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Instant Storefront

launch a revenue-generating photo products and gifts website in less than 15 minutes

RocketLife Technology creates an "Instant Storefront" that lets everyone, including individuals, businesses, educational and other institutions, launch a revenue-generating photo products and gifts website in less than 15 minutes. RocketLife's "Instant Storefront" lets you instantly create your own branded website for a nominal fee. RocketLife handles all aspects of the sale, from creation and production, to sales fulfillment for all types of personal photo products.

New "3D Digital Merchandising" Technology

Once you have created your own storefront website with RocketLife, your customers will be able to take advantage of the RocketLife state-of-the-art "3D Digital Merchandising" photo product creation software technology, that produces real-time photo-realistic 3D renderings while editing and arranging, so that your customers are able to visualize exactly what the photo end-product will look like and change the photos and layout in their merchandise over and over again in real-time to create a final product that they will love.

creates artistic photo layouts for your customers in a fraction of the timeIn addition, RocketLife's patent-pending technology creates artistic photo layouts for your customers in a fraction of the time, automatically making decisions on intelligent design and layout, turning the traditionally long hours of frustrating work on products like photo books, into just a few minutes of fun. (Click for screen enlargement)

"With RocketLife, we've created a sustainable, profitable vehicle for business or fund-raising, making it not only possible, but instantaneous," said Michael Moore, CEO of Visan, who will speak during the "New Technology Showcase" at the 6Sight Conference. "Visan has spent years perfecting RocketLife's creation side of the equation. Now with our 'Instant Storefront' solution, all the industry's emerging markets can offer their customers or members a superior solution for creating premium photo products and gifts while generating substantial revenue for their business, organization or cause. This platform launch is only the beginning. Stay tuned for the next exciting elements that will take RocketLife even further into the future!"

"We're excited to have Visan speak at the 6Sight - Future of Imaging conference," said Alexis Gerard, President of Future Image and Chair of 6Sight. "Visan is a leader in advanced digital imaging with patent-pending technology and a unique view on the photo industry with their creative background in Hollywood as winner of numerous Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development. They fit right in with the expanded perspective on imaging that 6Sight is all about."

RocketLife is available as re-brandable reseller accounts from www.visan.com and support premium products such as photo books, calendars, collage prints and posters, collage mugs, and many more products. Visan is a proud sponsor of 6Sight� The Future of Imaging executive level conference. Please stop by and learn more about our exciting new RocketLife platform. For more information, see www.rocketlife.com or www.visan.com.

About Visan Industries:

The team at Visan has invented and shipped over one hundred different products to well over a million customers, and earned the most prestigious awards in the industry including three Prime Time Emmy� Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development. The RocketLife Technology Platform is one part of a goal Visan has had for many years - combining over two decades of media, film and television experience into simple to use yet incredibly powerful technologies, giving people the ability to create and share stories with unparalleled quality and impact.

About 6Sight:

6Sight The Future of Imaging is an executive-level conference that explores the transformative impact of recent and forthcoming imaging technologies on businesses, homes and communities. Technologists, marketers, futurists, artists, educators, high-volume users and members of the media come together annually to preview breakthrough technologies, envision innovative uses, and spark new ideas and alliances that promote the interests of the participating companies and the industry as a whole. The program emphasizes interactivity, rich media presentations and high-level connections among participants. 6Sight was created by Future Image Inc., an independent center of expertise on imaging technology and publisher of The Future Image Report, and is co-produced with the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) and with the Association of Imaging Executives� (AIE�), a PMA� member association of photo imaging leaders who shape the strategic growth of the global imaging industry.

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