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Contest for Outstanding Design Students

... could win up to $5,000

Oberthur Gaming Technologies ("OGT") reminds graphic design students that the 2005-2006 Edition of the Winning Concepts® Contest is running! The Winning Concepts Contest, a graphic design competition entirely held on the Internet at www.winningconceptscontest.com, receive participating students' digital entries, featuring lottery ticket designs and game concepts in the following categories: original themes, play actions and special packaging.

Previously intended to Canadian students only, OGT's Winning Concepts Contest 2005-2006 Edition is open to full-time college and university students of age 18 or older, registered in a graphic or web design program, in 40 countries, states and provinces around the world.

On the Contest's website, participants can easily consult rules, technical specifications, essential components to be included in their projects, and of course, prizes! They can also create their own account in order for them to go back on the website and periodically submit their concepts, with a user-friendly upload tool.

To participate, students have until March 15, 2006 to log on the Contest's website (www.winningconceptscontest.com) and submit as many entries as they want. Participants' concepts are first submitted at a regional level, competing with other students who study in the same state, province or country. From those submissions, 20 finalists per category will automatically progress to the worldwide contest.

OGT will award prizes to the three worldwide winners (US $2,000, $1,000 and $500) in each category, as well as a grand prize of US $5,000 to the overall winner. This might be the opportunity for students to see their concept printed on a real lottery ticket, and to get recognition for their creativity and originality!

About Oberthur Gaming Technologies With more than 35 years of lottery-specific expertise and over a century's experience in the security printing industry, Oberthur Gaming Technologies is the world's leader in the printing of innovative instant lottery tickets. Comprehensive services include strategic game planning and innovative conceptual design with OGT's Dream Team, mobile gaming, Cyber Games as well as state-of-the-art Global Operations and Lottery Distribution System (GOLDS). OGT currently supplies a full range of high quality products and services to 100 clients in some 50 countries. The company has production units or offices in Montreal, Canada; San Antonio, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the U.S.; Paris, France; Vienna, Austria; and Sydney, Australia. � 30 � Source: Lyse Trudel, Communications Officer Oberthur Gaming Technologies (+1-514) 254-3600, ext. 101

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