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Safe Eyes comes to the Mac

Top-Rated Internet Filter for Windows Now Also Available for Mac Tiger

PC-using families and business have long appreciated what a leading product-testing organization recently concluded: Safe Eyes is the No. 1 Internet Filter available. Unwanted sites, content, popup windows, and chat rooms can all be filtered by this flexible tool.

Now, Safe Eyes 2005 Mac Edition becomes the first world-class filtering software for Macs.

"Requests from Mac users are the reason we have released this product today," says Shane Kenny, President of SafeBrowse.com, Inc. "In the last six months, the requests for a Mac product have doubled. We took a good look at the market and found a real lack of products in this area, so we built a world-class filter for Mac users." And a great one at that!

Safe Eyes 2005 Mac Edition

Safe Eyes 2005 Mac Edition contains the same powerful features as the recently honored Windows version. That means having complete control over the material you wish to exclude, with 35 different categories from which to choose. Separate filtering profiles can be created for each person using the computer.

In another Internet filtering first, the Windows and Mac editions can be used interchangeably. When a user logs in on a Mac or a PC, their settings follow them � making it unnecessary to reconfigure the software on either computer. This is beneficial for people or businesses with both Mac and Windows computers.

"When you buy Safe Eyes you get an account that allows you to use either the PC or Mac client software � or both � with that account," says Aaron Kenny, cofounder and Vice President of SafeBrowse. "With a single account, Safe Eyes can be installed on up to three computers, with any mix of Mac and PC."

The release of Mac�s Tiger earlier this year helped bring Safe Eyes 2005 Mac Edition to market. With supporting plug-ins, the latest version of OSX made this product feasible from a technical standpoint.

Safe Eyes 2005 Mac Edition has been tested "on a wide range of hardware including iBook, eMac, PowerMac, PowerBook, Mini, and Cube, and on G3, G4, G5, and Dual G5 platforms," Aaron Kenny says.

"In addition to the beta tests, SafcBrowse.com has several types of automated tests that also determine the product�s reliability. We also install and use the product in our daily work, so show-stopping issues and concerns are found extremely fast because they get right in our face."

Available for OSX 10.4 and higher, Safe Eyes 2005 Mac Edition is available directly from SafeBrowse.com at www.safeeyes.com. Users can experience the $49.95 product for free for 15 days. And with Safe Eyes 2005, there are no monthly or annual fees.

SafeBrowse.com, Inc. is an Internet-technology company specializing in the development of Internet-security products that benefit and protect families, businesses, schools, and libraries. Founded in 1999, SafeBrowse.com is a pioneering industry leader: Safe Eyes 2005 was selected as the No. 1 filtering product in independent testing by a leading publication; Safe Eyes for Mac is the first world-class filter for Mac users; and its Flexible Filtering quickly became an industry standard. For more information, go to www.safebrowse.com or www.safeeyes.com.


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