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Anime Studio Rose Agent

Showcases Power and Flexibility of Anime Studio

e frontier, Inc.e frontier, Inc., has launched Rose Agent, the first anime character built specifically with Anime Studio enthusiasts in mind.

Rose Agent is fully vector-drawn and "bone rigged" with video clips that will help even the newest users draw and create compelling animations for their own high-end vector characters. Rose Agent also comes fully rigged with props and outfits to demonstrate the power and flexibility of vector animation.

Anime Studio is a complete animation solution for creating 2D movies, cartoons, anime or cut-out animations. Users can easily create animated shorts in the style of SouthParkStudios.com and JibJab.com, or produce full-length animation for film, video or streaming over the web. Anime Studio also enables users to draw original art, import digital pictures, add sound, dub and add subtitles to existing videos or choose from many built-in characters.

Anime Studio is ideal for animators of any caliber to help save time, while delivering quick, professional results. Tutorials and extensive user guides make animating easy for hobbyists, while still satisfying the most experienced animators with its numerous features and powerful capabilities.

Visit the e frontier YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/efrontieramerica to see Rose Agent and Anime Studio in action. For free wallpaper and avatars that can be used on MySpace, Gaia or additional social networking sites, please visit www.e-frontier.com/go/roseagent.

bone rigging

Anime Studio 5 Features
* Vector animation - Makes animating easy and resolution independent
* Bone rigging (inverse kinematics) - Animate artwork by attaching bones to images and objects
* Intuitive interface - Seamless access to canvas, tools palette and menu
* Import content - digital photos, 2D art and 3D objects a snap to import
* Timeline - Combine numerous actions using keyframes, layers and vector points to ensure smooth animations

Pricing and Availability
Rose Agent ($39.99), Anime Studio 5 ($49.99) and Anime Studio 5 Pro ($199.99) are available immediately at the e frontier e-store at www.e-frontier.com, through www.contentparadise.com/roseagent, and at selected worldwide resellers. Rose Agent, Anime Studio 5 and Anime Studio 5 Pro are available for Windows, Apple and Linux.

About e frontier, Inc.

e frontier creates affordable and easy-to-use computer graphics software for novices and experts that delivers professional quality results. e frontier products, including Poser, Shade, Manga Studio and Anime Studio, enable customers across the globe to better connect through designing, creating and sharing their artistic expressions. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has offices in Scotts Valley, CA and Bordeaux, France. For more information, visit www.e-frontier.com.


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