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DT&G Newsletter for October

Fonts Festival

Welcome new subscribers & Friends

Before getting into this month's content, I wanted to send a special welcome to all those who have subscribed or become active in the Design Center.

The 13th Annual Fall Fonts Festival

Welcome. The number 13 is not an unlucky number around here! It's merely the number between 12 and 14. But it's also very lucky for a number of DTG readers -- and could ultimately be lucky for YOU.

Type Shirts Aside from all this month's great content, I'd like to send you one of my favorites from the Design Bookshelf "Editors Choice" rack. I'll be selecting names all through October and November from the submissions on "The Design Survey" and "Holiday Promotions." and maybe I'll pick your name!

DTGees, TypeTees, mousepads & Mugs

Of course you don't have to be a winner to own a Fonts Festival collectable Tee or Mug. Remember you can purchase these and help support the Design Center all at the same time! Fonts Fest Tees here... DTGees: Type & Design Tees here

13th Annual Fall Fonts Fest Continues

Got Labels?

This month is also brought to you by the helpful folks out at OnlineLabels.com, and the discovery that when you need labels, you need labels, and sometimes it's really not that easy to figure out what to buy at the Staples or Office Max. OnlineLabels helps a lot. OnlineLabels helps a lot.

This month's WINNERS:

All of this month's contributors will win a free copy of Deke McClelland's latest training masterpiece Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One!

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Alex White: Design's Function & Typography

The leading expert on graphic design and typography, Alex White, shares words of wisdom on the function of design and how typography can be the most difficult component of the designer's tool box... A challenge for designers

Typographic Craftsmanship

We continue with an example from Alex White's latest book Advertising Design & Typography that demonstrates how the level of craftsmanship is magnified in display type. A superb example from Herb Lubalin gives us an undeniable lesson in Typographic Craftsmanship

Headline Design Tips & Tricks Tutorial

If you've been following our series on typography, hopefully you've already digested Alex White's Design's Function & Typography article and it's continued pages. I launch off that article, with the help of visual & editorial communications expert Ronnie Lipton, to investigate some powerful exercises for Designing Headline & Display Type

Painter To Photoshop & Back Again

Many Photoshop users think the word "Corel" is a thing of the past. However, those truly in the know will say Painter does it all. We do get a lot of questions about using the two together -- so we turned to the award-winning fine artist, designer and educator Cher Threinen-Pendarvis with her excellent tips for Using Painter with Photoshop

Advertising Design and Typography

If you think advertising design has lost its impact and gone flat, you're right. What graphic designers need today is a good juice in the arm to start thinking again and get to the powers of visual dynamics. Well, thank goodness, the Alex White is here to give you that juice in Advertising Design and Typography

Brown without the Blues

Joyce Dalman, a Print Broker with her own company Joyce Dalman Printing Services knows what it takes to deliver reliable color to her clients in Southern California. And if you're delivering brown for a client like UPS, it can't be just any brown. She knows how to build Brown without the Blues

Humanist Sans Serif: What is it?

Typography expert David Bergsland introduces you to the beauty and utility of a good Humanist sans-serif type face -- along with examples and comparison chart. PLUS: a special offer to buy two for about the price of one... Humanist Sans: what it is and why you need at least one!

What's My Font?

Author and Macintosh technical expert George M Engel -- with some rants, pet peeves, and favorite type faces -- and why (along with picture samples) as a continuation of last month's article. You can even download a whimsical font recommended by George in ... What's My Font

The Canadian (Type) Connection

Digital type design firm Canada Type joins the festival this year with lots of new font packages for Mac and PC, including some very cool retro fonts and specialty titling fonts; all from the penmanship of Patrick Griffin and Rebecca Alaccari who call themselves Canada Type

2007 Type Fonts from P22

P22 is one of the most prolific and prestigious foundries in the world, and this year was a bumper... from calligraphic Matador to medieval Vale and King's Fount to the Art Deco Obelysk Grotesk, and the extensive revival of Edward Johnston's Underground ... Go P22

Review: Marshall McLuhan ... Everyman's McLuhan

"McLuhan was right." said the Reporter, June 1976 -- You thought "Global Village" referred to the internet? Right? To know for sure, discover (or re-discover) Marshall McLuhan! Here's a visual treat -- everyone should experience Everyman's McLuhan

Design Pro or Freelancer?

Readers in the Graphic Design fields help us paint a picture of the Design Life by filling out our brief Design Pro / Freelancer Survey survey. You can help by sharing too! Follow along as DTG Readers share more reflections on the Design Life

The $40 Photoshop Tip

If you frequent Photoshop 911, you've probably already seen that I just spent forty bucks to let Adobe tell me how stupid I am. The story is too long to tell here ... but after paying them, and learning the secret tip I got forty-bucks of pleasure out of posting the whole trick at Photoshop 911. (Mac) So here'ya go:

It's FREE from Quark

Shortly after experiencing my forty-buck problem with Adobe, I opened a project in progress using Quark XPress and experienced a suspiciously similar problem. "OH NO! Here goes another forty bucks," I said. But thanks to Adobe's incessant Quark bashing, they have actually cleaned up their once bad reputation for support. . . I called them, got a human right away, and the problem was fixed in 30 seconds -- FREE. The person was actually pleasant! Thank you Adobe, and thank YOU Quark.

Mailbox: Adobe hijacks your photos

When you connect your camera to your computer, be careful that you check exactly where you want your files uploaded -- note the location when trying to access your photos. Unfortunately a substantial number of users have their photos put in an unknown directory. A reader writes:
> When I uploaded my photos unknown to me they went to
> Adobe Photoshop. Then I attempted to see the photos, I could not find them,
> When I opened Photoshop it says
>> "the trial has ended and you are no longer able to
>> use the program. To continue, register to unlock the software
>> and receive email from Adobe with Tips and Tricks, etc.."
> I clicked Register..it it said cannot find
> http//www online register.com...then "abnormal program termination".

If you lose a file on your computer, use the operating system's "FIND" function. In this user's case, the "recently updated" or "most recent" would probably find the lost photos. Adobe really didn't hijack the photos -- but Photoshop, Elements and iPhoto will grab the camera if configured so.

An important reason I always caution: "Never plug the camera in -- remove the card from the camera and use a card reader." There are ten other reasons I'll not go into here

Mailbag Complaints: Font Fest Surf

SC from Toronto writes in to say:
> You recently went looking for Photoshop tutorials, and
> I'm surprised that you never thought to look beyond Google.
> Quite honestly, even the best of the tutorials you've
> compiled are, as you say in your article, "bush league".
> Try searching deviantart.com for the phrase "photoshop tutorial"

We do look beyond Google. Anyway, we took SC's advice and searched Deviantart.com - not finding much. The site obviously wasn't designed for usability! However, thanks to SC, we did indeed find some superb typography entries and ideas. Try 'typography' in Deviantart.com

Site of the Month: Spot 10 differences in this type?

Jos Buivenga has some delicious fonts you can download for free, but more importantly, some rather intriguing content in his blog! I'll let you discover it on your own, but first, load this graphic. I could only find 6 differences. If you can find more, let me know.
NOTE Special thanks to Ressa who sent in this tip! We'll be sending you a little something, Ressa!
And, Check out Jos' digs at:

Cool Sighting: Better email photos...

Adam H from LA wrote in to say
> I read your article "Photos wrecked my email"
> and "How NOT to send photos in email" articles.
> Well said. :)
> here's a little web-based app that'll help people
> more easily follow your solid advice by resizing
> photos for them from right inside the browser.

Well said, yourself, Adam! Bravo -- it is a very cool tool indeed. Tell all those annoying friends who send huge photos prepare those photos the right way by going to: www.fluxtools.net

DO NOT MISS: Helvetica at 50

This is a visually interesting slide show of 50 original works about "Helvetica" www.candycollective.com

Never give up the COLOR

If you're wondering what color to make it, why not make it all colors! http://www.hel-looks.com

& ELSE... freebies and cool stuff

This month's &Else includes: Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One * Art Text * Buttons for Photoshop, Elements and Illustrator * CSS Tool * Custom shapes for Photoshop * Graphic Inspector * iWatermark * Kinko's and Adobe * Photoshop Lightroom Adventure * and a dozen others... ! &Else! <

October to November and the end of 2007

As we head toward the holidays, don't forget to pass along your favorite fonts, type and typography tricks or holiday promotion ideas... DTG readers want to hear YOUR stories!
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And, once again you've already wasted a perfectly good hour reading the DTG newsletter. Hopefully all is not wasted and you've gained at least one helpful tidbit of info

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
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A Thought for October...

"Society prefers somnambulism
    to awareness."

          ~ Marshall McLuhan

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