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Fonts Typography and Type Festival

WIN prizes for sharing your favorite FONTS

Fonts Festival Yes, it's happened each year for the past 13 years, and it is happening again for the 14th! Here is your opportunity to share your favorite fonts, or fonts treatment with DTG and Design Center readers -- and at the same time, get in line for some pretty cool prizes
      In October, we'll be showing your favorites! If you love fonts, hate fonts, make fonts or abuse fonts, we want to hear from you. Pour your thoughts into the creative mill and we'll all have a great time!... Got fonts? Get Famous.

Table of contents:

  1. 14th Annual Fall Fonts Festival
  2. Fred's Famous Fonts Surf for 2008
  3. 2008 Font Resources of Note
  4. Type faces speak to your readers
  5. Fractals Part 3 : Using a Fractal Effectively in Your Design
  6. Timothy Donaldson ... luscious fonts with a brush
  7. Neville Brody: Modern-day typography superstar
  8. Live Typography in Illustrator Patterns?
  9. Auntie Pat: extraordinary script from David Bergsland
  10. Typographics Part 2
  11. Bodoni Open: elegant beauty of rhythm of form
  12. Text becomes art, photos become text
  13. 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes
  14. Make your photos FUN
  15. TypeBook Creator: make cool font books
  16. &ELSE... freebies and cool stuff
  17. Mailbag: Naming the Tahoma Font
  18. Mailbag: Hed Kandi Vector Drawings
  19. Site of the Month: Bram Timmer
  20. Here we are... then the Holidays

Fred's Famous Fonts Surf for 2008

In this year's surf we'll design some cool stuff with typography, introduce you to Linotype's Font Explorer; see how to prune excess fonts in OS X; check out a series of very cool tutorials, visit a Free Grungy Font Resource and look in on the foundries of some very special font creators. Oh, and all along the way, we'll see some fun and unique fonts! So join me for the 2008 Fall Fonts Surf, Part 1

2008 Font Resources of Note

...from some extensive typography and fonts research, I'll share some surfing and testing I've done regarding font tools including: FontVista * Charmas * FontCard * FontForge * Font Finagler * Art Text... and some tutorials on working with type and typography. You can never have enough type and fonts tools, so enjoy these Font & Typography Resources

Type faces speak to your readers

... delivers the visual message -- The next article in our series on publication design deals with selecting typography, type faces or fonts that evoke the theme, emotion, and personality of the message. All publications are aimed at a specific target readership -- it's the designer's challenge to purvey and reinforce the message to that readership using the best Type faces that speak to your readers

Fractals Part 3 : Using a Fractal Effectively in Your Design

Fractals can be the graphic designers' best friend! In part 3 of this series, creative digital artist Pam Blackstone talks about the unique possibilities of fractals for print materials, web design, book and magazine illustration, product packaging, fabric and textile design, industrial design, merchandising, and more. These colorful creations can be very effective design solutions

Timothy Donaldson ... luscious fonts with a brush

When he was two years old, Tim Donaldson amazed his parents by being able to name each of the ships that passed by his home on the Manchester Ship Canal, near Manchester, England. Today, this heightened awareness of minute details provides his insight into creating luscious letterforms and calligraphic typography like his Humana and Neo Neo fonts.

Neville Brody: Modern-day typography superstar

Here we visit the works of British designer, art director and leading-edge font designer of the ultra-quality fonts from Linotype Foundry :: Insignia: hip, cutting-edge sans with an attitude :: Industria: multi-purpose, killer condensed sans :: Arcadia: Art Deco styling, ultra-urban :: Neville Brody: Modern-day typography superstar

Live Typography in Illustrator Patterns?

Picture this: you've built a great pattern using letters or typography in Illustrator, and the client calls to update the text! OH NO! You'll have to start over. Not if you get plug-in for simultaneous interactive editing of multiple objects in this fantastic new plug-in Artlandia LivePresets for Adobe Illustrator

Auntie Pat: extraordinary script from David Bergsland

Typography expert David Bergsland introduces you his latest masterpiece, the Open Type Pro script Auntie Pat. We call this a humanist italic that behaves like a script -- but hidden under the Gliphs palette, you'll find riches! ... ladies and gentlemen, meet Auntie Pat Script

Typographics Part 2

Last year we introduced video into the Fall Fonts Festival and it was so well received we decided to do it again! So, here's another stunning line-up of great videos produced around the topic of type, typography and fonts -- including a special documentary featuring Steven Heller, and a superb presentation on letterpress printing. Hope you enjoy this years Typographics Part 2

Bodoni Open: elegant beauty of rhythm of form

Little did Giovanni Battista Bodoni know that when he chiseled his first font that it would become a timeless classic which would endure all time. To understand why Bodoni has been called the "father of modern typefaces" we revisit the many splendid uses of the elegant typeface Bodoni Open

Text becomes art, photos become text

We told you about ArText several years ago and now Simon Leung of ArText is back with art he specifically created for the 14th Annual Fonts Festival. He's been working on the software and now it offers some awesome new capabilities to use random Freestyle typography when generating art based on your digital photos! Fantastic! See the spectacular workings converting photos to text with Artext

101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes

Yes, Deke goes into show biz -- with his wacky Photoshop tips-fest portends more good times ahead -- this instructive series of video podcasts promises to be uncensored, unregulated, and frankly unlike any other videos on the topics of computer graphics -- Can he do it? 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 Minutes

Make your photos FUN

Funtastic Photos could possibly be the most fun and most capable photo editor to come along for the Mac. The 1-Click Styles function creates stunning effects that would take hours in Photoshop or Elements. More importantly it has at least two of the most asked-for image editing techniques: tile-photo-montages and multiple image print layouts. Funtastic Photos

TypeBook Creator: make cool font books

Veenix sent in this little fonts utility for Mac users and we immediately started making type books. The TypeBook Creator allows you to create and print type specimen books of your entire font collection -- it even categorizes types according to styles -- then prints from an assortment of layouts. We think you're going to like TypeBook CreatorTypeBook Creator

&ELSE... freebies and cool stuff

This month's &Else includes: * Batch image and photo editor * Tiled Poster printing * Creating Presentations * Digital Image Processing for Leopard * Photo presentations * Geotagging for Aperture * Lightwave plug-in for Poser Pro * Graphics Screen Editor * Canvastic for Kid Publishing * Free iMedia Browser ... and a dozen others! News, Reviews &Else!

Mailbag: Naming the Tahoma Font

A.D. from Kirkland, WA, USA wrote in to clarify a bit of history about the font TAHOMA... he writes:
Mt. Tahoma (aka Mt. Tacoma, and officialy known as Mt. Rainier) in Washington State is the second tallest mountain in the contiguous 48 states -- and it's a breathtaking sight.

It's also just 50 miles south of Redmond, WA, and its actually visible from most parts of Redmond. And I assume this is where Matthew Carter and Tom Rickner created the Tahoma font.

So coming to the point -- I wonder if Mt. Rainier's original Native American name was the inspiration for naming Tahoma -- which as a font is now as irrevocably a part of the history of computers, as it is a work of art. It would be a shame if this little piece of trivia were lost in time!

Go for it: Tahoma | Picture | Mt. Tahoma Picture | all about Mount Tahoma

Mailbag: Hed Kandi Vector Drawings

An anonymous reader sent this link, writing:
"Can you believe these are all vector drawings"

While the site is one of those you just can't seem to understand, and while there were no credits or contacts of any kind, we thought the art merits a quick look. We did a bit more research to find "Hed Kandi" a record producer with no links or leads as to who actually creates this art. You may also want to search YouTube for "Hed Kandi" as well. Here's the image the writer sent in ... this vector drawing ... and here's a link to another gallery:

Site of the Month: Bram Timmer

Bram is a self employed freelancer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, using a Mac Pro / Macbook Pro: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. Bram writes:
> I love my job.
> The only thing I would change is my own thoughts about
> how good or bad something is and measure up to myself on
> art projects rather than outside influences and web portals, etc.

Visit Bram at his folio site -- see how long it takes you to figure out how it works! www.beside.ca

Photoshop 911 Celebrities

You just never know who is going to show up in the Photoshop 911 forums. Interestingly enough, the REAL gurus do frequent the forum -- but they seldom post. They're snooping for content ideas! Well, one shining star showed up the other day, and we're thrilled to see Tim Shelbourne actually posting! (You've read Tim's masterful Photoshop articles in DTG in the past, and he's authored a whole pile of books on image editing and Photoshop!)

So, If you're not a member yet, you may be missing some valuable help from all the pros in the Photoshop 911 Forum

Here we are... then the Holidays

Amazingly, a number of readers have started following my life on FaceBook, Twitter, Ning, Delicious and others, and have asked why I use the "Here we are" theme in my photo albums. So, I'll share it with all of you:
The immortal words of the song "Here We Are" sort of symbolizes the emotion that life is good, we keep on discovering new things, and after 20 years online, and the 14th Annual Fonts Festival, who would have thought this game, this flame would still be burning? But here we are!

In October we continue our 14th annual Fall Fonts Fest -- if you've got favorite fonts, type, typography, or even sites that are good for type and typography, you should get in touch! We'll also be giving away lots of goodies for the best reader input, so get yours in today!

The Publishers' Warehouse is open and they've added several hundred new clip art images, fonts, and other stuff for your downloading pleasure. Stop in. If you don't know the directions, you can just ask

For now, have a great time in the September DTG ... Don't forget to stay in touch, and we hope to see your type

thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

A Thought for September is about political candidates...

      "Political Candidates are like cross-eyed javelin throwers:
          they don't win many accuracy contests,
          but they sure keep the crowd's attention.

PS: if you've made it this far, excellent! The Publishers Warehouse have been very busy in London this month, birthplace of one of our featured type designers this month. That's london. hover
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