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Doozla Drawing for Kids!

full screen vector drawing for kids

Doozla is a full screen children's drawing application, featuring simple free-hand drawing and color tools, webcam & tablet support, entertaining color-in templates and inspiring background images.

Doozla Doozla Doozla Doozla

Doozla has four creativity modes: Drawing - Free-hand drawing on a background, Coloring In - Add color and lines to the fun character templates provided, Draw on Background - Draw your own characters and objects into the provided background scenes, Webcam Drawing - Use your webcam to capture a picture and draw on top of it for lots of fun.

Presenting a simple front interface, Doozla contains a pro-level drawing 'vector' engine underneath. The result is that every stroke of the mouse, or tablet pen produces smooth, attractive on-screen lines. In addition, drawings always print smoothly, without 'jaggies', no matter what size paper.

"After chatting with teachers, we realized there was a need for a really simple, yet attractive kids drawing application for the Mac," said plasq CEO, Cris Pearson. "And Doozla was born!"

Excellent drawing program Doozla

Doozla's Home Screen encourages children to draw at any level of creative, from coloring-in, to complete-the-drawing, to a blank canvas. The Pen, Eraser, Line, Rectangle, Elipse, Bucket Fill and Letters tools can draw at different thicknesses and in a wide selection of colors. Spoken sound effects help with learning tool and color names in a fun way.

All artwork can be saved in a .doozla format or can be printed to a PDF file or a printer. Doozla also offers options for password protecting the Print, Quit and Control Panel functions for parental or educator control and distraction removal.

This update includes additional color-in art, commissioned from artists around the world. Included are historical and contemporary images, sophisticated backgrounds, color-in characters and scenes to entice students and young kids to color, complete or capture their own ideas. Doozla's four drawing options provide a guided start - whether that be an image, an iSight photo snap, a color-in image, or a blank canvas.

Doozla requires Mac OS X 10.4.6 or above and costs USD $24.95. Doozla Volume Education Licensing options are available. 30-day unhindered demo and instant download purchase directly from the plasq website.

plasq Website
Doozla: doozla.com
Doozla Download
Doozla Screenshots

plasq's focus on creating intuitive, powerful and fun software is perfectly illustrated by their award-winning 'Comic Life' and much lauded 'Skitch'. This exciting think-tank of developers and user interface designers unites talent from The United States, Australia, Austria, France and Norway to make beautifully-designed and useful tools. - San Francisco, CA - Published on 04/16/08


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