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DT&G Newsletter for August

Welcome new subscribers & Friends

Before getting into this month's content, I wanted to send a special welcome to all those who have subscribed or become active in the Design Center.

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It's that time again... back to school. I think this is our 18th annual "back to (design) school" issue. Hope you learn a lot and have a great time.... we had a great time putting this issue together -- as we always do!

Back to Design School: How much should I charge

In the Design Cafe I provided an answer to one of the most frequent questions we receive -- about pricing creative services. Whether you're a new designer, or a new freelancer, you need some basic starting points to answer the questions...
* How much should I charge??
* How do I find and get new clients?
* Lead Services: Pros & Cons

Photoshop's Photo Filter Adjustment Layer

This is one of the little known gems you'll find in Adobe's Photoshop and Photoshop Elements because it's a filter, but it's not in the filters menu. Use it when you want to change the color temperature of a photo... here's the value of Photoshop's Photo Filter Adjustment Layer

Editor's Choice: While you're reading

This book is about everything that happens while you're reading -- that's why it's this month's Editor's Choice, and why we recommend all type designers, typographers and graphic designers make sure they learn how people read as well as why... While you're reading by Gerard Unger

Back to Design School: How was it done?

Fred takes you into his graphic design classroom with a fun little exercise that will force you to get out of your box and into the realm of creative thinking. Then he asks you to do some analysis -- and answer a simple question about a decievingly simple photograph ... HOW WAS IT DONE?

Photoshop 911: Spot Adjustments using a Mask

Someone asked how to make slight spot adjustments in just the dark areas of an image. Levels, or any other adjustment are easily fine-tuned by painting black and white into the mask area an Adjustment Layer Spot Adjustments using a Mask

Photoshop 911: Pop an image out of the border

A Photoshop 911 forum question was how to make a photo break out of the frame. Even though this has been around longer than Photoshop has, it can be daunting to a new user. But it's simple to Pop an image out of the border

Learning: Separations for Screen Printing

One of the frequent questions we get is how to separate flat art for making silkscreen stencils. Rather than flood you with a lot of geek gibberish, we present the easiest, most direct method in Photoshop and Illustrator for making flat color separations for screen printing. (New and updated)

Getting One-Way Inbound Links

With search engines putting a damper on direct reciprocal links, the hunt for the elusive one-way inbound link is on. Content syndication expert Joel Walsh dispels some common myths about cross-linking and then shares five or the most important strategies for Getting One-Way Inbound Links

Design Learning: About Software Copyrights

Adriana Iordan, Web Marketing Manager at Avangate B.V. Avangate shares important details about copyright law and copyrighting your software - the right of a certain individual or business entity to make copies of a particular work Guidelines for Writing Software Copyright

Back to (Design) School at the Designers' Bookshelf

Time to catch up! All new learning tools in the Photoshop Department, Design Department and business corner. . . all happening at the Design Bookshelf

7 Megapixels for the price of 4

DXG 7 Megapixel digital camera - Compact Design, 3X Optical Zoom, Large 2.5 High Res LCD, User-Friendly Features at an affordable price. DXG 7 Megapixel digital camera

MailBag: What if I click?

Following our "Postcard Spam Scam" article last month, this reader writes in to ask:
> What happens if you did press the first line
> saying you got a message ecard from a family member?
> I did press the first line ???
> What is the worst scenario??

Generally speaking, the worst thing that happens is a Trojan or "zombie" is loaded onto your computer which a) sends all your address book addresses back to the hacker, b) begins sending the same spam to your address list from you, and waits for an incoming ping from the hacker to initiate another script.
      However, in most cases we've tracked lately, the SpamCop reporters have reported so quickly that the sites have been taken down, and actually nothing happens. But do not be confident of that scenario. Good virus and spyware blockers are essential on any computer running any Microsoft product. (They haven't affected Mac users yet, but eventually will.)
See this article on the reporting of these offenders, and WHY you need a SpamCop address

Mailbag: "Aging" Social Network Site?

Peter from Toronto writes in to ask:
> What if I had a social networking site, and wanted to
> age thousands of photographs? That is, everybody who joined would
> want to have their photo aged. Is this possible?

Brilliant idea!
You'll make millions! The only problem is, you'll have to charge about a thousand dollars for each member.
Sorry: the art of aging photographs is lengthy and difficult, requiring multiple photos of the person, as well as older family members like parents and grand parents.

Mailbag: Lost DTG Pages

It would seem that sometimes when magazines reference the Design Center or DTG Magazine they get the links wrong. Colleen writes with this question:
> I saw one of your layouts posted in
> PAPERTRENDS magazine.
> They gave a link to it, but that link os no longer valid.
> It is a layout/design for a photo card that I would like
> to use as a table display at a party in August.

Sorry Colleen -- they entered the link wrong -- don't you hate it when that happens? Here's the correct link with CAPS for DTG: http://www.graphic-design.com/DTG/Design/Layouts/phototent/

WIN: Fonts Festival and Holiday Design

As you know our annual "FALL FONTS FESTIVAL" will hit this September and October. Don't forget to share your favorite fonts, type and typography tips, or opinions on using fonts! You can register to WIN at: http://www.graphic-design.com/registration.html
Our "Designing the Holidays" theme takes you through November and December, and we're looking for samples of your favorite Holiday Promotions, or a peek at your upcoming holiday designs. Share samples of holiday designs and graphics you've received! You can sign up and register atgraphic-design.com/holiday_design.html

Design Pro or Freelancer?

Each year we get a ton of inquiries from people who want to migrate into the design profession. They write asking questions about what it's like to be a designer. You can help us paint a picture of the Design Life by filling out our brief survey. We'll start an ongoing page which includes the best, and perhaps the worst, of your comments... anonymously of course. sponses. So, help out by completing the Design Pro / Freelancer Survey


Both the Publishers' Warehouse and the News department have been heavily updated. Be sure to check out our pictorial archives in the Publishers' Warehouse for dozens of images from all kinds of topics. And, as usual, all the best from the August headlines are in our news department, &Else!

August parting words... Good-bye Summer

Hope you all had a great time this summer. We're making it through dog-days, and will soon be singing the September songs of autumn fonts, typography and the holidays.

This newsletter is slightly late because I was spending some relaxation time on the tiny island of Bimini -- which is part of the Bahamas. The most excellent folks at Sundance Marine in Ft. Lauderdale Florida launched a flotilla across the 60-mile Gulf Stream to dock up at the island. It was glorious! If you ever want to get away, just hop over to Bimini... mon. No phones, no clocks, no TV, no computers, no job, no shoes -- Just white sand beaches, sparkling blue waters, steel-drum music, great people, great Rum, Habana cigars, and all the fresh-caught lobsters you can manage to fit on your grill!

I found myself wondering if I really had to come back and get this newsletter out.
Oh well... reality set in!
Yesterday, we said our good-byes. Captain Jason fired up the engines and navigated our boat back across the waters to Port Everglades. Then it was Jet Blue to D.C. and back to the DTG facility in Virginia. Now, I'll have to be getting ready for the big Fall Fonts Festival -- which is always fun -- but I'll be dreaming about those turquoise waters, dancing dolphins and sweet breezes -- next time, I just might not come back.

As we head into autumm, don't forget to pass along your favorite fonts, type and typography tricks or holiday promotion ideas... DTG readers want to hear YOUR stories!

And, once again you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

A Thought for August...

"Problems cannot be solved,
      by thinking inside the framework,
        in which the problems were created!"

                - Albert Einstein

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for August will be changed to "bimini" on or around the 6th of August -- with lots of new additions for you to dig into. Just add the word "bimini" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/

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