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Impact of New Media on Publishing

* In Summer 2006, 26% of all publishers cited "competition from online/Internet formats" as a business challenge, the highest this challenge has been in a decade;
* For the past three years, the top two sales opportunities in our Publishing surveys have been "improving our Web site" and "driving traffic to our Web site," displacing more traditional opportunities such as "custom publishing";
* In Summer 2006, 48% of catalog publishers felt that e-mail promotions/e-letters would become more important in the next 12 months while 17% felt that print catalog mailings would become less important

The Industry Measure Multichannel Media Study gauges impact ofnew media and technologies on magazine, catalog, and book publishers

The Industry Measure has released its special report, "The Multichannel Mix: The Role of Print, Web, Wireless, and Other Platforms in Today's New Media Environment - Part I: Publishing," which provides a detailed overview of the new media landscape as it applies to magazine, catalog, and book publishers. The 148-page report examines the vast proliferation of new (and newer) media technologies and platforms and provides a critical analysis of where publishers have been focusing their energies, where they have not, and where they will likely need to in the next 12 to 18 months.
* What is the current perception of Web publishing as an opportunity?
* What about e-mail campaigns?
* Blogs?
* Podcasting?
* Webcasting?
* RSS?
* Mobile media?
* E-books?

Third-party studies have found these new and newer media becoming more important to readers and, perhaps more importantly, to advertisers. To what extent are publishers following suit?

Future special reports will look at the multi-channel mix in the context of other graphic communications markets.

"The Multichannel Mix" looks at these technologies and platforms in the context of each of the publishing markets The Industry Measure regularly surveys�book publishers, catalog publishers, and magazine publishers, and draws on the 10-year Industry Measure/TrendWatch Graphic Arts historical database to track adoption rates and interest in new and newer media.

The report also provides data on such recent survey questions as "which media channels do you use now, which do you see becoming more important in the next 12 months, and which do you see becoming less important in the next 12 months?" Original Industry Measure survey data are supplemented with secondary research sources to provide a comprehensive look at the past, present, and potential future of the new media impact on publishing.

The report also provides a glossary of new media technology terms and buzzwords. Industry Measure reports are available for online purchase at the Industry Measure eStore in PDF format (http://www.theindustrymeasure.com).

Researcher's Comments

"Marketers, advertisers, publishers, and anyone else who develops content have all been wrestling with an increasingly diverse media mix. What does a diverse media mix mean for the concept of "mass media'? Is there even such a thing any longer? What are the consequences of this media mix for those who develop content? What impact does so-called "long-tail economics' have on publishing? What strategies have publishers been implementing? What strategies should they implement?"

According to the Report

* In Summer 2006, one-third of catalog publishers cited "using the Internet more effectively" as a business challenge;
* In Summer 2006, one-fourth of book publishers cited "e-book production" as a sales opportunity�an all-time high for this opportunity;
* In Summer 2006, 10% of magazine publishers cited "blogs" and 8% cited "podcasting" as sales opportunities.

The Industry Measure special report, "The Multichannel Mix: The Role of Print, Web, Wireless, and Other Platforms in Today's New Media Environment�Part I: Publishing" is available for purchase by visiting the secure Industry Measure eStore online at www.theindustrymeasure.com or by phone at 866-873-6310. The price for the 148-page report is $995. Industry Measure eStore customers can download this report in PDF Acrobat format immediately after purchase. An Executive Summary of this report is available for $25.

The Industry Measure (formerly TrendWatch Graphic Arts) specializes in the assessment of trends and changes in graphic communications markets by providing timely and strategic information, hard-hitting market analysis and concise expert opinion. The reports have earned the reputation for containing the most reliable and timely industry intelligence in the graphic arts and graphic design marketplaces. The Industry Measure can be reached on the Web (www.theindustrymeasure.com), via email (info@theindustrymeasure.com) or toll-free by phone at 866-873-6310.

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