshop Cut-Outs" article this month we'd like you to remember our other article where a restaurant chain discovered a display vehicle that would look good, have a "homey" feeling while selling the restaurant's breakfast. The concept was Adding Photography to Wood!

The Proposal Kit Revisited

Joyce Evans takes a look at a very useful tool for designers... she says: "I needed to present a professional proposal and I needed it fast. I reported on this once before, but let me bring you up to date..." ... The Proposal Kit Revisited

Don't Squeeze the Helvetica

Emerson Schwartzkopf said: "Nobody chases people out of studios anymore if they can't cut it; the studio is in a little box with a monitor... and anyone can buy one. In this interview originally posted ten years ago, sign and design expert we learn some of the ins and outs of using fonts effectively. So, "Don't Squeeze the Helvetica"

Mail: Beware of Spyware

Christina Zeeh sent one of the more complete and informative one-page articles we've read about spyware. She gave us permission to republish it here... Beware of Spyware

Mail: Enhancing Your PDF Workflow

Beginning June 15 take full-day seminars on real-world problems and solutions associated with PDF workflows, presented by industry experts James Lockman and Tim Plumer. Learn the art of Do-It-Yourself PDF workflows

Cumulus: Helios, Tiger, road tours

Three news items in one for users of Cumulus -- the world's high-end media management for professional DTP, movie and music production. Cumulus News

Typinator Typing automation

Typinator is a typing automator that enables you to rapidly insert text and images into any type of application. Its intuitive interface and ease-of-use result in immediate productivity gains in typing!

iCon Steve Jobs

This is the book Steve doesn't want published. Lightning never strikes twice, but Steve Jobs has, transforming modern culture first with the Macintosh and more recently with the iPod. With Steve's triumphant return to Apple, his story is better than any fiction.

PC-Mac-Net FileShare v4.5

Transfer documents, MP3s, family movies, photo collections and other files easily and securely between all varieties of MacOS, Windows, and Linux computers across LANs, across cities and across the world -- use PC-Mac-Net FileShare

The Virtual Photo Shoebox

Shoebox is one of the first programs to harness the full capability of Spotlight, OS Tiger's latest search technology, for your photo and media collections...

Apocalypse Now for POSTAL Fans

Running With Scissors finally cuts loose the next chapter in his bitter, disaffected saga: Apocalypse Weekend, which details the Dude's thermonuclear activities. New weapons, badder villans, hotter action. (Adults only) Go and waste some time!

June: Thumbs UP, Thumbs DOWN

Thumbs UP:
      Bravo and congratulations to all those graduating from school this June. It's wonderful to see the young, creative, spirits reaching for their new life. We wish you well in your journey.

Thumbs DOWN:
      The CAFE list has been down for going on ten days. For some reason Brian can't get it started again -- but we're working on it, so don't give up. Once it's back up, you'll know it.

If you are taking some time off to travel this summer, be careful and take it easy. We want you back in the reader's chair when you get back! And be sure to save some stories, and maybe even samples of interesting visuals you find on the way -- so you can share them with the rest of us...

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for June...

"What is Honored in a Country
      Will be Cultivated There."

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address this month is "Mom" in celebration of Mother's Day. Just add the word "mom" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/

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