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Create, Animate 3D Worlds

total 3D animation solution

poser e frontier and e-on software, have launched the Power Bundle, a total 3D animation solution featuring Poser 7 and Vue 6 Esprit packaged together at a significant cost savings. For a limited time, creative professionals, graphic artists and hobbyists can use the Power Bundle to create 3D worlds that integrate the diversity and spirit of both human and natural imagery.

"We're excited to offer the Power Bundle as a total 3D solution designed for individuals to combine the human element and scenery at a very competitive price," said Mark Leitch, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at e frontier. "The Power Bundle is a comprehensive and fully integrated package that offers Poser's powerful 3D capabilities and rich collection of content for figure animation with Vue 6 Esprit's natural 3D environment scenery -- all at considerable savings for the user."

Poser is the most widely used way to design with the human form in 3D. Vue provides the easiest way to create and animate realistic 3D environments and landscapes. Vue 6 Esprit is focused on intuitive workflow, advanced rendering features and extended Poser integration. With Power Bundle artists can use both Poser 7 and Vue 6 Esprit to produce stunning art, fine illustration and breathtaking animation that includes figures, scenery and virtual 3D worlds.


New in Poser 7:
- Unlimited Undo and Redo's
- Rendering up to four faster with Multi-Threaded Rendering
- Animation Layers enable faster editing and extreme versatility
- Creation of custom morphs in seconds using Brush-like Morphing Tools
- Over 1GB of high resolution 3D content included

New in Vue 6 Esprit:
- Importing of complete animated Poser scenes, with full support of dynamic hair and cloth, and re-positioning of Poser figures directly within Vue

- Access of the Poser Shader Tree from within Vue and render Poser materials exactly as they would look in Poser

- Creation of stunning, realistic skies with Spectral Atmospheres and Volumetric Clouds

- Faster startup using more predefined settings

See: * Vue 6 Esprit in action
* Vue 6 Esprit info page.

Pricing and Availability
      The Power Bundle* is priced at $299.99 and includes Poser 7 and Vue 6 Esprit together at a savings of over 35% off the regular price. Power Bundle can be purchased directly from e frontier at www.e-frontier.com or from e-on software at http://www.e-onsoftware.com, or from members of e frontier's Affiliate Network.
* Power Bundle is currently available for physical purchase only

covereFrontier Poser 7 3D Figure Design and Animation (Mac) You Save: $20.00 (10%)

eFrontier Poser 7 3D Figure Design and AnimationWindows XP / 2000 You Save: $20.00 (10%)

For more information on the Power Bundle, visit www.e-frontier.com/go/powerbundle.

About e frontier, Inc.
      e frontier creates affordable and easy-to-use computer graphics software for novices and experts that delivers professional quality results. e frontier products, including Poser, Shade, Manga Studio and Anime Studio, enable customers across the globe to better connect through designing, creating and sharing their artistic expressions. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has offices in Scotts Valley, CA and Bordeaux, France. For more information, visit www.e-frontier.com.

About e-on software
      e-on software is the leading developer of high quality solutions for the creation, animation, rendering and integration of natural 3D environments. e-on software products are used worldwide by the film, television, architecture, game, science, education and entertainment industries. e-on software is based in Beaverton, Oregon with a European office in Paris, France. Visit their website at http://www.e-onsoftware.com.


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