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Great mistakes made going online

Simply having a Web site is not enough

Simply having a Web site or obtaining e-commerce capabilities will not result in increase of sales rate or value of your business. Although the Internet allows for the break of geographical barriers to reach a wider audience, the website will still not guarantee increased revenue until you can successfully market it and draw your prospect customers' attention. Following are some ways the Internet can help you increase your income by obtaining more leads that convert into customers.

A website provides company's online brochure that customers can peruse at any time. Hence, a professional website is an important step in reaching potential clients. But simply putting a content on the web informing that you are there, isn't enough to make your visitors buying from you.

A Plan

What you need is a marketing plan for your website, which includes solid design, Internet marketing, link popularity and, in effect, high search rank. You must implement Search Engine Optimization tools making sure the keyword research has been conducted properly, the right HTML code is in place and that you've reached the optimal keyword density on your website. But that's just a start. You will still need to do the arduous job of link submission to web directories, web search engines and other web content handling services.

The first big mistake
      companies make going online is leaving their Web content unmarketed. If your don't market your website, you will be losing customers. If you don't want this to happen, ask a SEO/Internet Marketing consultant to do the job for you. You will quickly realize, that it pays off quickly as you will be receiving more visits that convert into sales. Many companies gauge the credibility of their prospect business partners by the professionalism of their website. If you fail on that point, you won't get a contract or an order from the prospect client visiting your website. Thus, you will be losing money.

The second big mistake
      companies make going online is delegating the design job to the wrong people which results in poor design quality and bad texts, that nobody wants to read. Such a website will fail because it won't catch attention and won't be appealing the the visitor. Thus, you need to get the job done by the professionals. If you're not an experienced web designer, just leave it to the expert. You will have to pay them, but it will pay off more quickly than you can imagine.

The Internet allows you to streamline automation in your business and to increase the availability to your customers. Consider being your customer searching for products on the Web that he or she can order online, using an easy-to-use web order form instead of a facsimile. Imagine a customer being able to browse through your product catalogue online, picking the items they like and placing an instant order without involving your staff and time resources. You can significantly boost your sales by making your products more accessible to your customers by accepting online orders.

The third big mistake
      companies make going online is not utilizing the potential the Web gives them to drive up conversion rate. A prospect customer visiting your website must be given the possibility to buy an item you're selling online. Without this facility you may be loosing customers.

You will also be losing money by involving your staff into handling inbound calls, answering queries and taking orders by phone, which can normally be done online in an automated procedure. Concluding, if your business has already went online, try making the website more profitable for your business operation. Automate customers' orders and queries, publish answers to the most common questions and concerns your customers may have online saving your time by not answering them by phone.

Contact a web development company how they can streamline your online operations. You'll pay them once, but will be receiving recurring profits from your happy customers and saving money each time an issue is solved by an automated online process.

Remember to follow the 3-steps guideline

While going online:
* never leave your website unmarketed, let the SEO/Internet marketers do the job for you, -
* never entrust the design of your website to non-professionals, as they won't be able to design a website that can convince your partners or customers, -
* use the web technology to the max, ask a web application development company to optimize your online operation.

Pawel Otto

title = Great mistakes made going online
* author = Pawel Otto is CEO at nodegate innovative, an UK based company specializing in web application development and website design.
* url = http://www.nodegate.com
* dept = Web Dev: html, java, perl, PHP, etc
* audience = General: cross platform anyone


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