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Get the Most from Your Digital Camera

Get the most from your digital camera with these resources on:
* mastering digital SLR photography.
* taking beautiful wedding pictures.
* exploring travel photography.
* getting perfect color every time.

Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories

coverGlen Johnson
      Learn the secrets of successful digital wedding photography. Professional wedding photographer Glen Johnson knows there's a huge difference between being able to take good pictures and being a good wedding photographer. In this exquisite, full-color book, Glen dispenses sage advice and solutions for taking impressive digital wedding images � posed or candid, in any weather, in any setting, at any locale. You will also learn the secrets of creating a successful digital wedding photography business, and much more. Whether you're an aspiring professional or an amateur who wants to improve your skills at digital wedding photography, this book will help you succeed.
Download a free chapter: The world of Wedding Photography -- Paperback; 336 pages; List price: $29.99 - Your price: $18.99

Digital Travel Photography Digital Field Guide

coverDavid D. Busch
      Get everything you need for fantastic photos on the road. Your digital camera is the perfect travel companion. You don't need to pack extra film, worry about airport scanners, budget for processing costs, or wait until you get home to learn whether you got that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Tuck this book in beside your Frommer's travel guide and you'll have everything you need for fantastic photos�how to watch for the right opportunity, compose the picture, work with lighting�even how to edit and upload from the road.
Download a free chapter: Exploring the Digital Camera - Paperback; 236 pages; List price: $19.99 - Your price: $12.99

Color Correction For Digital Photographers Only

coverTed Padova, Don Mason
      Discover how to get perfect color whether shooting, editing, or printing. Whether you're a professional or a serious amateur, you recognize the importance of color. This book is about perfecting color at every level, from setting up a shot to editing the image to printing. Illustrated with the spectacular photography of coauthor Don Mason, this volume doesn't rehash the Photoshop basics you already know. Instead, it shares professional methods and color correction techniques designed to reveal the soul of your subjects and the art in your images.
Paperback; 390 pages; List price: $39.99 - Your price: $25

PC Magazine Digital SLR Photography Solutions

coverSally Wiener Grotta, Daniel Grotta
      Take a private course in DSLR mastery from the experts. If you want to use your Digital SLR camera like a pro, let a pro (or two) show you how! Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta have been covering the world of digital photography since 1991, and this book is like a private course in DSLR mastery. From understanding the parts of your camera to using the controls effectively to shooting stunning, beautiful, and meaningful photographs to editing your images, here's everything you want to know tomake your investment in a Digital SLRpay off big in gorgeous pictures.
Paperback; 416 pages; List price: $29.99 - Your price: $18.99


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