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Disk Cleaner regains More Disk Space

8 New Features Offer Improved Efficiency of Disk Cleanup

SBMAV Software's SBMAV Disk Cleaner 3.1, is the newest version of its leading-edge program for cleaning hard disk drives.

The moment you start your computer for the first time and install a new app, it starts accumulating junk and clutter files. Over time, such unwanted files become so many that they inevitably influence the computer's performance and take much disk space. To regain space and keep your computer running fast, it's essential for you to clean it up, just like it's important to tidy up your room or clean up your desk from papers.

SBMAV Disk Cleaner will restore valuable hard disk space and speed up your Windows startup by cleaning useless startup entries. The program is designed as a one-stop solution for cleaning disks, which means it will help you in all aspects of this job.

The program will help you remove temporary files and folders that belong to the system or created by other programs. More disk space can be regained by searching for duplicate files and SBMAV Disk Cleaner is exceptionally good at it. For example, the program can search for duplicate MP3 files not only by basic parameters, such as size, file name, or creation date, but also by ID3-tags with record descriptions. This ensures better scan results and accuracy.

Another source of junk files is Internet Explorer that stores cookies. With SBMAV Disk Cleaner, you can remove unwanted cookies, while keeping those that you need. Other key options in the program include an ability to delete entries that automatically start on Windows startup, and an opportunity to uninstall a program or a group of programs with a single click.

These and other features are delivered in a friendly interface that doesn't confuse users with its complex design or a high tech set of features. SBMAV Disk Cleaner has a built-in system of tips that will help beginners familiarize themselves with the program quickly. The program supports Windows 95 and upwards, including Windows Vista.

Improved Cleaning Efficiency

SBMAV Disk Cleaner 3.1 includes 8 new changes to help users clean up disks better. Key new features include the following:
* Updated "Trusted Zone" database of secondary filtration
* Optimized performance of MAVQSM� self-learning system
* Updated configuration files
* Newly added function for automatic launch if the application from command line. Customers can now use a command line parameter "/autoscan" to run the application and scan instantly. The program automatically starts scanning and shows results afterwards.
* Corrected language files
* Optimized code and fixed bugs in the Search for Duplicates module
* Fixed bug in Cookies manager. The bug that didn't hide the startup window when no cookie was found has been fixed in the new version.
* Automated disk analyzer. Now the program analyses disks automatically on opening a specified folder or disk.
* Requires: Any 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows operating system (98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista).; and 5 MB free hard disk space for program installation.

SBMAV Disk Cleaner 3.1 is available today.
* SBMAV Disk Cleaner 3.1 is available immediately from SBMAV Software, its online Store, and through a network of authorized distributors worldwide. For new customers the product costs $24.95 (USD).
* Registered users are entitled to free technical support and upgrades for 12 months from the date of purchase.
* Additional information on the program, as well as its free evaluation copy is available from www.sbmav.com

Product page link
* Download link: dcleaner_eng.zip
* Company web-site: http://www.sbmav.com/

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* Sent in by Anton Maksimov


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