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July: Digital Photography

July: Digital Photography

This month's theme is "Digital Photography." During June we invited subscribers of the Design Cafe list and DTG readers to write in and relate a comment about their experiences with digital photography. WOW -- we got some of the best we've ever had -- comments from professionals and amateurs alike with good suggestions and tips: "Learn your camera" to "shutter lag in the DSLR" to "Shooting RAW" to name a few. If you use a digital camera this is for you... if not, it's really for you: Readers Talk about Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras On The Go

We'll follow our last article on "Digital Vacations" with some more tips and tricks for traveling with your digital camera. We'll touch on some position strategies, lighting situations, tripods, and sharing/showing your photos online... Digital Cameras On The Go

Editors Choice: Digital Photographic Output Guide

AVA's new Digital Photographic Output by Duncan Evans covers digital photography for both beginners and intermediates with clear, succinct writing and thoroughly enjoyable visuals. Some of his tricks are the best we've seen! Comprehensive Guide to Digital Photographic Output

Field Trip: Photographing your dreams...

A lucky few are in the right place at the right time to see a princess-warrior -- clad in skins and chain-mail -- emerging from the woods with her companion wolf! Can you photograph such things? With the help of Victor Ciccarelli, you can. On this field trip we'll visit a place where you can actually photograph your dreams...

Adobe CS2: Sharing Palettes

if you're wondering "How can I use colors in a stock photo as a shared palette across Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications?" here's good news -- the Adobe Expert Support staff shows you how to Share Color Palettes Between CS2 Programs

Home Run Baseball Photography Tips

Andrew Malek shares tips and tricks from his Malek Computer Help site for photographing America's Pastime -- Baseball! Follow along for opportunities to capture Home Run Baseball Photography!

Gallery: Beauty out of Adversity

Ryan Forshaw has an incredible story that takes him from devastating adversity to award winning digital imaging

ForGiftable doesn't mean Forgetable

This month reviewer Mike Swoop of Swoop Design digs into the ForGiftable.com site

New: Photoshop Madness

Since so much is going on in the Photoshop world we're going to start a potpourri column that will cover a broad array of "stuff" for Photoshop usersIt's Madness

Guest Tutorial for Photoshop

features a Photoshop w/Image Ready tutorial for converting color images to good black and white

Kudos to Jana from Geniosity.com

Jan writes: "we really enjoy reading your graphic design articles and today we decided to support your website with a donation." BRAVO... meet our latest friend Geniosity Advertising + Design solutions for print and web


It's BACK! The Web Design free-for-all, no holds barred search for the most exciting, most electric sites on the WEB! Suggest your pick for the most bizarre, most unique, most visually striking MOST ELECTRIC web sites ... throw in the WORST if you like.... ELECTRIC WEB


Peachpit is offering free passes to the upcoming Boston Macworld Expo (exhibit-only - $50 value), send an email message to freepasses@peachpit.com with your name and postal address. July 6 deadline

Mail: Feature Photoshop Tutorials

Alexandra Groza has an excellent collection of tutorials unhindered by advertising and screen junk. In the DTP Jumpstation, at the Publishers Warehouse loading dock.

Mail: Digital Photo Storage on the road

N. Serai from Dubai, UAE writes: "As a digital photographer I travel extensivey... looking for a high capacity mobile storage device to which I can transfer images from memory card, without a PC Can you recommend some solution?"
So far, the best we've seen is the Apple iPod. It works on both platforms and if you get the iPod iPhoto you can view and slideshow the photos -- even with music if you like. There's a new 60 gig model too! See: www.apple.com/ipod/color/

Mail: Deals too good to be true

D. Traylor from Kentucky writes: "Do you check or screen the sites advertised to determine if they are ligitmate or not. Some of the "deals" seem to be to good to be true... I enjoy your site and love the information that I can gleen from it... Please tell me you check these advertisers
Dear D: while we do not offer "advertising" we DO indeed check products we mention or promote. The two sites you mention are in the "Web Review" department -- posted by their own webmasters for readers to critique and review. YES, we look at them but NO we do not otherwise check if they are legit. Perhaps we should. However, we in NO WAY endorse any of the sites posted there as "good" or "good products" -- reviewer beware. They've been posted to critique -- NOT necessarily use. Find those sites for review in the Reviews Department

New Sharpening Plugin for Photoshop

FocalBlade Photoshop-compatible plugin for sharpening your photos and great looking blur, soft focus and glow effects...

Mail: What font in tutorial?

Michael from Washington wrote: "I thoroughly enjoyed your online tutorial on using Photoshop and carving the text into the wood. Can you help me and tell me what that font is?
Sure Michael... Lucida which is a Mac Font. And, we picked it for no particular reason. (The tutorial)

Summer Book News

The best in books for Summer 2005 get some tips, some hacks, some new Tiger techniques, Photoshop, Elements, HTML, Web Design and more... all from the pros at Peachpit Press and O'Reilly ! Summer Reading Fun!

Plugin for automatic photo restoration

AKVIS Retoucher image processing plug-in restores damaged photographs to optimal condition with minimal effort and amazing results

A Case For a Cause

What will the iPod fashion phenomena spawn next? How about a fundraising auction of celebrity iPod cases to raise funds for the fight against Breast Cancer. Bid on one-of-a-kind iPod cases created by notable fashion designers - containing a brand new iPod (courtesy of Apple) and a playlist created by movie celebrities. See our favorites

Safe Netting: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Terrorists now use spam and Phishing to fund their terrorists activities around the globe. Do you want to support them? Online safety cannot be taken too seriously. Here's how to develop your Password to be uncrackable... so you won't be funding online and real world criminals.

Tiger gets Snapz

On the tail of our piece last week on WireTap, we learn that Ambrosia Software has released Snapz Pro X 2.0.2, the best darn screen/media capture utility known to mankind -- Snapz Pro X is a quantum leap in video capture technology!

NOTE: More &Else News Continued

July... gone to the beach?

Well, as the Clappet brothers say: "Once again you've wasted a perfectly good hour reading DTG!" Well, except they say "Listening to Car Talk!" I don't know about you, but it seems like this issue is a particularly good one. I'm always really pleased when so much good participation rolls in from readers. You've got to admit it does get boring seeing my name on the articles all the time. It's great to find so much talent willing to share with DTG readers. Keep up the good work!
      If you are headed out on vacation, be careful and take it easy. We want you back in the reader's chair when you get back! Hopefully you'll take your digital camera and you'll share some of the shots with the rest of us when you get back.
      See'ya in August, have a great July!

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for June...

"Be careful of what you say...
      you may be asked to repeat it!"
            My Momma

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address this month is "Mom" in celebration of Mother's Day. Just add the word "mom" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/

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