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September: Fall Fonts Festival

September: Fall Fonts Festival

It's kind of hard to imagine we've had the festival for 11 years now! Many things change, but then many things stay the same. Be sure to read our reader's comments about type and typography. What have you got to say about fonts & type? Let us know!

Readers talk about Type, Typography

This month's topic brought some truly insightful and amusing commentary from the DTG and Design Cafe readers! We liked them all, and they all win a great prize. Enjoy Fonts, Type and Typography

Feature: The Font or the Tale

When the Bayeux font was first downloaded, it presented an intriguing puzzle. Who made it and why? Then we discovered it's an illustration font all about the Bayeux Tapestry, one of Europe's most treasured historic artifacts. Now you can relive the 1066 Battle of Hastings through three versions of the Bas Bayeux Font

11th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

... come along as we visit some rather special fonts from the archives of the Publishers' Warehouse... Civitype calligraphic font, just in time for the holidays; "Dance Craze" from Blue Vinyl Fonts; "Intimacy" from Emerald City Fontwerks; and two picture fonts "Fantastic Creatures" from Iconian Fonts and the very cool "Desk Space" font from Joan M. Mas. More coming throughout September and October! Fall Fonts Festival

September Photoshop Madness

This month's Photoshop Madness column includes * Photoshop Alzheimers - yes, it can afflict software too * Articles: Adobe Bridge & Camera Raw * Beauty Retouching in Photoshop * Tutorials: Change the Color of a Sunset * Hand Tinting * Several excellent PDF downloads for Photoshop users * Duotones Revisited * CS2 Up to Speed ... and others in this month's Photoshop Madness

Ten things to do with Photoshop CS2

...that you couldn't do before! Yes, CS2 is a major upgrade and Shaun Pearce is back with another of his top ten lists -- this time Ten things you can do with Photoshop, but couldn't do before!

Book News for September

Holiday Gift Giving is just around the corner... so, the Design Bookshelf presents a collection of articles, book excerpts and short reviews for the best new books... * Creating a Digital Family Album * Photoshop CS2 * Choosing and Using Spyware Blockers * Figuring Out How Cookies Work * A Draggable Dock * Alternative to Microsoft Office? * Upgrading to Tiger? * Repair your permissions! * Taking Unix Online... and more! Book News for September

Web Critique: The Beginner Site

In this critique, Bennie tackles one of the most difficult types of sites to critique: the beginner's photo album site. Fred then steps back to look at the big picture and offers even more opportunities for Lori's first web site

Grab the Tiger by the Tail

Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed is not about cute pictures and cool sounds. This is a monumental book - the authors have seemingly left nothing about Tiger to the imagination - Tiger Unleashed
Next: Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS X Tiger All in One by Robyn Ness, John Ray -- brings home the practical works of all the cool apps in Tiger! From video to DVD you'll know it all! ... grab that Tiger!

Fall Fonts Festival (Continues)

WIN some of our valuable prizes by helping DT&G kick off the 11th Annual Fall Fonts Festival with everything to do with typography, type and fonts -- register by sharing your Favorite Freeware or Shareware font; Tip, trick, technique for modifying type; Favorite Fonts web site -- so share and WIN!

60-Seconds: White Washing Spam

I recently watched the NBC Dateline story about tracking porno spammers and really couldn't believe what I was seeing... and if that weren't enough, how about an adult magazine suing search engines for "finding" the magazine's web pages! Now, you've heard it all! #175: White Washing Spam

60-Seconds: Phishers with Sharp Weapons

The online crime known as Phishing has been getting worse and worse -- but now, the criminals have honed their phishing tools into a very pointed weapon and they're coming after education, corporate and government computer users... #176: Phishers with Sharp Weapons

EuroTypo Typography Training

Olcar Alcaide has sent in links to a rather interesting site for typefaces design courses in Italy. Intended for Internatonal students and small groups, you can learn a lot about Calligraphy, Typography, letter architecture, digital construction, history, ancient scrpts, Middle Ages manuscripts, Renaissance and Modern typography. File this one under Education: resource, research, distance learning, books EuroTypo

What do Designers and Clients want?

Professional Graphic Designers Association (PGDA) would like to know. Take this designer's survey. There's also a survey for clients who buy from Graphic Designers; so send your clients to the Client survey... Do it today

Adobe CS2 Learning

The Adobe Classroom books are here and if you're new to this upgrade, you should take a look at this very popular, step-by-step learning aid ... Adobe Classroom books

Stock Layouts for CorelDRAW

For graphic designers and business publishers who need to produce professional-looking brochures, newsletters, flyers, postcards, ads, business cards, letterheads and more. For CorelDRAW Graphics Suite versions 9 through 12 CorelDRAW Layouts

Take Spectacular Nighttime Photos

Photography expert Andrew Malek shares tips on taking spectacular nighttime photos with your Digital Camera ... Nighttime Photos

QuicKeys X3: Home run

Startly Technologies' QuicKeys X3 for Apple's Mac OS X is certainly still one of the most recommended OS add-ons in the field. Many users have loved QuicKeys for years... find out what you've been missing... QuicKeys X3

BBEdit 8.2.3, Universal Binary

BBEdit is the TEXT editor I always talk about as the best in the world. Seriously it is. Bare Bones Software latest version 8.2.3 will for the first time, run natively as a Universal Binary for the Apple Developer Transition Kit hardware. (Is there a MacTel in your future?)BBEdit 8.2.3

Free Image Editor

BeLight Software's "Image Tricks runs under Tiger and provides some 35 filters and functions found only in pay-to-own commercial plug-ins... it's FREE and compatible with any Photoshop plug-in friendly application!Image Tricks

Making your BlackBerry more secure

Your device allows access to your email account, so you must take steps to secure it against misuse by others. These instructions will help you get your BlackBerry secure

How to get un-banned from Google

I am banned from Google... Help! What did you do to get banned? Can you get un-banned? Yes! But first you need to know what you did to get banned. Google will not tell you. Here, Joe Balestrino shows you how to fix it!

Safe Eyes comes to the Mac

Safe Eyes, the No. 1 Internet Filter for Windows is now available for the Mac to eliminate those unwanted sites, content, popup windows, and chat rooms. This could be the best news for Mac-using families in a long time.

How to run a successful link exchange program

Mr. SEO shares tips and tricks on setting up and propagating your own link exchange program to make cross linking work for you!

Changes for Fall of 2005

Here's a big thank you to our most recent friends who signed up to support the Design Center with your generous contributions. However, today I feel a little bad asking for donations, so I won't. Send your money to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army to do your share in helping ease the pain and misery in the wake of Katrina.
      I wrote a sizeable check yesterday and will probably write more. I also plan to go through my closet and drawers and gather up all those clothes that no longer fit my buldging waist and deliver them to the Salvation Army as well. These are tough times, but if everyone chips in -- we'll pull through.
Here's a reminder that our monthly theme continues through September and we're still looking for your stories and reflections on type and typography. Head on over to the Registration page and share your thoughts.
All through the month we'll be adding to the Loading Dock in the Publishers' Warehouse, and will be setting up more great stuff for October... stay tuned!

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for September...

"Tough Times Never Last,
      but Tough People Do!"

            Dr. Robert H. Schuller

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for September will be set to "fest" in celebration of "Fall Fonts Festival". Just add the word "fest" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/

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