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Stock Layouts for CorelDRAW

for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite versions 9 through 12

StockLayouts LLC has rolled out a CorelDRAW version of its library of agency-quality graphic design templates for creating high impact print marketing materials. Created for users of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite versions 9 through 12, this release delivers an outstanding graphic design template resource for CorelDRAW users.

Intended for graphic designers and business publishers in search of design ideas and fast solutions, the templates provide a time- and money-saving answer for producing professional-looking brochures, newsletters, flyers, postcards, ads, business cards, letterheads and more.

The royalty-free templates include pre-designed layouts, high resolution stock photos, original artwork, pleasing color palettes, and copy content.

The complete, ready-to-go designs are produced to exacting technical standards suitable for both commercial offset printing and in-office printing. Users are able to make as few or as many edits to their layout as they like by adding text, changing colors and fonts, exchanging or resizing photos and graphic elements.

Created and produced by award-winning graphic designers, the StockLayouts continually growing library of designs offers a broad selection of design styles and creative content for a variety of business types.

"We are pleased to make available our design library to CorelDRAW users," said Tami Cooper, StockLayouts President and CEO, "Our cost-saving templates are easily edited using the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite which includes illustration, page layout and digital imaging software."

Nick Davies, General Manager Graphics for Corel says, "The StockLayouts library is a great design resource for our customers, giving them access to additional templates for creating professional-quality marketing materials. We're pleased that CorelDRAW users have a new source of design inspiration."

Users have 24-hour, immediate access to the StockLayouts design library, where they can search out, purchase and download a template in a matter of minutes.

The StockLayouts design library

StockLayouts' templates for CorelDRAW are available as individual downloads or as value-bundled collections on CDs. Online CDs, packed with hundreds of layouts, photos and artwork, are priced at $299 for Industry Editions and $499 for Master Collections ($519 for Physical CDs). Individual templates, which are priced from $39 for stationery sets to $149 for brochures and newsletters, are discounted by 20% when purchasing two templates and 30% when purchasing three or more.

The StockLayouts design library is also available in a choice of QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Publisher file formats for Mac and PC. The Company also provides a lower-priced alternative Desktop Printing version for in-house publishers using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.


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