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Creative Suite 3.3

Yet another upgrade

Adobe has announced that Adobe Creative Suite 3.3 Design Premium, Design Standard, Web Premium, and Master Collection editions are available immediately for creative professionals. Creative Suite 3.3 incorporates Acrobat 9 Pro, bringing together the power, reach, and richness of the Adobe PDF and Adobe Flash formats and introducing numerous enhancements to print production workflows. Adobe Creative Suite 3.3 Design Premium also bundles Adobe Fireworks CS3 software as a special offering for designers who need to rapidly prototype Web sites and Web applications. (See: Creative License)

Using Acrobat 9 Pro software, creative professionals can combine diverse documents, video, audio, and other file types into easy-to-distribute PDF Portfolios, complete with customizable interactive navigation. Thanks to new native support for the Adobe Flash format, PDF files can now incorporate and smoothly play back video, audio, and application files created in Adobe Flash for richer and more engaging experiences.

With the enhanced Overprint Preview feature, print professionals can view accurate interactions between overlapping objects on-screen. Overprint Preview automatically toggles on by default when it detects overprinting in PDF/X files or if the user sets a preference to detect overprinting in any PDF. Print professionals can also reliably convert RGB and CMYK to black or to different color spaces.

"With features like Intelligent Overprint Preview, accurate RGB and CMYK to black conversion, enhanced preflight and automatic correction, and PDF standards verification, Adobe Creative Suite 3.3 and Acrobat 9 Pro promise to dramatically streamline our production workflows," said James Wamser, senior training specialist at Sells Printing Company LLC, a nationally recognized, full-service commercial printer. "With this release, Adobe continues to advance its leadership position and deliver breakthrough technology and tools that solve some of the creative industry's most pressing challenges."

Additionally, Acrobat 9 Pro lets designers collaborate on documents more effectively and efficiently. Design professionals can now, literally, get their clients on the same page easily using Acrobat 9 Pro and Acrobat.com, Adobe's new set of hosted services (currently in public beta).

Adobe Fireworks CS3 includes a common library of pre-built assets for rapidly prototyping Web sites, enables easy creation of Web graphics, and allows seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Flash.Pricing and Availability

Adobe Creative Suite 3.3 Design Premium, Design Standard, Web Premium, and Master Collection editions for Mac OS X 10.4.11 and 10.5 and for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista are now shipping worldwide in English, French, German, and Japanese versions.

Information about additional language versions is available separately. All editions of Creative Suite 3.3 are available through Adobe Authorized Resellers and on the Adobe Store at at these estimated street prices: US$1799 for Creative Suite 3.3 Design Premium, US$1199 for Creative Suite 3.3 Design Standard, US$1599 for Creative Suite 3.3 Web Premium, and US$2499 for Creative Suite 3.3 Master Collection. Creative Suite 3 users can upgrade to Creative Suite 3.3 for US$159. For additional upgrade policies and pricing, visit www.adobe.gom/go/creativesuite. For more information about Acrobat 9 Pro for creative professionals, visit www.adobe.com/go/acrobatpro_creative.


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