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Opendocument Template Competition

Openoffice.org Documentation Project Template and Clipart Competition

Worldlabel.com Inc, Garrison, NY, USA, a manufacturer and supplier of laser and inkjet computer printer labels, is sponsoring the Openoffice.org Documentation Project Template and Clipart Competition. As a member of the ODFalliance.org, Worldlabel.com is dedicated to the ODF standard and Free Open Software.

Worldlabel.com is sponsoring this competition because OpenOffice.org is becoming more and more widely used and its popularity is rising rapidly. Openoffice.org's Open Document Format has received International Standard Organization (ISO) approval and many countries, such as Belgium, Malaysia and others, will be completely migrating to ODF soon. As the Openoffice community gains strength and grows, the need for a comprehensive repository of ODF templates is more essential.

"Everyone in the community should participate," said Russell Ossendryver, Managing Director of Worldlabel.com. "Even a collection of form letters for small businesses would be great, templates for accounting, bookplates for Kids, whatever you feel the community needs and we all can share. Building a comprehensive repository of OpenDocument Format Templates is becoming necessary and in all languages. It adds value to the Openoffice.org community and can attract new users, and a large depository of templates in ODF will help keep advancing the standard further".

Worldlabel.com is running this competition in conjunction with the OpenOffice.org Documentation Project, which, we hope, is the start of a series of competitions. OpenOffice.org lives as open SOURCE Community of the interest and commitment of its users and project members. The templates and clipart will ultimately become publicly available

Everyone can participate and may submit as many submissions as they like.

Templates should have an appropriate, generally accepted utilization value and not be "banal." The submitted templates should useful to other users. For example, an empty Writer file with inserted, current date is surely no "meaningful" template. However, a Calc spreadsheet template that can be used for cataloging a stamp collection or other collection will surely qualify.

Some Ideas for Templates:

Business cards, letterheads, cards, Memos and faxes, invoices accounting templates, newsletters, resumes, expense reports, base forms, presentation template, cd cover, spreadsheet templates, calendars..... for Writer, Calc, Base... Use text fields for folks to personalize, have areas for businesses to insert logos, create all types of useful templates for all types of home and business uses for our community to share.

Some Ideas for Clipart:

Borders, frames, decorative objects, business objects, animals, flowers, backgrounds, OO Doodads.... let your creative juices flow.

For more information on the competition:
* http://documentation.openoffice.org

About Worldlabel.com Incorporated -- www.worldlabel.com is a leading manufacturer and online supplier of laser and inkjet sheet labels in over 50 US letter sizes including CD, DVD, mailing, shipping labels and more in 19 different materials and RFID Smart label converting technology. Worldlabel.com has office/factories in New York, Singapore and China.


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