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September Fonts Festival... & ELSE

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Fall Fonts Festival

Wow... 12 years of FONTS FESTIVALs. The editorial content blood-hounds have been busy scouring the countryside for the best in fonts and typography and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Don't forget to sign in and register with your comments about fonts and maybe I'll send you the latest book or DVD just for your troubles. enjoy the show.

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Fonts Festival: Designers talk about Type & Fonts

For our 12th Annual Fonts Festival, we asked readers in the Design Cafe to reflect on type, typography, fonts or lettering. We struck a fine chord and have an excellent line-up of comments, tips and goodies for... The Fonts Festival.

The Official Type for the 12th Anniversary

Our good friend and master graphics expert Michael Doret provides us with this year's official typography -- and you can bet we'll be using it a lot because it's so wonderful-- Michael Doret's fabulous Metroscript font!

OWN: the 12th Annual Fonts Festival Commemorative Mug

SPECIAL EVENT: Signs & Centuries

This article, excerpted from Allworth's "DESIGNING EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS Creating Contexts For Clarity and Meaning" -- expert Rub´┐Żn Fontana embodies the very essence of what it's all about when he asks these important questions about typography

New Typography: What difference does it make?

With the new generation of desktop publishing software, it has become much easier to set professional quality typography. Design & publishing expert David Bergsland takes a brief look at the New Typography

Graphic Design: LOGOs back to basics

Dan Antonelli is back with another thoughtful look at logo design. In this article, Dan asks if we are over-designing logos, and demonstrates a low-cost, two-color approach that takes Logo Design Back to the Basics

PowerStation from Alphabet Soup

This is the debut of Michael Doret's Alphabet Soup font collection -- and along with Metroscript, we're proud to present this unique font that actually is eight fonts in one! Get two-color power with PowerStation

People in Fonts

This was the year for icon and dingbat fonts. Here are two people fonts, one provides great pictograms for signing systems and the other highly usable, high quality outlines from actual photographs of People in everyday life

The Year of the Ornament Font

Here comes Gerald Gallo again with a collection of ornamental icons and dingbats fonts that span from antique flowers to Art Nouveau ornaments to modern-day swirls... Gallo Ornaments Fonts

Banner year for P22

Yes, P22 and the International House of Fonts (IHOF) have been busy coming up with all kinds of new fonts for you... Michael Clark's Peanut font * P22 Zaner and P22 Allyson, by Paul Hunt * and Constructivist in the tradition of Revolution era artists... P22 joins the Festival

Mailbag: Red as an Accent Color

J.B. from Denver writes to ask:
      Red is one of the colors in my logo-- how do you feel about making it an accent color? I am afraid it might be too alarming-- but wanted your opinion
[DTG] Well, we know that RED is always an 'active' color, and usually calls attention to itself. Now you need to decide if the nature of what you're designing accent colors for is such that you WANT to call attention and be 'active'. Select from these colors...

Mailbag: Book Cover Design Contest

T.S. from Toronto wrote to tell us about this book cover design contest with $750 US prize and credit in the Book. While we don't like such contests -- since they exploit designers and "arm" the company with great designs for free (all those who lost) perhaps we'll post this one anyway: followthatdream.ca

Mailbag: Learning Photoshop without paying dues

Like many inquiries we get in our mailbag, C.R. in North Carolina writes this disturbing request:
      I'm trying to learn to use photoshop without having to buy the cd. Can you give me a site that can help me?
[DTG] Hello? Unless you buy the CD, you don't have a legal copy of Photoshop! And, without that CD you probably have no 'help' files. Pay your dues... then if you still need help, get help the same way thousands of others do -- by taking advantage of www.design-bookshelf.com

Mailbag: TypeForge Open Source Collaborative Type Design

P.A. from Portugal sends this tip:
      This project focuses on the development of complete fonts using Fontforge, and Type Design Documents on how to design fonts from scratch to an advanced level. It aims that everyone involved can and will learn more about typography and type developing in a collaborative method. www.typeforge.net

Mailbag: Naked Photoshop

Believe it or not, we get a lot of requests like this -- hard to believe people are this naive...
G.K. from India asks:
      using Photoshop it is possible we can do onginal photo into naked photo?
[DTG] While we're not quite sure exactly what he means by "naked photo" -- we get the message. Generally we do NOT respond to such requests.

Mailbag: There are NO print copies of DTG

Each month we get about 40 requests for the "printed" copy of the magazine. DTG stopped the print and pdf version in 1996. There are NO print versions. Find out more

Web Site of the Month: ArtFani.com

Siavash Fani, graphic designer in Tehran Iran sent in his web site for our review, and we were knocked out by the striking design we found! If you want a good shot-in-the-arm, visit Siavash's web site and enjoy particularly the logos, illustration and editorial design works. Good stuff, Siavash! www.artfani.com

Adobe's Sad Cronos Story

Speaking of fonts, see this sad story of how Adobe misled the world about the origins of Robert Slimbach's Cronos family, which was modeled after Kuester's Today Sans Serif. (Compare) By Luc Devroye, School of Computer Science , McGill University

Patterns Tips from Artlandia

Artlandia brings this article with valuable tips on producing patterns... particularly in their awesome program SymmetryShop -- you no longer have to endure the tedious process of making patterns Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator Tips for Patternmakers from Artlandia Tips for Patternmakers from Artlandia


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& ELSE...

This month's &Else includes: Digital printing reports analyze the market Digital Printing * Generating ideas * Convert InDesign to Quark * Keep Visitors in your Photo Gallery * Practice of Design Inside/Outside * Eddie Tapp on Digital Photography * HumanEyes 3D Unveils PrintPro 2.0 * Ready,Set,Go! is BACK * New Technology from CS Odessa * Default Folder X * Snapz Pro X * Typinator types it for you... and much more & Else News

Autumn is here... gearing up

With the Fall Fonts Festival under way, we'll be adding new items all through the month, and into October. It'll be fun, and don't forget to share your favorite type and font comments!

We'll probably get started on the Holiday season during October as well, so get your thinking cap ready to share holiday and seasonal tips, tricks and promotions for November and December.

And, as for this month, well, you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info.

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for September...

  "Be nice to people on your way up...
    you'll meet them on your way down."

          - Jimmy Durante

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for September will be set to "festival" in honor of our Fonts Festival. Just add the word "festival" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/ ... Sometime after the first of September

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