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August "Back To School"... & ELSE

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Back to (Design) School

Do you really have to go to school to learn more about design? Yes, it's best... but the next best thing is self-learning -- and here, Fred recommends the best books for visual communicators who want to go Back to (Design) School

How about Art, and the Creative Spirit?

Then we'll go on a visual extravaganza to help sharpen your creative edges, and introduce you to the pleasures of discovering art. Sez: "There's really nothing like a good gallery or museum to give you a shake and a creative shot in the arm" ... Looking for Art in all the right places

Photoshop School: Ink Outlines Filter

Some Photoshop users just never get around to trying out the array of filters provided with the program. That's a shame. But follow along as Photoshop expert Roger Pring offers an interesting "drawn" line effect in combination with a background mottling that recalls the Sponge filter using Photoshop's Ink Outlines Filter

InDesign School: Grids into Complex Tables

One of the common tasks desktop publishers encounter is the need to reproduce existing forms. Design & publishing expert David Bergsland shares this step-by-step tutorial for the best way to make Complex Tables in Adobe InDesign

Photography School: Realistic shadows in Photoshop

20-year photo retouching veteran Glenn Honiball returns with another tutorial for building shadows -- creating a shadow for a more intricate object, then placing it into a landscape! Glenn Honiball shows you how

DTP School: Spiral Binding with InDesign

A Design Cafe reader was dealing with printing a pocket booklet that needed the binding moved from 'center' between pages to the top. We came up with a solution, but then got some good advice from Anne-Marie Concepcion, the Design-Geek for Spiral Binding using Adobe InDesign

Sites to see: Rochelle Dahl Designs

Got a letter from Rochelle Dahl to visit her web site and we liked what we saw very much. While the examples of design were a little difficult to see, some of the art and photography samples are stunning. You'll be seeing Rochelle's work in future pages of DTG, but for now, have an enjoyable surf to her illustration page for some fun visuals!

Mailbag: Recommended HTML books?

CS from NJ writes to ask:
What is your recommendation on an HTML reference book?

[DTG] Look no further than this month's 'recommended' books... HTML Utopia, Web Site Cookbook and Designing with Web Standards top the list... See: Web Design & Content Management Books

MailBag: DTP Programs?

GC from Florida sent an email to say:
I used a pc and the Pagemaker 6.0 software to help publish a newspaper. I've been out of the business for a long while and I'm planning on reentering it. A couple of years ago I bought a new G4 in hopes that it would be easy to catch up and that a Mac would make it even easier. I'm having a hard time. I hear Pagemaker is on the way out. My query is, what can you suggest be the best new program for a small tabloid size, monthly publication published by a one-man shop. Also, what's the concensous on the best way to learn graphic software for us that aren't really tech-savy.

[DTG] In today's world, the Adobe CS suite is really the only way to go. You'll find InDesign to be very much like PageMaker -- but with a lot of features and capabilities borrowed from Illustrator and Photoshop. As for shortening that learning curve, you'll want to take the boxed tutorials faithfully, then invest in either Adobe's Classroom books, or Peachpit's "Visual Quick Start" books for each of the software packages. Short of taking classes at your local community college or university, these books are your best bet for getting up to speed quickly. Here's where to start...

Mailbag: Chalking the 1st Amendment

It's always nice to hear from readers enjoying and gaining benefits from past articles. BM from Alabama writes with this comment about our 60-Second Window #155...
      "I'm writing a college paper Should Freedom of Speech Allow Invasion of Privacy and found your article very helpful. I'll definetly be quoting you in my work. Just wanted to let you know I thought it was a really good piece."
Thank you for writing! See: 60-Second Window #155

Mailbag: A Question of Honesty

DP from Decatur, GA is one of those readers we love to hear from. She's highly observant and sees this possible contradiction in DTG columns...
      "In Fred's "60 seconds column", he wrote an article "Ethics in Digital Photography." But in your July DTG magazine, Fred includes an article by Barry Hudgins, that shows how to make teeth whiter using Photoshop. I understand that the tips are to demonstrate the technical aspect of Photoshop, but I was left somewhat confused as to the ethical issue. The above excerpt from Fred's column says that the digital editor should not altar aesthetics, such as gray hair or wrinkles. Does this not include yellow teeth? I would like clarification please on the ethical, proper way to touch up photos."

[DTG] WOW... caught again. No, actually the "Ethics" piece was aimed more at photo journalism where faithfully representing the visual aspects of the story is very important. The "Brightening Teeth" piece focuses more on fashion and advertising visuals. But yes, you make a very good point. There is a thin line between showing reality as it is, and enhancing the visual to reinforce the point or story. Both have their place. Re-read the 60-Second piece AFTER reading the Photoshop piece.


Yes, it's that time of year again -- next month we'll kick off our annual FALL FONTS FESTIVAL with anything and everything for lovers of fonts, type, typography, logotype, typographs, monograms, and more.
You can win some valuable prizes, perhaps even the all new "Fall Fonts Festival" just for sharing your reflections, tips, or treasures in fonts, and typography... make sure you register to WIN

Photo-Folio: Photo Opportunities?

Finding great photo opportunities can be a challenge. But when a wonderful photo subject follows you around every day, all you have to do is realize when to shoot. Enjoy these delightful photos and commentary by Penina Finger, Design Professional from Atlanta, Georgia -- who doesn't have to search for the perfect photo subject

Reviews: Movie Editing Made Easy

So many people have written lamenting about the lack of movie-making products for Windows -- until the latest iteration of Movie Edit, from Magix, there wasn't. But now, Windows users, your time has come... get your hands on Movie Edit Pro

60-Seconds: AOL Gone Bad

Here is the long and sad story of how spam and online crime have driven some ISPs to blind, extreme, measures which threaten the very usability of the internet. AOL, one of the world's longest trusted providers can no longer be trusted... sad but true. 60-Second Window #188 AOL Gone Bad

Digital Photo Blow Up

At last! Now you can enlarge digital JPG files and retain or enhance quality! Digital Photo Blow Up - offers the highest quality image enlargement available. Check it out...

Get the Most from Your Digital Camera

A complete bookshelf on mastering digital SLR photography * taking beautiful wedding pictures * exploring travel photography * getting perfect color every time. All from Weily


Cool stuff in the news, reviews, new products and more for those who ask What Else?

MOVING toward Fall

Wow... I've been to Africa, Amsterdam, and points in between for a really scattered summer! So since it's already the second week in August, it's time to get down to work and get ready for school season to start, and the opening of autumn.
Please don't forget our big September launch of the annual FALL FONTS FESTIVAL. The editorial content blood-hounds have been busy scouring the countryside for the best in fonts and typography and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Don't forget to sign in and register with your comments about fonts and maybe I'll send you the latest book or DVD just for your troubles. enjoy the show.

And, as for this month, well, you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info.

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for August...

  "Native ability without education
    is like a tree without fruit."

          - Aristippus

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for August will be set to "school" to remind you to keep on learning. Just add the word "school" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/

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