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Color Palettes for Spring... & ELSE

Color, Color Everywhere in April

The first day of spring has come and gone... it may still be snowing, but it's time for graphic designers to awaken and dawn those spring colors. Also this month, Designing Women continues with some real blockbusters... check it out...

What color is spring? Find out as readers of the Design Cafe list and DTG readers to share their reflections about color palettes they like for Spring. Here's a bouquet of color -- including some insightful color definitions... The Color of Spring.

Photoshop (Color) Madness

Photoshop Madness is up to its ears in COLOR... the planet's coolest color utilities... color profiles, animation, lightening, Bruce Fraser, David Blatner ... Tutorials, FAQ, and Art is Where You Find It... this has got to be total Photoshop Madness

Photoshop: Hand Coloring Photographs

Artist, Photoshop Wizard and Author Tim Shelbourne is back with another blockbuster tutorial -- try your hand at creating the subtle effects of traditional photo retouching with this tutorial from Tim's Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook ... Hand Tinting Photographs in Photoshop

Editor's Choice: New Visual Culture of Modern Iran

New Visual Culture of Modern Iran By Reza Abedini a Hans Wolbers is a stunning visual treat -- a page-turning presentation of some of the most exciting graphics, illustration, calligraphy and photography in the world... pure eye-candy in the 10th degree Visual Culture of Modern Iran

Photoshop: The Burned Hole Technique

A number of readers asked how to make a burned hole, then didn't quite understand instructions at Photoshop 911. Here we describe the whole process in ten easy-to-understand steps with pictures on how to make burned holes Photoshop Elements and Photoshop...

Editor's Choice: Arabic for Designers

Arabic for Designers by Mourad Boutros is an insightful look at Arab aesthetics... In a time when the eyes of the entire world are focused on the Arab countries -- cultures clash, understanding is lost. This book of graphic design, art, illustration, photography and advertising, provides us with A Profound Bridge Between Cultures...

Designing Women Part II

Our Designing Women series concludes this month with visits to three of the influential women in design and visual communications fields today. It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to ...
      Laura Smith with her Fabulous illustrations; Kristen Nikosey's spectacular art influenced by textile design; and Sue Goyen, who softens, spreads, colorizes, texturizes, and reshapes existing and familiar images. See them all in this month's Design Center Gallery


L.A. area designers, illustrators and typographers will be treated to this April gallery opening when six of the most influential graphic designers in the world blur the distinctions between illustration, lettering and graphic design... Letter As Image / Image As Letter

So, you think you've got talent...

I was doing my weekly "Safe Netting" column at ugnn.com, when I ran across *YouTube.com* where you'll find some mighty tasty entertainment... I discovered this talented young musician called simply: "guitar90" who blew me away... I've watched it about a dozen times... still totally amazed by this kid.

News: 100 Years of Signs

If you've been even remotely involved with designing or producing signs, you'll be familiar with the cornerstone magazine of the industry Signs of the Times -- as much a fixture of Americana as the signage it features. This month celebrate their 100th anniversary.

Web Critique: Deco Spirit

Reviewer Steve Dallape finds this site lacking in readability, and period flavor. Neither Steve nor Fred liked the flash intro, and both it's time to do some real research on the art deco period for Deco Spirit

60-Seconds: Computer Theft: What do you stand to lose?

After my last article about computer theft, we all thought "it couldn't happen here" ... well, we were mistaken. It's been stolen. Here are the details, and a few tips... Computer Theft: What do you stand to lose?

May Topic / Contest: Celebrating Design Graduates

Have you been to design school? Will you graduate in May or June? Do you know someone who has -- and deserves a little limelight and glory? We'll be discovering some bright new graduates in the visual arts, design, illustration and communications fields during May. WIN some of our valuable prizes by sharing your work, or someone important with DT&G readers Tell us your...
* Favorite Design Schools
* Best portfolio pieces from school
* Most important lessons learned in school
* REGISTER TO SHOW YOUR BEST WORK, if you are a graduate in the design field!
* Place your post at our PRIZE REGISTRATIONS FORM

&Else: news, downloads, revivews and more...

This month's &Else includes: Creating Flash presentations is easy * Killer Text Processing with TextSpresso * InDesign CS2 One-on-One * New hope for Mac Outcasts * Apple Unveils Mac mini with Intel Core Duo * Magazine brings new Edge to design world * Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor * How well can you type? * Mystery Bundle gives 70% Off Popular Apps * Manage your incoming links the smart way! and much, much more...

Correcting Color Balance in Photoshop CS2

Someone asked how to remove color cast -- well, we've got the full tutorial next month, but for now, let Deke McClelland show you how in this downloadable PDF file, courtesy of O'Reilly Media.PDF FILE

DTG Friend: Wesley Warren

DTG and the Design Center welcomes new friend Wesley Warren on board this month. His web business "FreelanceDesigners.com" offers a free national directory for all types of designers. Slip on over and give Wesley a high-five at: www.FreelanceDesigners.com

Adobe CS3 ? When?

According to Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen, Adobe Creative Suite (CS3) will not ship until the second quarter of 2007. The company has previously said that Universal Binaries of those applications won't be available until the next major iteration of the suite is released. So if you're yearning for one of those fancy new Intel Macs, don't plan on using Adobe products. Chizen interview in Forbes Magazine

Mailbag: Web Site of the Month

Along with our usual onslaught of email came a personal note asking me to review the designer's web site. I only get several hundred of these a month, but when I got to this one I said "hey, this guy doesn't need a review!" Then we struck up a fun email discussion about our cars. Visit Chris' site, for some superb CSS coding ... he's even got a blog. Excellent work, Chris!

Mailbag: Quark Plays Catch-up

Of course you know about Quark 7 already, and their new "look and feel" ... with the battle raging between Quark and InDesign, you had to know Quark would have to get stock photos on board, right? They've inked Image Source Ltd., an independent producer of royalty-free stock photography based in London. Of course, in my humble opinion, both InDesign and Quark didn't need the extra baggage. First thing you know, they'll have iTunes, soda machine and condom buttons in the programs. Getting fatter every day

Looking forward to Summer

Spring always gives way to summer, and this summer I'm really looking forward to another trip to Africa and spending some sweet time on the inner-coastal waterways of Ft. Lauderdale Florida! All the while, I'll be collecting new and unique visual arts and curiosities to share with DTG readers!
Speaking of next month; each year, our May "Design Graduations" edition features bright new talents on the scene. Please inspire those design graduates to sign in! We'll share them all with the other DTG readers.

We'd like to see YOU participate in any of these themes. Show us your portfolio. Share your problems and solutions. Help others with your knowledge and experience. Here's how you can contact me to get started.

And, as for this month, well, you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info.

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for April...

  "An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere.
    The pessimist sees only the red light.
      But the truly wise person is color blind."

          - Albert Schweitzer once said:

"If everything seems to be coming your way...
      You're in the wrong lane."Borstelmann's Rule

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for March will be set to "spring" for very obvious reasons. Just add the word "spring" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/

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