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DTG JULY : Fotos & Fractals

JULY: Photos, Fractals and more

When we invited people to send in their photos, we had expected a flood of snapshots from all over. We didn't get nearly as many entries as we hoped -- but out of the pile a number of true talents rose to the surface! We are thrilled to present the works of both Tracy Martin and Jerry Jividen in this month's issue, and next month we'll visit two more astounding studios. We love showing off the works of DTG readers, and continue to encourage you to send yours in.

We're also quite excited to learn all about the totally cool use of fractals in design! Special thanks to Pam Blackstone and Fractallicious for a series of articles on fractals!

WIN prizes for sharing your favorite shots

Here is your opportunity to show and tell DTG and Design Center readers about your photography, graphic design, illustration or image editing experience and skills!
      In July, we'll be showing DTG Reader's photos and art! Send in captions for the art you would like to submit -- be sure to include your web site address, and gallery along with keywords and description. Once we receive that, we may contact you to send the art. Then, DTG readers will really enjoy a field trip to your digital digs... Get your DTG Gallery folio NOW.

Our friends are your friends:

Welcome to the great folks out at Media Lab and their fantastic product SiteGrinder. This is a website creation Photoshop plug-in that converts your designs into standards compliant, CSS-rich webpages with a mouse click -- No coding required. We're proud they are supporting DTG this month, helping bring you high content at low noise! Check out SiteGrinder

July DTG Contents

  1. Designers discover fractallicious fractals!
  2. Photo Folio: Tracy Martin
  3. Photo Folio: Jividen photos save wildlife
  4. Digital Photo depth of field - focus fall-off
  5. Chrome : Photoshop Path Styling
  6. Serif DTP Software comes to the U.S.
  7. Email chains: Check first, click later
  8. Photo-realistic digital frames
  9. Web Design & Reviews new site critiques
  10. Call for Speakers
  11. Photoshop 911 forum topics
  12. Site of the month: Kyle Mueller
  13. Mail Bag: Angry graphic designers
  14. Mail Bag: Retouch with Liquify
  15. Photoshop Goodies: ObsidianDawn.com
  16. Publishers: New copyright technology
  17. Creative Suite 3.3
  18. New DTP program for Mac users
  19. NEXT MONTH: Back to (DESIGN) Education

Designers discover fractallicious fractals!

In the DTG Graphics department, creative digital artist Pam Blackstone specializes in fractal art and begins a series of articles to introduce you to the design possibilities found in the wonderful, colorful, amazing world of fractals. So get ready for some eye-popping good fun with fractals that are Fractallicious!

Photo Folio: Tracy Martin

It's always a pleasure to visit DTG readers and their portfolios -- and sometimes, maybe one out of every so many hundreds of entries, along comes one with true vision. When we looked at Tracy's images were then frozen to the moment. You must experience the Photo Folio of: Tracy Martin

Photo Folio: Jividen photos save wildlife

Jerry's folio submission arrived and we immediately took a little trip over to his photo site where we found a huge diversity of great shots... but the story in this post is saving wildlife through photography! Jerry Jividen: photos save wildlife

Digital Photo depth of field - focus fall-off

In this free Photoshop tutorial we demonstrate the ease of gradient masks, layer masks and blurring to save a one-time-only photograph for a web page. We also utilize the cool photo filter to finish this shot with Depth of Field or Focus Fall-Off

Chrome : Photoshop Path Styling

Our quest for the perfect chrome never really went away. But we really came close here! You need to check out the WOW stuff you can do with Path Styler Pro -- the powerful styling plug-in for Photoshop makes stunning filter effects with a simple click or two... Check out this chrome

Serif DTP Software comes to the U.S.

Serif is bringing its four award-winning desktop publishing, design and graphics software products to the U.S. market! Now, American graphic designers can take advantage of these powerful design tools -- PagePlus X3, WebPlus X2, PhotoPlus X2 and DrawPlus X2.

Email chains: Check first, click later

60-Second Window: Fred received another email chain letter, and rather than just deleting it, he did a little research and then responded to the email addresses in the chain. Why? First, to set the record straight, and second, to express my disdain for email chains ... here's what he said

Photo-realistic digital frames

ImageFramer custom image framing utility for Mac OS X makes it easy to apply photo-realistic frames to digital images, drawings or any original artwork. Users can add single frames (with multiple mats), watermarks, batch process and more ... Just Frame It

Web Design & Reviews new site critiques

This month's Web Design Review forum looks at more than 60 web sites for readers, with hundreds of tips and insights ... we'll see everything from the Hyperstellar site to a total remake discussion of the Sending Love site. You'll see beginners' personal sites, my beloved angels site, and get reflections on how to improve delivery, as well as a quick lesson in site validation for a 3D modeling site.. It all happens in the Web Design Critique department of the Design Cafe

Call for Speakers

Graphics of the Americas 2009 is opening its call for speakers to participate in the 34th annual event being held February 26-28, 2009 at the Miami Beach Convention Center -- creatives are invited to participate...

Photoshop 911 forum topics

We've had several hundred new members in the past few months, and discussions are getting a lot of help to a lot of new users ... from colour to black/white ; Problems with Image Processor ; CS3 Brushes ; help with transparency ; JPEGs opening in landscape ; Removing Colours from jpeg ; corrupt files ; CS2 not saving EPS as JPG ; and even simulating dymo tape! If you're not a member yet, you may be missing some valuable help from all the pros in the Photoshop 911 Forum

Site of the month: Kyle Mueller

Kile sent in an inquiry about a proposed article for DTG -- which we plan to run -- and in the process of researching his site we see a lot of very special design work. This inspiration for all creatives displays some exciting typography integration into design. Just click your way through this graphic design portfolio

Mail Bag: Angry graphic designers

Last month we ran a story about a web site called CrowdSpring (?). More than a few readers took offense at that posting. Almost all of them referred me to the "No-Spec.com" web site. I had to laugh because back in late 2005 our good friend Kat Morley and I had many discussions about starting the "No-Spec.com" web site, and the anti-spec movement among designers. It was not a new idea -- having heard 'no-spec' issues since the early 1970s. I supported and endorsed the site and the movement.

We do not condone nor endorse purely "spec" work because it takes jobs away from legitimate design professionals. However, I did approve to run the CrowdSpring article because there are practical applications for that genre, and times when it provides a spring-board for young talent. "To every thing there is a purpose." www.no-spec.com

Mail Bag: Retouch with Liquify

Matt Kloskowski sent in this video where he demonstrates using the Liquify filter to remove a potential distraction from your photo -- the Liquify filter is as easy to use as a simple brush -- but be careful. Check it out.

Photoshop Goodies: ObsidianDawn.com

In 2005, our Photoshop Madness column carried a piece about Obsidian last year -- but when we decided to visit the site again, we were surprised! Obsidian has a completely redesigned site with lots and lots more Photoshop Goodies. There's now even a great, low-stress, low-noise tutorials section about Photoshop Brushes! Boy are we thankful we checked those links again... of course, you will be too

Publishers: New copyright technology

The U.S. Copyright Office released new technology to process applications online - eCO and "Form CO" with 2-D Barcode Technology : translation: lower filing fee of $35 for a basic claim -- fastest processing time!

Creative Suite 3.3

Yes, it's yet another upgrade for the Adobe Creative Suite! What? Haven't upgraded to CS2 yet? CS3? Now's the time. Creative Suite 3.3 now incorporates Acrobat 9 Pro

New DTP program for Mac users

With all the hubbub over SERIF (mentioned earlier) some Mac users may overlook iCalamus. It's a ndw multi-lingual, frame-oriented desktop publishing solution for Mac OS X -- offering an easy approach to desktop publishing DTP

NEXT MONTH: Back to (DESIGN) Education

yes, it's our annual back to school edition where we focus on a world of online learning opportunities from freebie training to full-scale diplomas and certifications available. We'll also see more reader sites and folios, along with more great Photoshop and graphic design tips and tricks.

The Publishers' Warehouse is open and they've added several hundred new clip art images, fonts, and other stuff for your downloading pleasure. Stop in. If you don't know the directions, you can just ask

For now, have a great time in the July DTG

Don't forget to stay in touch, and thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

A Thought for July is about freedom...

The cost of freedom is always high,
      but Americans have always paid it.
        And one path we shall never choose,
          is the path of surrender, or submission.
              -- John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

PS: if you've made it this far, excellent! The folks at the Publishers Warehouse are telling us that they have sailed away to Bimini! Will be there the first week of August for the opening of Lobster week! So we'll chase them down at "bimini".

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