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2005 Horizon Interactive Awards

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The industry's best interactive media solutions are highlighted in the 4 th annual international competition. Indianapolis, IN USA - April 1, 2005 - The Horizon Interactive Awards, a leading international interactive media awards competition, announced the 2005 award winners.

The annual international competition recognized excellence in interactive media production among multi-media developers worldwide. The competition received hundreds of entries from 15 countries including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and nearly all 50 US states. A panel of judges, who consisted of various industry professionals with diverse backgrounds, evaluated 11 different categories.

The 2005 award winning entries showcase the best developed web sites, cd-roms, dvds, audio, video, kiosks, video games and other interactive media.

Here are just a few of the winners...

CD Rom - Zoo Vetzooland

VIDEO GAME - BEST OF CATEGORY - Legacy Interactive, Inc, United States
      JUDGES COMMENTS: The zoo vet is as fun as it is educational. For kids of all ages, this game will keep them learning and having fun at the same time. It combines a simple interface with great animation and provides a great deal of information about animals as well as what real vets might go through dealing with a wide variety of animals.

Entertainment DVD - Broken SaintsBEST

BEST OF SHOW: Broken Saints is a 4 DVD graphic animated novel. The 12 hour fantasy-horror epic blends anime style, comic book text, cinematic effects and music for a story telling like no other. Budget Monks Productions, North Vancouver BC, CANADA

Shadowland Studios Web Site

      JUDGES COMMENTS: - As Shadowland Studios increasingly took on larger and higher profile clients, it became apparent that our website needed a fresh and more creative interface... The contrast between the old time music and design coupled with new technology is well executed. The site has clever navigation, great visuals and well organized content. It is truly unique and not over the top!
      - Fun and creative. It provides a little diversion from the normal information-gathering aspect of the web. Humorous and playful while at the sametime showcasing their style and abilities.

Code and Theory - website

FLASH BEST OF CATEGORY - Style Wars Website, United States - The challenge was to design a site that would both capture the youthful creativity and exploding hip hop subculture of the 1980s as well as promote the re-release of the legendary hip-hop documentary Style Wars.
      JUDGES COMMENTS: - Wow! An amazingly fun and originally designed site. Very well suited to the subject matter. - It functionally uses flash to deliver content in a vivid and engaging way without getting in the way. The flash use is subtle but very effective and breaks the boundries of the traditionally vertical web page layout. This is the perfect blend between animation, content, audio/video, and art.


Public Service: United States - website Coping with Chemo WebsiteThe site and animated webisodes are intended to help tweens@teens understand the physical, emotional & Social impact of chemotherapy treatment...
      JUDGES COMMENTS: - Nice & simply designed site that does a good job at appealing to the audience without going overboard with flash or splash.

Emerald of CaliforniaEMERALD

CONSUMER INFORMATION - BEST OF CATEGORY - Access Communications, United States - website
      Emerald of California - Emeraldnuts.com is the homepage for Emerald of California, Diamond of California's edgy new snack nut line. This creative solution is a real attention getter -- watch the mechanical hand flip the spinner to arrive on the home page. (Broadband only!)

Mercy and Justice Shall Meet CD Rom

EDUEDUCATION / TRAINING - BEST OF CATEGORY, Fraynework Multimedia, Australia - website
      The Sisters of Mercy are the largest English speaking Congregation of Religious women in the world who use their social capital on behalf of persons who are poor, sick and ignorant.The CD-ROM Mercy and Justice Shall Meet is designed to share their story...
      JUDGES COMMENTS: The Mercy & Justice CD ROm was just amazing. It was just a very beautifully done piece, on all sorts of levels. The design/graphics were very tight, detailed and lucious. Then the audio and video included in it (and there was a lot) just worked and looked so well. Mercy and Justice Shall Meet CD Rom

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Horizon Interactive Awards

For more information visit the Horizon Interactive Awards at www.horizoninteractiveawards.com. -- -- -- For more information about the Horizon Interactive Awards, please contact Mike Sauce Horizon Interactive Awards, llc. PO Box 6076 Fishers, Indiana 46038 mike [at] horizoninteractiveawards.com or call 317.443.8237


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