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Cleanup brings Greater Security to Tiger

Providing Protection And Full Tiger Support

Allume Systems has announced Internet Cleanup 3.0 for Macintosh, the latest version of the popular privacy tool that protects users from unscrupulous monitoring of their private information.

With Cleanup 3.0, users can now schedule a cleaning of forms' auto-fill data, e-mail attachments, instant messaging log files, web files, and more. In addition, Internet Cleanup 3.0 offers protection from Spyware, provides secure file deletion, monitors transmissions of data over the Internet and browser cookie management.

"Internet Cleanup 3.0 is designed to make it easy to protect the users' privacy," said Pauline Shumake, Senior Product Manager of Allume Systems, Inc. "It has been redesigned to make cleaning out junk files fast and easy. It places more power and control in the User's hands than ever before. Users can schedule automatic cleanings and run simultaneous tasks which makes maintaining their privacy a breeze!"

New Features

Internet Cleanup 3.0 contains a powerful array of features for Mac users:

The New Internet File Finder Tool Now Adds:

NEW! RUN MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS AT THE SAME - Internet Cleanup 3.0's multi-threaded implementation allows users to conduct multiple tasks without having to wait for searches or other time-consuming operations to complete. Users can see the progress of all searches and tasks in the activity viewer window.

NEW! MORE CLEANING OPTIONS - Internet Cleanup 3.0 adds two new cleaning actions: Move To Trash and Move To Folder.

NEW! IT'S NOT ALL OR NOTHING ANYMORE - Internet Cleanup 3.0 now allows cleaning actions to be applied to individual files returned by searches.

UPDATED! SAFEGUARD IM PRIVACY - Instant Messenger Log Cleaner finds and deletes instant messaging chat logs for major IM applications to keep conversations private.

UPDATED! DETECT THE LATEST SPYWARE - SpyAlert scans the computer for evidence of surveillance Spyware and safely removes it.

PROTECT AGAINST SECRET MONITORING - Network SpyAlert immediately stops programs from sending data to the Internet without the user's permission.

BLOCK WEB - BASED SPIES- NetBlockade blocks unwanted cookies, ads, pop-ups as well as URL referrers that tell websites about the previous web page a user visited.

ELIMINATE DISTRACTING POP-UPS AND BANNERS - NetBlockade accelerates web surfing by blocking annoying banner ads and pop-up and pop-under windows.

SHRED CONFIDENTIAL FILES SECURELY - SecureDelete acts like a digital document shredder, completely removing private files so they cannot be recovered from a hard disk, even with special disk recovery tools.

KEEP YOUR SURFING HABITS PRIVATE - Internet Cleanup 3.0 clears away hidden files that show outsiders which Web pages, sites, and images were viewed. It can automatically delete unwanted cookies and protect the cookies you do want.

Pricing and Availability

The MSRP for Internet Cleanup 3.0 is $29.99, available directly from Allume and popular retailers and catalogs. Internet Cleanup Mac users can upgrade for $14.99
Download a Free trial version

System Requirements: Internet Cleanup 3.0 works on Mac OS 10.3. or higher and requires 8 MB RAM.


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