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DT&G Newsletter for JULY, 2009

July has arrived and everyone's off to some distant destination... or maybe you just got back, or maybe you're just getting ready to go! Don't forget to take your camera, and grab some shots for us!
This month we've got a grab-bag of interesting insights for designers and publishers, so enjoy July!

PORTFOLIO: What's yours is NOT theirs

Noted author Susan Kirkland often gets email from somebody who's being hassled by a previous client or employer. They are demanding that some piece of artwork be removed from the designer's website because it was done either as an employee, a work for hire or just because they think they can make the demand. This article clears up who owns what and how to handle those requests.

Writing future history

Fred Showker talks about future history and notes a remarkable new publication called MEMOIR] Fred Showker talks about future history and notes a remarkable new publication called MEMOIR (AND) from a nonprofit literary organization dedicated to memoir in many forms - prose, poetry, narrative photography and graphic memoirs -- which in turn Writes Future History

60-Seconds: Future History at Risk

Fred reflects on old photographs and preserving today's history for tomorrow's generations. Do you shoot digital photos? How will future generations view you? Today's storage and media will probably not last -- putting our future history in jeopardy.

July Photoshop Madness... more photo help, freebies and more

In this issue you get * Cropping and Scaling like a pro * Bert Monroy... undisputed master of Photoshop * Correcting Lens Distortion with Photoshop * Creative Doodles Photoshop Brushes * Free Stock Textures * Double Processing in Camera Raw * Color Correction for Photographers * and... Just for Laughs: Free Twitter icons! We'll also show you how to Get a FREE PHOTOSHOP BOOK just for sharing your own Photoshop Madness discoveries... join us for Photoshop Madness

Photoshop tutorial: Crop to Size

A very frequent querry from Photoshop Madness and Photoshop 911 readers concerns resizing photos, and getting them to fit a standard frame size like 5x7", 8x10" or 11x14". It's up to you to do the brain work, but here's the tip for Cropping Photos To Specific Frame Sizes. Cropping Photos To Specific Frame Sizes.

Photoshop tutorial: Crop and keep aspect ratio

Part two of our cropping tutorials -- when you need to crop a photo, but keep the aspect ratio the same. You may even want to scale the photo, right? Well, without looking, here's how to Keep Aspect Ratio while Croppping

Do Good Design

here's a provocative book that explains why the largest crises we are facing today have design at their core. Author, David B. Berman says: Design Can Change is an initiative that helps designers make the environment a bigger priority while uncovering ways to combat climate change... so, Do Good Design

60-Seconds: Who will own the internet?

Speaking of doing good... The unquenchable greed for personal gain has blinded the internet community from the brutal reality that an unregulated internet is chaos. If the U.S. government looses control of the internet we're all in for a big surprise. Who will own the internet?

Live Illustrator Patterns

If you use Adobe Illustrator, and have a taste for patterns, the new SymmetryWorks 5 is for you -- it significantly simplifies the creation of repeat patterns the popular pattern design plug-in for Adobe Illustrator New Version of Artlandia SymmetryWorks

Nikon D700 Guide

Summer photos? Learn your camera RIGHT! Mastering the Nikon D700 provides a wealth of information and professional insights for owners of this powerful new camera. Each chapter explores the features and capabilities of the D700 in detail

FontAgent now Bundles Open Type Fonts

Insider Software and Bitstream have partnered to bring a bundle of professional OpenType fonts for Macintosh and Windows. The collection contains well-defined kerning pairs, full Character Sets,and reliable metadata, and includes book and text fonts, creative and display fonts, script and handwriting fonts, mono-width fonts and symbol and dingbat fonts. Check it out

Illustrator 3D Folding

Strata Enfold 3D CX allows users to create professional folded 3D designs within Adobe Illustrator. Users can utilise linked Photoshop graphics applied to 2D Illustrator artwork, define die-cut lines and folding scores, and then see it in 3D within Illustrator

Shaderlight rendering plug-in

When we saw some of the results of this new program we were impressed. ArtVPS Shaderlight 0.1, interactive Shaderlight rendering plug-in for 3ds Max, delivers significant productivity and creativity improvements over traditional ray-trace rendering engines Shaderlight rendering plug-in

Top Level Domains - ICANN pushes forward

The Second Interim Report of the Board Review Working Group has been presented and ICANN appears to be moving forward to offer huge range of new top level domains -- allow almost any string of letters to be used for a global gTLD! This and other news from the world of internet DNS

The Dark Side of Social Networking

When it comes to social networking, it's not what you know, or even who you know, it's who knows you. ZATZ Publishing, in partnership with FrontLine Security Magazine has released David Gewirtz's latest Special Report, The Dark Side of Social Networking

Mailbag: Web site Critiques?

A reader wrote in to ask if we 'publish' web site critiques that have been contracted.

The answer is NO. We do NOT publish paid critiques -- however, if it is a particularly helpful critique, that we feel will benefit other readers, we will ask the owner's permission to publish. Only upon approval do we publish. (Learn about our critiques)

Mailbag: What of past archive posts?

This issue has come up more than just a few times, and it seems to come up with people who are 'unhappy' with an article rather than happy readers.

The mail in point is from an individual who was cited in an article a few years back on spam and stock pump-and-dump schemes. The individual had sent stock "tips" spam, and the spamvertised web site had appeared in more than a few spams recommending pump-and-dump stocks. The request was to remove the name from the article because they are no longer under investigation by the SEC.

So, here's the question:
When is it allowable to go back several years and CHANGE an article that has become part of recorded history?

There are obviously two sides to this issue, and both are valid to a point. The underlying issue however is how far should web site owners go to 'change' articles from the past? And, if that becomes a commonly accepted practice, does that not betray some inherent principals of journalism. I welcome your input on this issue.

Mailbag: Designers' Legal Templates

We quite often get requests for templates for contracts and other legal documents for graphic designers. Sessions offers a collection of forms originally provided by Jason Vaughn of CreativePublic. You might find: these of use in your practice

Web Site of the Month: Vector Stock

Thanks to GR, a design professional from Somerville, MA, USA for sending in our site of the month for July...
VectorStock offers some pretty stylish vector files for the downloading. The files best value is their adaptability -- since they are vectors they are ultimately editable. The only real snag is you'll need to register and set up an account. www.vectorstock.com

&ELSE... freebies and cool stuff

This month's &Else includes: * Copyright Fees Changing * $90M Text Spam Suit * Court Tests Fair Use * Android Application Development * Sandvox Website Creator Updated * iPhone Development Opportunities * Password Fatigue * Shareware publishing power * Invoicing on the Mac OS X * Keep Your Word upgraded ... and a dozen others! News, Reviews &Else!

July opens the door for August

Well, before leaving this issue -- note that we did get a whole pile of great references to good web sites, as well as some feedback and suggestions for the next Design Center site. Thank you all -- some real prize winners amongst you -- and we'll be spotlighting many of the best posts in the August issue.

This month we ask your opinion of good design books. We know you keep up on your reading to make yourself a better designer, right? So refer us to your favorite design books!

Enjoy this month's newsletter, and have a great July.
Go forth and be creative, and don't forget to write!

thanks for reading...

Fred Showker
Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor / Publisher, DT&G Magazine

Thoughts for July:

  "Conformity is the jailer of freedom
      and the enemy of growth."

          John F. Kennedy

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