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DT&G Newsletter for March

Welcome new subscribers & Friends

Before getting into this month's content, I wanted to send a special welcome to all those who have posted questions or solutions to the Photoshop 911 blog or online forms. (For that purpose, we've included your email address for this newsletter!)
As always, if for any reason you want to cancel your subscription, we've included easy instructions below.

Our thanks go out to YOU
Folks, we sincerely appreciate that many of you have taken your time to visit the blog or the forums to help others who have questions. Everyone here at the Design Center have really enjoyed the new forums, and the general consensus is we should have launched forums years ago. And, we hope you get the same benefits from the Design Center, DTG and the Design Cafe, all the related services we provide at no cost!
Now, there are a few special friends we'd like to mention...

World Labels

Worldlabel.com is a loyal and continuing supporter of the Design Center and DTG Magazine. You can say "thank you" by checking out their Laser Labels and Inkjet Labels. They're compatible with Avery and all types of printers -- address, mailing, shipping, CD, media, specialty and more... Just tell them Fred and DTG magazine sent you ...

Daniel Rosenstein and Ravellc

Also, we send special thanks to Daniel and all the folks at Rave LLC, for their continued support of the Design Center and DTG Magazine! RAVE's advancements in Nanomachining for photo masking is no less than spectacular, so if you're into the high-end of imaging, you will want to get acquainted with RAVE

And now... the news


Best books for February
[ Photoshop  |  Digital Photography  |  Web Design  |  3D Graphics  ]

March: Designing Women

March is "Women's History Month" and to help celebrate, we highlight the works of outstanding Designing Women. Celebrate Designing Women in our Gallery, and let us introduce you to a few new ones! Come in and suggest your favorite designer, and perhaps (if you're a designing woman) show your portfolio -- sign up NOW -- in the Design Center gallery

Designing Women: Found on the web

come along and visit professional women web designers & developers, the Nerd Girls, Nervy Girls and Guerrilla Girls -- along with Women in the Military; Women in Enterprise & Society and the world of Distinguished Women, in celebration of Women's History Month

Designing Women: Amy Dresser

If you'd like to see some extraordinary photo retouching, and spectacular photo-illustration, go no further than the studios where photography takes on a whole new meaning. Of course, we're talking about the studios of Amy Dresser

Designing Women: Marian Bantjes

Of all the places to find a unique graphic designer, Bowen Island, BC, Canada would seem remote -- to say the least. However, here we discovered a truly rare mixture of graphic design, illustration and typography talents from simple print to killer billboards. Meet Marian Bantjes

Photoshop: Remove Background, Save Shadows

From Photoshop 911 Forums: "I want to replace white background with another color but to save shadows on image. With "replace color" is impossible to replace white. So here's what the 911 Dream Team sez: Load a little luminosity!

Photoshop: Layer Mask -- merging photos

This is one of the most frequent questions we get in the Photoshop Forums and Photoshop 911. So here the Photoshop 911 dream team provides a fairly simple solution that will work in almost all versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements... Montage Making Masks

Setting HEX for GIF format graphics

Optimizing color fields for the Web can be daunting -- but when you need a specific range of HEX colors, it can be downright frustrating. Question was: "How can I change this HEX color in a gradient?"; Photoshop 911 sez: Put the HEX on a GIF

Mailbag: Got us stumped ????

Kay from San Diego, CA writes in with this question -- which has stumped everyone I know...
      Can you please tell me how to make a cartesian x-y diagram in Adobe Illustrator CS2? Say, f(x) = x^2
Now if you happen to have the correct answer to this question, we'll send you the ultimate Photoshop or Web Design book shelf just for your troubles -- fill in your answer here

Mailbag: Web Site of the Month

Thanks to my brother, Joe Showker for tipping us to Tammy Worcester. She's a distinguished educator, author, and presenter with some pretty cool stuff in all of her web sites -- home is at http://www.tammyworcester.com/ but from there we discovered some extremely cool stuff for spatial, visual, musical, and other Multiple Intelligences

Gamefull Art

So, you think you'd like to get into Games development? Follow along as Sessions School of Game Art advisory board member Jolene Spry interviews Dave Taylor, independent video game producer and long-term veteran of the gaming industry in ... Gameful Art

You Know Your Web Site Sucks if ...

The good news is, you'll also find out how to fix it! Favorite reviewer, Bennie Taylor, is back, sharing a wealth of web design savvy :: Creative Language Resources site; UCT Continuing Studies site; and a sober wake-up call for Hiking Las Vegas dot com... Check'em out and get your own site reviewed in Web Site Critiques

Editor's Choice Books for March

Editor's choice for March begins with an awesome new concept from Stock Layouts -- which is not really a book but rather The Design Box Brochure Design Cards: 50 Graphic Design Layout Ideas! See: Bruchures in a Box ... other departments CHOICE are: Green Design; a special series on design and typography called: Dot-font: Talking About Design; Brandjam: Humanizing Brands; Color Management for Digital Photographers: and a truly unique book everyone will get a kick out of : Madonna of the Toast. These and others like Photoshop Type Effects Gone Wild are all highlighted in this month's Design Bookshelf

All-in-one Digital Camera

When my brother showed up at a reception with one of these little 'palm-sized' cameras, I have to admit I was skeptical. (Being a digital imaging professional!) But, when I began to really take a look at the results-- WOW -- I was blown away. You'll like these...

Promoting Yourself

Well, each year about this time we start getting requests from new designers like this one:
      "i was just enquiring about if you had any information about self promotion for young graphic designers and any key points that we might need to know in order to help us along the way with getting noticed."

We'll be focusing on this topic in April and May, so if you've got some experience to share on jump-starting a creative business just speak up in the Design CAFE

Free Expo pass for Photoshop World?

Our excellent friends at O'Reilly Media are providing free passes to the Boston Photoshop World Expo in April. Meet the great authors including Eddie Tapp and Deke McClelland. Oh, and here's your free pass: PhotoshopWorld07_expo-free.pdf

The Art Interview Online Artist Competition

- it's the 8th International Online Artist Competition juried exhibition of your visual arts. E 17,000 in cash may be awarded each quarter to the first, second and third place winners, plus a featured interview in Art Interview Online Magazine -- DEADLINE MARCH 31, 2007. Go to: www.art-interview.com

Music Bucks- Album Art Competition

Atlantis Found Publishing Inc. announces the launch of "WORDS WITHOUT VOICES" Online Album Art Competition where you can win $1,500, $1,000 or $500 prizes for your concepts -- along with all the fame and fortune of designing CD covers for the start... www.wordswithoutvoices.com

The Photoshop Pros come out

Photoshop Pro Andrei Doubeovski of SimplePhotoshop.com fame has fired-up the tips & tricks guns in the Photoshop 911 help department, sharing real-world solutions for reader problems. If you use Photoshop, then you'll want to check out how we're providing answers for all kinds of Photoshop emergencies!

& Else: news and views for creatives

* Marketing with RSS: using RSS feeds as a marketing strategy
* Optimizing for MSN? Is It Worth the Effort?
* InDesign ImageSwapper: flexible and time-saving plug-in
* Kurdish for QuarkXPress: create and print Kurdish layouts in QuarkXPress
* And others including: Paper Tips for DTP Designers, 'POP' Pattern Font, Smart Card for Mac, WYSIWYG Charting for Windows, and ... ELSE

Heads up for March... and beyond

In this month's Loading Dock download section, you'll find a ton of new clip art samples, and a collection of all-time favorite Photoshop PDF tutorials you simply download. You know where to look!

As we head toward spring, remember we're looking for Designing Women to feature in April and promotion tips, tricks and experiences to jump-start the creative mind for the May issue. Most people won't read this far, but if you do, you'll see our Books Yard Sale where you buy one and get one free! Don't forget to put the word "CAFE" in your NAME. Just put the word: salebooks.html after Design-bookshelf.com/ .

And, once again you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Parting words for March...

"I've learned that it pays to fight for concepts and causes
      that may appear unpopular at the moment,
          rather than following the course of quick and easy agreement."

            - Famous ad man, Leo Burnett

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for March will be changed to "luck". Just add the word "luck" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/

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