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DT&G Newsletter for September

Fonts Festival

Welcome new subscribers & Friends

Before getting into this month's content, I wanted to send a special welcome to all those who have subscribed or become active in the Design Center.

The 13th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

Welcome. The number 13 is not an unlucky number around here! It's merely the number between 12 and 14. But it's also very lucky for a number of DTG readers -- and could ultimately be lucky for YOU.

Aside from all this month's great content, I'd like to send you one of my favorites from the Design Bookshelf "Editors Choice" rack. I'll be selecting names all through September and October from the submissions on "Typography" or "The Design Survey" or "Holiday Promotions." Those links are below. Share your experience or knowledge on type, typography and fonts, and maybe I'll pick your name... Register here

Font Festival Prize Winners:

Okay folks, listen up. If you're reading this and your name appears below, get in touch -- you've won:

Darlene E, from Baytown, Texas, c'mon down!

Darlene's thoughtful typography comment was:
> It's been said a million plus times or more; less is more.
> Understanding how to use type can be the most advantageous
> and creative ability one can master, because using the
> right Type can help say it all the better with
> or without a picture.

Bravo! We'll be sending D a gift for submitting.

Debbi G, from Bremerton, Washington found:
> With Halloween just around the corner I began my quest for
> Halloween fonts. I was pleasantly surprised to find Fontenstein
> at www.halloweenfonts.com -- with no annoying sign ups
> and pop ups to wade through, this sight has gone on
> my must check list for fonts.

Ours too, Debbie -- and we'll be reviewing it for our October Fonts Fest content. Since you use CS2, I think I'll just send you my personal favorite from Deke McClelland! Howz that?

Type Shirts Chris S. from Washington, DC tipped us on favorites...
> My favorite fonts site design-wise is TypOasis
> (moorstation.org/typoasis/typoasis1.htm), as it's a very
> classy design and the site has lots of classy fonts,
> though you have to dig around for them.
> Then again, abstractfonts.com also gives you a handy
> "latest" list. Can I submit three favorites? :)

You sure can, Chris. Thanks for the heads-up -- since you're into Anime Studio Pro 5, rendering and so forth, we've got a goodie for you!

Collector Coffee Mug or T-shirt Winners:
* Jonathan, from Tucson, AZ
* Jess, from San Francisco, CA (one of my favorite cities!)

Thanks for sending in your comments, folks... there are more winners, but I've used up too much room here already! Winners need to check in to validate IP and address:

Type Tees & Mugs

Of course you don't have to be a winner to own a Fonts Festival collectable Tee or Mug. Remember you can purchase these and help support the Design Center all at the same time! Order safely at CafePress

FEATURE: Creating Typography with Character

I cannot say enough good things about this month's special guest author and designer, Maggie Macnab. One quick look at her work and you'll know she really knows what she's talking about as she takes a look at today's typography with some reflections on Creating Typography with Character

13th Annual Fonts Surf

Each year we search the web for beneficial, informative, crazy, cool, valuable, or otherwise interesting web sites and resources revolving around the world of fonts, type and typography.

Lessons in Typography & Style

There are valuable lessons to be learned from the golden age of commercial art... Follow along, as we Learn some important lessons in Type and Lettering

Photoshop Madness: Type & Lettering Tutorial Hell

It's a jungle out there... For this years Fall Fonts Festival we intended to send you some good tutorials on working with type in Photoshop. Unfortunately we began turning up some rather disturbing results... Photoshop Madness

Type & Typography in motion: Typographics

What happens when you put typography together with cinematography? Some really special videos, that's what! Here are some of our other favorite Type & Typography video movies

Type & Typography according to George

Author and Macintosh technical expert George M Engel -- talks about one of his long time passions, type and typography. My Typography Demo

Outlining Type: Right or Wrong:Type Mug

This tutorial points out the wrong and right ways to outline shapes, like typography, in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Outlining Type: What's Right or Wrong

Ornaments & Quilting Patterns

Outline them, shade them, texturize them, or just use them to decorate design projects with the classic lithography look. Gerald Gallo brings three new dingbats. Holy Ornaments, Oriental Symbols and Quilt Patterns

Spotlight: Blue Vinyl Fonts

Visit the Blue Vinyl font foundry where JESS LATHAM's freeware and commercial fonts to add a little punch to your graphic designs... Blue Vinyl font foundry

Editor's Choice: Indie Fonts 3

The Fonts event of the year... Indie Fonts 3rd edition, featuring lavishly illustrated samplings of thousands of fonts, and FREE fonts on CD-ROM from 59 participating font and type designers. Indie Fonts 3

Web Usability: fact or fantasy?

Let's ask some serious questions about web design, usability, and what makes a great web site great. But is usability a fact or fantasy?

Design Pro or Freelancer?

Readers in the Graphic Design fields help us paint a picture of the Design Life by sharing more reflections on the Design Life

Video Marketing Tips

Video communication is an efficient means of reaching prospective customers, of promoting the presentation of your products or services. Avengate.com's Adriana Iordan shares some useful experience with these Video Marketing Tips

Business: Branding vs. Direct Response

Unless you're a ubiquitous consumer products company, the value of branding is far, far less than the value of direct response. In the Business Department

Celebrate with Free Stock Photos

You've read our articles about TurboPhoto before -- many times. Now, they are celebrating their first 5 years in business by giving away tons of free photos from the TurboPhoto collection

Mailbox: My colors didn't print right!

Hello? Yours and 50,000 others who have written Photoshop 911 to find out why their colors on a litho printed job didn't print quite like they were supposed to. Do you have that problem?

Folks, there is simply no substitution for a sample of the actual color build, printed on similar paper. Relying on your software, the service bureau and the printer leaves a lot of risk. You have these options:
1) you can test the project on the press then adjust
2) you can purchase Pantone Recipe books (hundreds of bucks)
3) take your chances and accept "pleasing" color.
4) you can purchase a Tintbook. ($80)

I use Tintbook CMYK color charts. And, I wouldn't write this if I weren't 100% confidence that my build will print correctly. Most people are content with "pleasing" color. It didn't turn out -- but it's okay, and you let it go, right? Well if you need accurate and predictable color -- do yourself a huge favor... www.tintbooks.com

Site of the Month: Website Ribbons

Stanley has been a DTG reader for a while and has recently launched a site offering free ribbon creation for websites and blogs. Choose a look and color scheme, key in what you want your ribbon to say, and it generates the ribbon and posts it on your home page. Cool! www.WebsiteRibbon.com

Humor: The world's most revolutionary software

My brother sent me this video clip link -- and I really didn't know what to make of it until they showed the first screen capture. WOW... this IS revolutionary! Get some chuckles

Mailbag: NO View Finder ???

Susan in McHenry IL wrote in about a review last month:
> In August, there was the link for
> "7 Megapixels for the price of 4" Digital Camera.
> This camera does not have a ViewFinder.
> My sister bought a Canon Digital camera and it did
> not have one either.
> Where have they gone?

We lament over the exact same problem. During the Bimini trip last month, my Canon (which I love) got a good splash of saltwater, destroying the audio capture mic. No more MPEG movie clips.

I thought I had found the PERFECT replacement camera -- Canon Stylus 770 - 7.1 megapixels -- it's shockproof and WATER PROOF ! NO VIEW FINDER!!! What are they thinking? The first place you want to take this camera is to the beach -- where you will NOT be able to see the little LCD screen! USELESS. I called Canon to get a comment and they said:
> "All of the sub-compact digital cameras are eliminating
> view finders because most consumers use the LCD screen
> and it allows us to make the cameras smaller. Sorry."

He didn't seem to grasp the concept that you really can't 'see' the shot without a view finder -- even on an LCD screen.

Photoshop: NOT a Noun, Not a Verb

Last week, I discovered that the word "Photoshop" is not a noun. It isn't a verb either. You cannot "Photoshop" an image. Likewise, a "Photoshop" is not an image. (The same way a presentation is not a "Power Point".) You cannot refer to 'Photoshop' as 'PS'. Images have not been 'Photoshopped'; you're not a 'Photoshopper' and your hobby isn't 'photoshopping'! Although you've heard these terms a thousand times, according to Adobe, they are incorrect.

What is "Photoshop"? A proper adjective, of course. And now, you know the rest of the story. Well, actually not. Adobe hath decreed how we shall use the term "Photoshop" -- with extensive examples -- so click the link and study up. Oh, and by the way -- I've got a little sniffle today, do you have an extra Kimberly-Clark(R), Kleenex(R) Brand Facial Tissue(R)? Thank you. (Did I do that right?) See: www.adobe.com

& ELSE...

This month's &Else includes: Free QuarkXPress 7.3 Updater * Artist's Guide To Gimp Effects * Logos 01 * Low-Cost Near DVD Quality CAMCORDER * AlphaStar for Adobe After Effects * Data recovery * Free Photos * Disk Cleaner * Time Tracking * Tips on Writing a Good FAQ * RapidWeaver * and a dozen others... &Else!

Autumn in the Design Center

This is really my favorite time of year -- and my favorite editorial months since I get to write about and discover many new friends and faces on the graphic design front. November will be special too, as we talk about designs for the holidays. In October, I'll send all the new content that just wouldn't fit in September's DTG. So stay tuned. And don't forget to log into the Publishers' Warehouse where we've posted more than 150 new pieces of art and art reference. Just click on the clip art department and enjoy.

As we head into autumm, don't forget to pass along your favorite fonts, type and typography tricks or holiday promotion ideas... DTG readers want to hear YOUR stories!
NOTE Send us your holiday designs or promotion ideas and WIN
NOTE and we're still accepting your input for the Fall Fonts Festival... which continues through October!

And, once again you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

A Thought for September...

"Reading makes a full man,
    meditation a profound man,
      discourse a clear man."

          ~ Ben Franklin

PS: if you've made it this far, the Loading Dock address for September will be changed to "festival" on or around the 4th of September -- with lots of new additions for you to dig into. Just add the word "festival" after the last slash in www.graphic-design.com/

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