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May Graduate

Design Graduation... & ELSE


May is all about Design Graduation

Every year about this time design schools all over the country spew forth a new army of fresh talent who will hit the pavement looking for the ice-cream, apple-pie jobs in the sky. One in every 1,000 will actually make it. Design Graduates: This month is for you...

Fresh out of Design School?

Gary Dickson is back with a thoughtful look at learning to be a designer and what it means to be a designer... who I am, as much as what I do... A Designer's Education

For Graduates who aspire to Greatness...

Here's a spectacular tour of the Masters who put the "Graphic" in "Design" over the past three decades... Michael Doret, Daniel Pelavin, Tom White, Tom Nikosey and Gerard Huerta all take center stage in the Design Center Gallery

Gala Opening Night for LA's design glitteratti

On the evening of Thursday April 6, LA's design glitteratti pursued by persistent paparazzi turned out in fine form to celebrate the opening (includes slide show!) Lettering Design Greats

Is there a Newsletter in your Design Career?

The Dean of Desktop Publishing, Roger C. Parker joins us with a tutorial to help make your newsletters attention-getting, attractive, and easy to read... all part of his new book Design to Sell -- 12 most common newsletter design mistakes

May / June Graduates take note:

For all those creatives looking for jobs... Dan Tanenbaum reviews the importance of developing a marketing strategy and the options available to get your website and your work seen by hiring eyeballs. If you build it, will they come?

Planning on Printing a Self Promotion Piece?

Then you'll need this. After thousands and thousands of jobs for designers from every facet of the business world, you'd have it down pat, right? So, it's true with the Print Lizard's collection of Best Rules For Printing Your Piece Perfectly

May Photoshop Madness

Photoshop Madness * Photoshop Tennis... * Layer blending modes * Ultrawide Sharpening * Vibrant Mix * Sophisticated Ladies Brushes 8 Custom Shapes and Layer Styles * Adobe Exchange Studio * Shooting Photos for Mother's Day * low-light photography * Scan Backgrounds * Grassy Field * Visual BURST of LIGHT * Photoshop PROS and much more... in Photoshop Madness

Photoshop Elements 5

Photoshop Elements gets 100 new tools! Okay, I knew that would get your attention, but when you add Richard Lynch's new "Hidden Elements" then PS Elements seems like it goes from version 4 to version 5 automatically! Get the Upgrade Here

Photoshop Blending Modes

Unlike Photoshop's built-in filters, blending modes don't change the actual pixels that make up an image, so their effects are completely reversible. Photoshop expert John Beardsworth shares his blending modes expertise for Quick and easy Powder Pastels

Centering the Radial Blur in Photoshop

A reader writes that the "book" tutorial doesn't work correctly on his image. So, here's a little trick to get the effect you want when Photoshop doesn't want to cooperate... Centering the Radial Blur

Image to Surface Shape in Photoshop

A game of Photoshop Tennis in the Design Cafe prompts a tutorial on how a picture was turned into the cover of a book. This tutorial covers a number of techniques from transform to layer masks... Put an Image into A Shape...

Building Colors on Uncoated Stock

Remember, we told you about Tintbooks last year... well, they've now completed the first comprehensive CMYK Graphic Design Tool for printing on Uncoated Paper. See the latest TINTBOOK...

60-Seconds #182: New Phishing Threats

This month I actually have two columns, both about online crime and Phishing. "It Wasn't The Tax Man" looks at phishing attacks that claimed to be the IRS http://www.60-seconds.com/183_Tax_Man.html ; and #181 "In your own defense" is primarily for users of eBay, PayPal, Amazon.com, iTunes, VISA (or other Charge Cards) CHASE, Wachovia, (or other online banking). You need to read these.

MailBag: People who Inquire

We get a lot of inquiries each month wanting this or that service. Whether it's downloads, fonts, clip art, or link exchanges -- we love them all. (Well, almost.) But we feel a little bit perterbed when the "Subscribe" is marked "No". When in reality, many inquiries would be answered by this newsletter.

MailBag: Perpetual Link Requests

Ladies and gentlemen, let me make something perfectly clear: we do NOT casually link and exchange links with other sites. I don't know what happened this spring, but we've been inundated with requests for cross linking. If the subject matter is compatible with the Design Center mission, then perhaps we'll work with you. But we've had perfume sites, dental care sites, and all manner of portals, search sites and online shopping sites wanting us to publish their links. Don't even ask unless your site's content offers beneficial content to visual communicators, graphic designers or desktop publishers.

Google Gone Bad?

I'm getting very fond of a new search engine called "Clusty". Why? Because Google seems to have become contaminated with thousands of "Ad" sites which are posing to be "index" sites. No, I'm not swearing off Google. Don't get me wrong, they're still the best search engine on the planet. But I've been tracking the results here for several weeks with some rather grave concerns. The top ranking "finds" (unless it's a direct hit,) more and more frequently are sites with no usable content and lots and lots of paid Ads. Thousands of web users are now setting up sites with nothing but interlinked advertising. You can't click on anything in the sites without going to another advertising page. Yesterday I searched for a Photoshop related search phrase and was taken to a jewelry directory. Even though the word "Photoshop" was in the "must contain" field of Google, the word did not appear anywhere on the page. That's called "search engine spamming" and evidently Google has become so large they are no longer policing their own policy. And, that's bad news for the internet population. So, give a try to Clusty and let me know what you think. www.clusty.com

& Else

Well, I've run out of room again. So, I won't list all the &Else items this month but here are the brief titles: CoffeeCup Software review * Head Rush Ajax * Sybex Celebrates 30 Years * Article:The heart of effective web design * Web design tips and tricks * Photo collages made easy * Stimulus 4 Media Management * Merriam Webster on your iPod * Boot Camp Public Beta * Wrap-around Web Site Solution and more ... It's called &Else !

Hit & Run items:

here are a few new items that didn't make it to pages in the &Else section this month:
* The Human Brain Analysed As A Computer! -- This free e-book will help you understand the workings ofthe human brain -- Download more info
* David Blake writes to say: PNGOUTWin is the best Windows program for minimizing PNG images. Check'em out at: www.pngoutwin.com
* Dave Mattson says EazyDraw for Mac is sporting a new version with Intel support. This is a low-end vector drawing program that offers limited CAD -- dimensioned technical drawings can be done on the Mac. eazydraw.com

JUNE: Creative SURF

Let's go surfing! Yes, every year about this time we're hankering to get out of our shells and see the world. What better time to surf the web. So log in and share your favorite web sites and favorite online resources and discoveries. Try to focus on the graphic arts, please! Use our PRIZE REGISTRATIONS FORM to post the web sites you like to surf and you could be a winner. Remember, you have to tell us WHY you like the site. Don't just list a URL and run. Let's go surfing!

Mother's Day & Graduation

One more salute to all those graduating from higher education this month. By the time for the June DTG, I'll have the results of a design scholarship awards program we're helping sponsor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. I hope to have a complete photo slide show so stay tuned during May.
And don't forget Mother's day -- on May 14th. Do something great for your Mom. If you don't have a Mom, then do something great for someone else's Mom!
Oh, one more item: We'd like to see YOU participate in any of these themes. Show us your portfolio. Share your problems and solutions. Help others with your knowledge and experience. Here's how you can contact me to get started.

And, as for this month, well, you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info.

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for Mother's Day...

  "The God to whom little boys say their prayers
    has a face very like
      their mother's."

          - James M. Barrie

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for May will be set to "mom" for very obvious reasons. Just add the word "spring" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/

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