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Custom shapes for Photoshop

Cool stuff from Graphicxtras.com

Graphicxtras.com's latest set of royalty-free releases feature flames and fiery imagery: custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements; symbols for Illustrator; and font set for DTP and 3D and others

Graphicxtras.com latest shapes pack 'Flames1' Custom Shapes 39 for Photoshop CS3, CS2, CS, 7, 6 and Elements 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 includes 120+ fiery flame shapes and designs, all royalty-free for use in commercial or hobby projects.

All vector shapes, for thumbnails, billboard designs, video, tattoos, comics, illustrations, books, scrapbooking, leaflets, car designs and many more. The flames are all stored in native Photoshop format, easy to use and install. The shapes set is part of an ongoing series of custom shapes and other presets for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

As shapes are for Photoshop and Elements only, a set of 140+ fire design characters are available as a set of 2 fonts for many other applications including 3D + DTP + Word + others. As with the shapes, the Fonts Pack 13 'Flames1' can be used in many different commercial and hobby projects. The font characters are all royalty-free. The designs include many weird and wonderful flame shape, long flame shapes, fire shapes, burning shapes, flickery flame shapes, flame embellishment shapes and others.

The flames and fire shapes for Photoshop and Photoshop and fonts are vector designs, you simply add the color and style to the flame shape

The symbols pack 22 'Flames1' for Illustrator® CS3 CS2 CS 10 includes flames and fire as well as color flames, fiery scenes, intense flames, raging flame symbols, background fires, dynamic fires, blazes, drop shadow flame shapes and many more. Symbols pack includes 700 stunning colorful flame symbols are included in the pack, along with full documentation and colorful gallery of symbols and scripts for symbols. Symbols can be used throughout Illustrator, a truly powerful toolkit of designs for many different projects. Easy to install, easy to use. The symbols pack is part of an ongoing series of presets for Illustrator including swatches, brushes, plug-ins and graphic styles.

The shapes set for Photoshop® costs $6 (5 euros �4 GBP); the font set costs $6 (5 euros �4 GBP); the symbols set for Illustrator costs $7 (6 euros �5 GBP). The sets are available for download only.

Free samplers are available on site, along with a thumbnail gallery of the included shapes.

Website: http://www.graphicxtras.com
Custom shapes for Photoshop CS3 CS2 CS 7 6
Flames font set
Symbols pack for Illustrator CS3 CS2 CS 10
Shapes gallery

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