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CoffeeCup Software

Review by Sheryl Folkert

CoffeeCup Software is an extremely easy program for new and experienced web page designers to use. The rich features included in the full application provide even a novice designer the ability to create a page which will wow friends and strangers alike.

Experienced users will like the ease in which they can easily locate, work with, incorporate, and view their pages as they are designing them. The full program comes equipped with many examples and easy instruction for adding features in DHTML and Javascript, along with all the special characters and tags for HTML.

While we are at it lets talk about the Help - where else can you find the ability to talk with a "live" person for assistance? Where else can you locate help documents which actually assist you with the task at hand? And where else do you get free updates to your product - once you buy the product you do not have to pay for upgrades. Not only do you get assistance, but you can even email the CEO and he actually does respond back - why because he truly cares about helping people learn to master the products he brings to the table.

The ability to do this does come at a price however. Because the cost of the product is so low (amazing a low cost product for people to afford) and all upgrades are free, the ability to advertise the product is hampered. The company still has to pay employees to make the product and upgrade each product, so they rely on word of mouth, searches, limited marketing, and the ability to provide a valued product.

How many companies can claim this and say their product has been downloaded over 18 million times?

When I started to design web pages it was for a family site on one of those communities which provides you the limited tools and lack of assistance to complete the task. I then found CoffeeCup merely because I was trying to find a product to allow me to "see" the code as I was writing it and the price was right - $50. I had no idea I had just hit the jackpot, I have learned so much in how to write code and actually write it correctly.

My first commercial web site is still a work in progress but you can view it at www.pticsr.com

No this site is not finished and it does have a lot of work to go on it, but I am extremely pleased with the work I have been able to accomplish with it - can you believe I have been using the product for only one year - yes one year.

I realize there are many products out there which provide the same service, but I did not want to spend a lot of money for what I thought at the time was only to maintain our family web site.

Now that I have been assigned the task of creating several web sites for customers I know I can spend my money on other areas such as taking classes in ColdFusion, programming, etc. and not on another HTML editor program because I will never even attempt to try another - just call me one extremely satisfied customer and Ambassador.



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