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October: Fall Fonts Festival

October: Fall Fonts Festival

This is the final month in this year's 11th annual Fall Fonts Festival. We have lots more content, and a new line-up of downloadable fonts, so you'll want to take a look at the Design Center Front Page

Changes in the DTG Newsletter

Following a number of comments from readers, the question was posed: Should the email newsletter have the same thing as the front page of the site?
      The answer is yes... and no. Since this newsletter goes to some 60,000 readers, it's fairly sure that all of those won't be checking the front page. We've run the article links in the email newsletter so people can link directly into the article. However it does tend to pad the email newsletter making it large and slow to download.
      As a happy compromise, I'm moving the &Else News up to the front of the newsletter yet still mentioning the site content. www.graphic-design.com

11th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

... this month we visit some fun fonts from the archives of the Publishers' Warehouse... from a dancing sans to the whacky Hero of Fools, we'll have a great time... 2 Speed Ball nibs, two Art Nouveau styles, a Herkules revival; plus Spit Shine and Fat Stack, two wonderful display fonts!! Fall Fonts Festival

A Digital Dreamer...

Here's the recommended place on the net to learn how to become a graphic designer... read career articles, find graphic design schools, discover Jobs. Explore video game design, animation and photography as well. Get the Information you need to become the designer you are meant to be! While you're there, check out their collection of digital images... http://www.adigitaldreamer.com/freestock/freestockphotos.htmA Digital Dreamer...

Using icons

Icon expert, Alexander Guerrero, talks about using icons for a better communication between user and application interface author. Using icons

Go Behind Closed Doors

Go behind the usual closed doors to learn how to become a better manager -- even a great manager - powerful tips on delegating effectively, using feedback, goal-setting, meetings, decision making and more... Behind Closed Doors

iDive 1.4: Digital Video Shoebox

import, catalog, and tag digital videos for easy searching and organization of movies -- if you edit iMovies or QuickTime, you'll want a digital shoebox

Free image editor for Mac OS X Tiger

30 unique masks, new Core Image filter effects, LinkBack technology support... and it's free!

Slideshow Magic

... new version sports up to 25 new features, including the ability for transitions, sound effects, audio tracks, customizable titles and so much more! Slideshow Magic

Font Manager for Windows

Macs have had this kind of power for years. Now, Cfont Pro Font Manager brings support for Postscript Type 1 fonts and better support for OpenType fonts to the Windows platform.Cfont Pro

MailBag: Correction - Who designed "Bembo"?

Thanks to Prof. Shecter R.G.D., Toronto, ON, Canada we have made corrections and changes to our "Famous Names in Typography" page. As always, if you see content in the Design Center that needs correcting or clarification, please let us know. Who designed "Bembo"?

Photoshop Forgetfulness

A DTG reader from East Haven, CT wrote in to say:
      "I had a problem with the Photoshop Alzheimers piece. Ironically, I was affected by it at work this week. It was frightening to say the least to think all my work was gone. Fortunately our IT guy did what ever he does and all was well. My complaint is the reference to the disease Alzheimers. It is just that my mom is at the end stage of the disease and your treatment seemed too glib for me. It is a horrible affliction that should not be used as a hook to get someone to read an article. With that said, I do enjoy your newsletter and will continue to. I am even forwarding the Adobe links to our IT guy.

Photoshop Madness

The above reader, and several others who took offense to my "Alzheimer's" metaphor last month are exactly right. And, I sincerely want to apologize for that -- it was callus and in very bad taste. I in no way meant to insult anyone nor infer a disrespectful light on this serious disease. My sincerest apologies.
      This month's Photoshop Madness column includes * Color to grayscale * Watermark Action * Getting Good Prints * Deke Duz Vanishing Point Tool * Replacing Objects and Filtering * Assembling Panoramic Photos * Plug-Ins ... and others Photoshop Madness

PDF: Formatting Text in Adobe Illustrator

The Webmaster of Pennsylvania State University sent in news that they had updated their PDF which explains the basics of text in Illustrator. Grab the PDF file directly: www.pop.psu.edu

Two for Type: Design and Workbook

This month we discover two outstanding books for learning about typography. One is for the new beginner and the other can carry you far into the design of working with type and typography. Both are highly recommended.

Photo Retouchers Tips and Techniques

If you work with photos, you'll want this collection of real-world, straight-from-the-trenches advice on the practical commercial applications of retouching with Adobe Photoshop.

Getting the Most from Movable Type

Editor Fred Showker shares his views on the most important books for those who have decided to get into the world of blogging and content management. While Six Apart's documentation is adequate, read these recommendations for getting the most out of Movable Type...

November: Holiday Season Opens

HOLIDAY DESIGN - Share your thoughts on Design for the holiday season. Share your comments on Favorite greeting cards, Holiday illustrations or Paintings; * Unique design projects; Tip, trick, technique for holiday crafts or Holiday Design for Self Promotion - Put your comments HERE and you're entered for prize drawings!

Web Design Seminar

DTG reader Ben Hunt, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK wrote in to tell us about the "Web Design from Scratch LIVE" web design seminar, being held in Chesterfield, England on Nov 7th 2005. The course is aimed at web designers of every level, and also developers, managers and site owners who will benefit from expert insight into the web design process. webdesignfromscratch.com

Points to Consider before Web Promotion

Doing business online is not as easy as it seems! Nowshade Kabir points out many of the most important points to Consider Before Web Promotion

Web Critique: Photographer's Site

In this critique, Bennie is quite charitable with a site claiming to be a "photographer" and "designer" ... good lessons point to why this site isn't working. Fred follows with a brief commentary on where to look to turn Photography into Photography

Get ready for the Holiday Season...

The wonderful thing about the Design Center and the Design Cafe discussion list is that you make new friends each month. Two of this month's contributors and winners in "Designers Talk" will return to share their own special stories with you!

Here's a reminder that as we move into the holiday season, our November issue is all about projects designers like to enhance, celebrate or promote during the November / December holiday season. It'll be fun for us all, and I urge you to participate.

Those wild and crazy guys at the Publishers' Warehouse Loading Dock have been busy gathering more great stuff for you to download, use and enjoy! Yes, there are bunches of new fonts and such for the October Fonts Festival -- but watch out -- they've promised the best holiday collection yet.

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for October...

"Ten persons who speak make more noise than
      ten thousand who are silent."

            Napoleon Bonaparte

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for October will be set to "fest" in celebration of "Fall Fonts Festival". Just add the word "fest" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/

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