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InDesign CS4 EasyCatalog

errors are reduced and the accuracy of documents is increased

65bit Software has announced that their products will be available for InDesign CS4 when it begins shipping later this year.

"We are pleased to confirm that EasyCatalog, our flagship database publishing product, will be compatible with the latest version of InDesign," said Mark Haden, Director of 65bit Software Ltd.

"We are constantly improving EasyCatalog in response to customer feedback, and the CS4 version is a result of this. Many of our customers have been anticipating the release of InDesign CS4, so we are delighted to be able to respond to their demands and offer a new version as soon as InDesign is released."

"Adobe have continued to improve InDesign, and the CS4 version offers many opportunities for us to make EasyCatalog even more powerful. Over the coming months we will be taking advantage of some of the new features of CS4 in EasyCatalog which will improve the functionality and integration with InDesign."

The latest EasyCatalog module - the Relational Module - will also be available for InDesign CS4. The Relational Module allows users to work with data sources of almost unlimited complexity within EasyCatalog and can be used to connect to relational databases such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

Indesign Easy Catalog

About EasyCatalog Launched in 2003, EasyCatalog is now trusted by thousands of users in over thirty countries across six continents. EasyCatalog increases InDesign productivity by providing dynamic, two-way, linking of data from a CSV file, XML structure or ODBC database to text or images in InDesign documents. By importing data directly into InDesign, errors are reduced and the accuracy of documents is increased. If the source data changes - such as last-minute price updates - all fields in the document can be updated automatically.

EasyCatalog also offers semi-automatic and automatic creation (using the optional Pagination Module) of structured documents. EasyCatalog is available for InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4. The CS2, CS3 and CS4 versions are localized in English, French and German.

Availability and Pricing: EasyCatalog, EasyHistory, MultiDo and Reveal will all be available for download from the 65bit Software website when InDesign starts shipping. An upgrade fee applies to upgrade EasyCatalog (and optional modules) to the CS4 version. Detailed upgrade pricing information can be found on the EasyCatalog website. EasyHistory can be upgraded free of charge; MultiDo and Reveal are free plug-ins.

65bit Software: http://www.65bit.com
Download: http://www.65bit.com/downloads/downloadpre.shtm

65bit Software Limited, an Adobe Solution Partner, was founded in 2003 and specializes in the development of high quality plug-ins for the Adobe InDesign family of products. Their flagship product, EasyCatalog, is now used by thousands of users in over thirty countries around the world. InDesign, and the InDesign Logo are registered trademarks of Adobe Inc.


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