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LightZone Photo-Editing

Easy to Use Photo-Editing Software

Light Crafts Unveils LightZone 3.0 -- Easy to Use Photo-Editing Software Allows Photographers of All Levels to Bring Their Photographs Back-to-Life

As the PC is quickly becoming the digital hub of the information age, LightZone is the first product to fulfill the photo-editing needs of all photographers on that platform. The latest version includes new photo management tools and enhanced features, such as instant styles, that make it faster and easier for everyone to edit photographs.

Edit in Style with LightZone

LightZone 3.0 offers a new approach for a new digital photography market -- which applies to all dSLR photographers. Advanced photo-editing is made even simpler than before with LightZone's new built-in intelligent styles. With LightZone 3.0 photographers can quickly convey what they saw, or what they want to evoke, often with a single click.

LightZone�s best-of-breed photo-editing software produces true-to-life images. After more than 150 years of photographic evolution, no camera today produces an accurate picture of reality. LightZone 3.0 has the unique ability to bridge the gap between what you saw and the image that was captured.

For years, photo-editing has been considered too difficult, which is evident by the most talked about editing tool on the market -- Adobe Photoshop -- attaining less than 4 percent market share among SLR photographers. This means 96 percent of serious photographers believe Photoshop does not meet their needs.

More than 80 percent of Photoshop's functionality, which has a $649 price-tag, is not geared for photography. And after 20 years of Photoshop development, fundamental capabilities, such as native RAW editing, integrated noise reduction and operational layers are still missing. LightZone 3.0 addresses this with software that includes RAW editing, noise reduction direct and batch processing and more intelligent editing tools for $249.95.

LightZone 3.0 is available for download at www.lightcrafts.com
Full version $249.95

Georges van Hoegaerden, chief executive officer at Light Crafts says:
      "Light Crafts is committed to putting advanced editing capabilities in the hands of everyone -- LightZone 3.0, with its intelligent styles, gives photographers instant access to the most powerful photo editing capabilities available, at a price one third of its closest competitor."

Uwe Steinmueller, editor of Outback Photo News says:
      "LightZone 3.0 has a unique ability to bridge the gap between what you saw and the image that was captured," said Uwe Steinmueller, editor of Outback Photo News. With the new styles available in 3.0, you don�t have to be a professional photographer to bring photos back to life."

About Light Crafts

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Light Crafts is the expert in photo-editing software. LightZone, the essential photo-editing application, enables photographers of all experience levels to effectively and efficiently edit digital images -- visually. LightZone�s patented digital signal processing technology powers a suite of intelligent tools that simplifies photo editing while increasing photographer control. For more information about Light Crafts, please visit our website, www.lightcrafts.com.

Light Crafts, LightZone, are registered trademarks of Light Crafts Inc

Adobe, the Adobe logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.


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