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October Fonts Festival continues... & ELSE

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12th Annual Fonts Festival

The Fonts Festival continues this month with lots of new insights into type, fonts and typography. Join in the fun...

OWN: the 12th Annual Fonts Festival Commemorative Mug

Seymour Chwast: icon of contemporary design

We had a short visit with Seymour Chwast during his recent visit to JMU... and take a look at some of the visual design and illustration that helped shape a generation of graphic designers ... meet the Left Handed Designer... Seymour Chwast

Take a Type Tour with Fred...

I decided to do a little wandering on the web -- surfing here and there for an entire afternoon of research. Now, I invite you to come along and enjoy some interesting, weird, whacky, cool and entertaining places I visited on my Type Tour...

Chris Costello: "Papyrus" font

Chirs is the guy who vectored the "Papyrus" font, so familiar to Mac users... but it dates back to 1983 with Letraset press type! What's Chris been up to since then?

Run-in Headlines

David Bergsland sez: "Until very recently, what we used to called run-in heads have been very painful to produce." now, he'll show you the easy way to make Run-in Headlines

Thinking In Type

Alex White's "Thinking in Type, The Elements of Graphic Design" continues to be our top recommendation for learning and applying The Practical Philosophy Of Typography

Textura Blackletters in time for Halloween

Some people call Blackletter fonts "Old English" -- what ever you call them, these new fonts from P22 type foundry bring some rather special capabilities to the table... new Blackletters from P22

Designing For Print On A Budget

We are thrilled to have Mr. Thomas McKenna, instructor for Sessions.edu, with us this month; presenting a talk about the never-ending battle of Designing For Print On A Budget

Alien fixes photo faux pas

Can you really enlarge digital photographs in Photoshop? As we've all been taught, you can always reduce a digital image with excellent results -- but what about enlarging one! Follow along and see the proof as Alien fixes this photo faux pas

Web Critique: Art works by Mark Vatnsdal

Beth Rogers is back with another of her insightful critiques -- join us as she looks at Art works by Mark Vatnsdal... Art works by Mark Vatnsdal

How can YOU help? Review a Web Site

We've posted 70 more reader web sites for your review and critique -- some really want your advice! Select a reader-posted site for critique... so get off your seat, log in and do your fellow graphic designers a favor!

Michael Doret: Metroscript Poster

Last month we told you about "Metroscript" the 'official' font of the fonts festival -- the font's creator, Michael Doret, has completed the commemorative serigraph poster, numbered and signed! Click to see it ... Michael Doret's "Metroscript" poster

FREE Tickets: "The Digital Life"

Our good friends over at digitallife.com has invited all DTG readers to attend this year's awesome "Digital Life 2006" -- the largest consumer technology, gaming and entertainment event of the year. (October 12 - 15, 2006) at the Javits Center, New York. You can pick up a FREE ticket for admission by redeeming the code "INSIDER" when you print your tickets at digitallife.com

Mailbag: Free Keyboard Layout PDF

J.B. is a design professional from Chicago IL USA, and a member of "The Rest of Us" a Mac user group in Chicago... he shares:
Every font has many more characters than what you can see on the keyboard. And they don't have to just be Pi (dingbat, symbol) or Expert, swash or other more unusual layouts. For complete showings and listings of keyboard shortcuts for Mac, Windows and web use, I created a special PDF to illustrate them all. Check it out by clicking on "Downloads" at www.trou.org

Mailbag: Magazine Art Treasury

M.B. from Miami, Florida references our article about J.C. Leyendecker and asks:
      Have you checked out the site, www.magazineart.org? It has a complete artists' biography section where JC Leyendecker is featured. So, I wonder if those ads would be legal to use on the lids of the craft boxes I make? I make jewelry boxes and often decorate the lids with vintage, pre-1923 magazine covers. But, I wonder if the Arrow/Leyendecker ads would also be legal to duplicate, glue on the lid of a box, and sell in a limited quantity? I'll appreciate any advice you can give me.
[DTG:] Wow, that's a great reference! (See: 1907 Cover) For limited 'personal' use, it would probably be okay. However, according to the Leyendecker book, his works are 'owned' by the estate -- those which are not copyright by the respective magazines. The 28-year renewal applies, so a bit of research would be suggested before any real commercial mass-production. www.magazineart.org

Mailbag: Free Templates and Help Tips

S.S. from Orlando, Florida references her company's free information and help center with templetes, most common errors when preparing your files, Postal regulations and much more. There is some really useful information there ... www.printingyourimage.com

Question of the Month: Publication Dating

M.W. from Las Vegas, NV wrote about a controversy with fellow publishers...
      "I have a few dumb questions to ask your staff. Can you tell how you determine the Volume and Issue numbers of a publication? If the publication is in its second year, wouldn't it be Volume II? Would the issue number be determined by the current year or cumulative issues? Thank you
ANSWER: First, I'd like to remind everyone -- there are NO dumb questions! We're always here to help!
[DTG:] You are indeed correct. The traditionally accepted method of numbering a periodical publication is: Volume = Year, Number = individual issues within a given year. For instance, this issue of DTG is Volume 16 (sixteenth year), Number 10 (tenth month, or October).
* While we cannot respond to all questions, we do provide answers when appropriate -- and we DO read each and every submission from our readers at:www.graphic-design.com

NOVEMBER: Designing the Holidays

As November approaches, many designers will be challenged with designing and producing projects with a holiday theme. We'd like to share your experiences with DTG readers -- better yet, you can win some valuable prizes by sharing your favorite projects, promotions, tips, techniques and cool resources for designing the holidays... make sure you register to WIN at

Here come the holidays...

As we move toward the holidays and the end of 2006, think about all the cool stuff you've discovered and learned during the year. We'll be calling on you to send in your "BEST DISCOVERIES OF 2006" in our December issue.

WELCOME new members and patrons - We'd like to welcome all 600 new subscribers this month -- it's always a pleasure to bring new friends into the DTG family.
We also want to send a big THANK YOU out to Simon Robson of Intropica Web Developments for helping to support this month's issue. And, as for this month, well, you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info.

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for October...

  "Ideas, like wind-blown seeds...
    have a way of crossing boundaries

      and appearing in unlikely places."
        - William Irwin Thompson

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for October will be set to "festival" in honor of our Fonts Festival. Just add the word "festival" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/ ... Sometime after the first of October

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&Else News, Reviews & Schmooze

  • Quark XTensions in Universal Binary XChange International has released seven XTension products for QuarkXPress version 7 with support for Universal Binary which take advantage of the new Intel-based Macs
  • 14.1 megapixel DSLR We used to think 2 megapixels was nirvana. Now, Foveon has released a 14.1 megapixel X3 DSLR image sensor, the highest resolution X3 sensor available - providing a 40% increase in pixel count
  • Network Media Primer This is an extensive and well sourced primer on the tools, terms and equipment network mechanics and managers need to know about... Network Media Primer an extensive glossary of networking terms and tools
  • About Photoshop Elements 5 In a sea of digital photo software, online tutorials, books and books, an affordable pearl -- the newest Missing Manual by Barbara Brundage -- explains everything you need to know about Adobe Photoshop Elements 5
  • linkOptimizer for Adobe InDesign Zevrix Solutions has rolled out version 2.0 of LinkOptimizer, the solution for reducing the size of images linked to Adobe InDesign document - save valuable storage space, time and reduce production costs by eliminating excessive image data.
  • Backup for Disaster Recovery What's the worst case scenario? Are you prepared? While this article was aimed at Windows users -- it does provides a solid foundation on the steps and terms used for proper backups
  • Weather for your site... Remember when it used to be a real pain to get a local weather button in your site? Not any more -- with Accuweather's free button service
  • IM Across the Net? Do you believe computer IM users would give up watching American Idol in order to IM with people on other services? That's what Yahoo and Microsoft say...
  • SAFARI books online SAFARI books online provides unlimited web access to more than 4,000 technical books with safari library service
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