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Professional Stock Layouts

Convenient Access to Professional Template Library and Useful Graphics Tools

stock layoutsStockLayouts LLC has expanded its presence on the HP In-House Marketing Website to broaden the selection of resources available to small and medium businesses (SMBs) looking for ways to create professional-looking marketing materials while staying within a limited budget.

The HP site now provides users with convenient access to StockLayouts' extensive design library where they can search, purchase and immediately download agency-quality pre-designed layouts for producing brochures, newsletters, flyers, postcards, stationery, and other print marketing materials.

This expanded offering includes access to all of the page layout and graphic file formats supported by StockLayouts, including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher, as well as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDRAW.

The HP site will also host free marketing resources from StockLayouts which include sample templates and an editing guide for users of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher, and brochure copywriting tips.

"With the proliferation of affordable in-house color printing equipment, we've seen a huge increase in the need for creative resources to match the high quality output that can be achieved," said Tami Cooper, President and CEO of StockLayouts. "Our templates provide business owners with the creative jump start they need to produce their own agency-quality marketing materials, saving significant time and expense."

HP's In-House Marketing Website offers business users access to valuable resources of tutorials, templates, training, and online seminars that make it easy to create full-color marketing materials without the help of outside professionals.

"The connection HP has with its small and medium business customers continues to drive innovation," said Vince Ferraro, senior vice president, Business Imaging and Printing, HP. "HP's In-House Marketing website is an example of this collaboration, answering the need these customers have for access to resources, such as professional-looking, high quality StockLayouts templates, that make it easy for them to create full-color marketing materials without the help of outside professionals."

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StockLayouts continues to broaden the options for SMBs in search of creative ways to market their businesses by developing new template designs on a regular, ongoing basis. Visitors to the StockLayouts website may choose between individual templates, value-bundled collections and industry-specific templates on CD. Also, users are able to build their own custom, bundle-priced, ten-or-more template collections by choosing the "Pick Mix and Save"option. Prices range from $15 for a stationery set to $519 for a high-end Master Collection CD.

StockLayouts graphic design templates require Microsoft� Word version 2000 or later or Microsoft� Publisher version 2002 or later.

* View StockLayouts online template library
* View StockLayouts master collection CD volumes 1-2
* Download free Microsoft Word newsletter.doc (1.43MB)
* Download free Microsoft Publisher newsletter.pub (1.46MB
* Download free newsletters... you select format)
* Stock Layouts Overview
* HP General Layouts

StockLayouts LLC, an Oregon-based graphic design and production company, was organized in 2001 to develop affordably priced graphic design solutions for producing professional marketing materials. The company offers do-it-yourself, royalty-free design templates via its website, www.stocklayouts.com. StockLayouts' customers are graphic designers, desktop publishers, in-house marketing professionals and business owners.

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