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Digital Picture Frames

unique designs in the most classical materials and textures

Digital PictureFrames, a collection of over 200 digitally created picture and photo frames with 100 bonus frames -- high quality bitmap graphics representing picture frames, in various proportions, unique designs in the most classical materials and textures like gold, platinum or silver. Frames in other popular colors are also included. All 300 files are in JPG format, 8 bit, RGB color, and are good for the most popular computer systems including Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux.

The collection is offered in four levels of resolution: Regular, Medium, High and Super High to meet the diverse demands of all users on a consumer and a professional level. The collection delivers inexpensive and a smart solution to the superior "digital framing" of digital assets generated on a computer or photos taken with any digital camera, DVD camcorder or even cell phone.

The collection of Digital PictureFrames is designed for users of all digital cameras and computer related equipment. It delivers state-of-the-art photo-realistic digital picture frames for home, school and corporate office on a consumer and a professional level. PictureFrames can be used to frame digital photos, in commercial and corporate graphics, visual effects for film and video production. Digital pictures and photos can be framed with Digital PictureFrames in the preferred photo editing software in a matter of a few clicks and will produce an exceptional presentation results. Digitally framed pictures can be printed off or be viewed on the computer, TV screen, home entertainment systems, digital photo albums or other digital presentation media. When your equipment allows, you can just superimpose your picture on the frame from the Digital PictureFrames collection. It is also possible to print your picture on the previously pre-printed frame.

picture framesDigital PictureFrames collections

Prices range from the single user license for Regular Resolution: Digital PictureFrames with frames up to 2400 X 2400 pixels, price $59.00US to Super High Resolution for $599.00US. (4 CD set with over 300 digital frames, electronic catalog included)
* All products can be immediately ordered directly from Art Recon as well as from numerous resellers worldwide
* Art Recon, visit: www.artrecon.com
* Limited Time Offer all Digital PictureFrames collections are promotionally discounted to $29.00 for Regular, $49.00 for Medium, $149.00 for High and $299.00 for Super High resolution. Shipping cost is extra.

Art Recon Inc. is a Developer and Publisher of 3D and 2D Content Collections and is based in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Digital PictureFrames and Recon3Dare the state-of-the-art series of Content Collections, researched, developed and published by Art Recon Inc. ThePictureFrames and Recon3D collections bring Nature and Heritage Assets into a Digital Environment. The content is carefully selected, historically correct and re-created from the most important World Heritage Sites and Historic Data available. Digital PictureFrames and Recon3D offer highly detailed digital content adequate for Print, Multimedia, Animation, Film and Broadcast Production, Set Design, Digital Imaging, Corporate Graphics, Interior Design, Architecture and Virtual Worlds.

Topic = Image Processing: graphics, illustration, photography


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