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Data Publishing in Adobe Illustrator CS

Rick Ralston, Zumedia.com

Zumedia software has announced the release of Automata 1.5, bringing Variable Data Publishing (VDP) to Adobe Illustrator. Automata 1.5 combines the creativity of Adobe Illustrator, the power of databases and the speed of automation to generate multiple files based on a template that can be either printed or saved - at up to 1500 fph (files per hour).

By merging an Illustrator file (containing place holders) with a data source (typically a text file containing content information) you can print the files to any printer or save in any or all of seven file formats (Adobe Illustrator, PDF, EPS, JPG, GIF, Photoshop layered files and even Flash animations).

"It's amazing to watch Automata automatically build file after file before your eyes at up to and well over 100 times faster than you can do it manually," said Rick Ralston, president of zumedia software. "Take, for instance, a medium to large business card project. Previously you would build the business card template, get the design approved and then start the long process of manually entering content information and saving and/or printing each person's card. It will probably take you hours if not days and is highly prone to human error. With Automata you build the template file, get it approved and then go get a cup of coffee while it automatically cranks them all out for you. Quickly, accurately and eficiently."

The benefits are

Automata 1.5 frees you to devote yourself to more creative and profitable things.

Pricing & Availability

zumedia software automates the production side of graphic design by developing tools that free people to pursue those things that ignited their imagination in the first place.

Adobe and Illustrator are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Flash is a trademark of Macromedia, Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia � April 25, 2005


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