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PhotoProto Transform Photoshop Artwork

for designers who build interactive devices and custom GUIs.

Displays are everywhere. Designers, artists and engineers must create easy-to-use, engaging user interfaces if their products are to thrive in the market. The release of PhotoProto marks the first user interface design tool created specifically for designers who build interactive devices and custom GUIs.

From in-dash car displays and mobile phones

... to medical devices and tactical navy ship displays, interactive concept prototypes are essential to acquire usability and market feedback. Without these prototypes, a designer doesn't know if the product will be a success until after it's manufactured and on the shelf. If it's a failure, the financial ramifications are huge.

Until today, designers needed the services of programmers or multimedia authoring experts to turn their static drawings into working prototypes. In many cases, the delay and expense required to enlist these extra resources was overwhelming. But what were the alternatives? If designers skipped this step, the product didn't meet market needs and thus languished on the shelf. If designers took the time to prototype, the company missed the market window.

PhotoProto breaks through the prototyping bottleneck. Using PhotoProto, artists can simply arrange and name the layers in their Adobe Photoshop artwork in a way that allows PhotoProto to determine their intent. Then, with a simple menu click in Photoshop, PhotoProto automatically turns this artwork into a working, interactive prototype that can be packaged, emailed and run on a Mac or PC. The recipient can push buttons, navigate screens, scroll lists and perform a myriad of other interactive functions. It requires no scripting language or complex authoring environment to learn. Equally important, the output, or assets, of this process can be passed on to engineers and programmers who can use it directly within the deployed target software -- saving even more time and expense while keeping the look and feel intact. With PhotoProto, manufacturers release a market-tested product before the market window closes.

Altia Announces PhotoProto 1.0 Release

* PhotoProto is available for the Mac and PC. PhotoProto can be purchased from Altia's website (www.altia.com) for $495. A free trial is also available.
* Author: Jason Williamson - Altia, Inc.
* Website: www.altia.com
* Department: MM Dev: multimedia, presentations, media
* Target Audience: General: cross platform anyone
* overview = Automatically Transform Photoshop Artwork into Working User Interface Prototypes

About Altia

Altia, Inc. is a software company that provides user interface development tools that can be used from concept to final product code. Altia was founded in 1991 and its customers include GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Medtronic, Guidant, Panasonic, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and hundreds of other leading manufacturers. Altia, Inc. is located at 5030 Corporate Plaza Drive, Colorado Springs, CO, 80919.


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