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Create a Watercolor from a Photo

Technical Pen, Marker, Crayon, or Colored Pencil

It's easy to create a natural-looking paint media with ArtStudioPro. Simply load an image then choose an effect such as Watercolor, Technical Pen, Marker, Crayon, or Colored Pencil

Watercolor & Technical Pen Slideshow Gallery

Watercolor -- is a design media essential for architects, designers, and graphic artists in order to develop and communicate their ideas effectively. Combine the watercolor effect with watercolor base & watercolor drystrokes to paint the lights, mid tones, and shadows that appear to cast in a single wash. Add watercolor detail to give dark accents as necessary.

In this Watercolor Gallery see before and after samples

TwistingPixels products include both standalone and plug-in application to Photshop Elements, Photoshop (CS1/CS2/CS3), Paint Shop Pro and Corel.
Windows Systems OS = Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / XP /Vista; CPU: Intel® Pentium® III processor 1GHz; RAM: 256 MB
Macintosh Systems = Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later; CPU: PowerPC G3 processor 500 MHz; RAM: 256 MB
TwistingPixels Products PixelCreation - PixelPaper - PixelPack - PixelSampler

ArtStudioPro Vol. 1 - ArtStudioPro Vol. 2 Windows and Mac installs as a Stand-alone Application or as a plug-in to Photoshop (CS1, CS2, & CS3), Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro & Corel.
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ArtStudioPro Volume 1 is designed to increase your productivity by doing most of the work for you. After you have chosen your medium, enhance your image with one of the support 25filters, like Colored Pencil Outline, to give your masterpiece definition and dimension. Presets available for an instant result which will start your project off fast. Experiment by mixing different Medias to give your creation a customized style.

Artistic Effects = Colored Pencil, Crayon, Marker, Technical Pen, & Watercolor.
Supporting Effects = Colored Pencil Brush, Colored Pencil Fill, Colored Pencil Inside, Colored Pencil Outside, Colored Pencil Outline, Colored Pencil Shade Outline, Crayon Brush, Crayon Inside, Crayon Outside, Marker Brush, Marker Outside, Marker Strokes, Paper Texture, Restore Original, Technical Pen Brush, Technical Pen Outline, Underlayment, Watercolor Base, Watercolor Blend Strokes, Watercolor Brush, Watercolor Details, Watercolor Dry Strokes, Watercolor Wash, & Watercolor Wet Strokes.

ArtStudioPro Includes
* Stand-alone Application
* Plug-in
* Layers for Combining Media
* Presets for a Quick Start
* Technical & Customer Support
* PDF Manual PDF
* PROMOTIONAL OFFER = 25% off all

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