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Quark XTensions in Universal Binary

take advantage of the new Intel-based Macs

XChange International has released seven XTension products for QuarkXPress version 7 with support for Universal Binary which take advantage of the new Intel-based Macs. Users have come to depend on the time-savings and workflow customisation that XTensions offer and are anxious to have their favourite tools available natively on Intel Macs.

The latest XTensions now available in Universal Binary format include:

Dashes XT (Mac and Windows) - The Dashes XTension provides high quality supplemental Hyphenation for your QuarkXPress text. It's aim and purpose is to provide a tool that improves the appearance and readability of a user's page by inserting hyphens which are inconspicuous, so as not to disturb the flow of meaning in the story. The internal hyphenation code used in the Dashes XTension has been licensed from Circle Noetic Services. You are guaranteed to receive the same high standard of hyphen breaks in Quark as is provided in their renowned hyphenation guidelines.
* Allows you to insert/remove discretionary hyphens into a selection of text, the current text box, or the complete document
* When inserting hyphens, the Auto Hyphenation Rules that you specify from within Quark (Edit>H&Js) are fully obeyed
* Each Dashes hyphen has a stylistic ranking associated with it, this allows you to exclude hyphens that are not up to the stylistic quality you specify
* Allows you to import and export hyphenation exception lists into and out of the XTension
* Will correctly hyphenate words that contain ligatures
* The Dashes XTension uses a linguistically based algorithm and puts in over 99% of the possible hyphens with over 99% accuracy in all the languages offered.

SpellBound XT (Mac and Windows) - The Spellbound XTension is a high-powered spell checker for QuarkXPress that allows you to have multiple auxiliary dictionaries (up to 5) open simultaneously, detects capitalisation errors, allows for non-alphabetic characters in auxiliary dictionary entries and uses a phonetically based algorithm when looking for alternative word spellings. Spellbound also provides for an exception dictionary, useful if you wish to implement house styles to ensure words are always spelt in a certain manner, e.g., disk instead of disc. Spellbound also has a more precise definition of word boundaries. This allows you to spell check words such as Ph.D. and QuarkXPress. If you add the SpellBound Technical Dictionaries (available separately), you're only a split second away from turning your copy of QuarkXPress into a technical word expert.

FlightAlert XT (Mac only) - FlightAlert has been designed to provide valuable pre-flight and mid-flight checks on QuarkXPress files in busy production and pre-press environments. FlightAlert works in the background -- no need to launch it, apply it, or wait for it to perform a check -- it scans automatically, on the fly while you carry on working. FlightAlert can be set to auto-scan on Open, Close, Print, Save, Save As, Save as EPS and Collect for Output, or can optionally be run manually at any time. The XTensions concentrates on the key problems that waste time, money and film, such as RGB elements, unwanted spot colours, TIFFs with backgrounds set to None, leftover positionals, text overflows, etc. FlightAlert also provides what is arguably the most comprehensive Collect For Output (CFO) engine and collects document and EPS fonts, imported graphics (including any nested EPS files) and can optionally compress all elements ready for transmission.

PictManager XT (Mac only) - The PictManager XTension is a must for any Quark user who works with graphics in their documents. It incorporates a comprehensive credits management utility that allows you to create caption boxes for graphics with ease. It also has an automatic picture updating facility. This module will search through user specified volumes or folders anywhere on the network for missing and modified files and will update all as required. Other features of the XTension help to streamline tedious graphic related production tasks from the initial importing of the picture to finally delivering the document to a service bureau. The user can specify all the necessary Credit Defaults... that will be applied to the caption text box that is created for a graphic. These include text attributes, style sheets, caption frame and background options, caption positioning options relative to the graphic, including distance and orientation as well as default text for the caption. When a caption is created for a graphic, it is automatically sized and placed in the desired location. The File Mover... option allows you to select a document and specify a destination disk and or folder where you want to copy the file. The file and all it's linked elements (Including DCS files, if required) will be transferred.

BureauManager XT (Mac only) - The BureauManager XTension is the definitive tool that allows you to easily and completely prepare a job for delivery to a service bureau. It quickly extracts information from the original document to determine which fonts (screen and printer) and high resolution graphics are required to be copied. The Updater Defaults feature will search all volumes or specified folders to automatically update any missing graphics, a valuable built-in utility. The FileMover lets you select a file (even if it is not opened) and move it to a specified location. Select to move fonts, EPS fonts, graphics (including DCS graphics) and Preferences along with your file. Users can also elect to utilise a Special Instructions dialog which allows for specification of print medium (film or paper), film settings and resolution, as well as providing fields for shipping instructions and general comments. Perhaps one of the most valuable benefits of this XTension is the powerful Report Generator which allows you to choose from over 100 document attributes on which to report. These include general document information, required XTensions, graphic and font details, colours, style sheets, H&Js and many more.

ColorManager XT (Mac only) - ColorManager XT allows users to search for and replace colours easily. Colours can be replaced whether they are found in text, lines, frames, or backgrounds and users have the ability to optionally specify what percentage shade the resulting colour should be. This XTension allows you to implement global changes of all colour occurrences or individual occurrences of a colour. Custom and process colours used in high resolution EPS files are tracked using the EPSF Usage feature. A preview of the graphic is also available for custom colours that appear in the EPS file -- you can determine if that colour already exists in the current document. If it doesn't, you can create it from within ColorManager. The EPSF Report option will provide users with a printed report of all EPS files in a selected document, listing for each any custom colours contained within the layout. The Screen Angles option allows users to specify custom CMYK screen angles to four decimal points for printing. Finally, the File Mover feature enables you to save an Quark document to any destination disk or folder. The document and all its linked files will be transferred to the specified location.

XTensions are available now through XChange International. Upgrades are available to previous version users. To order, or for more information, users can visit www.xchangeuk.com

6 XTensions for QuarkXPress v7 Universal Binary Ship
* author = Tami Stodghill, XChange International
* url = www.xchangeuk.com
* dept = DTP: publishing, page layout, type, fonts


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