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Make client folders quickly

unique idea for the graphic arts industry

Geeksuit has a unique idea for the graphic arts industry -- Client Folder Maker -- a folder creation and management utility for Mac OS X. Client Folder Maker is a simple to use, general purpose folder creation and management tool for the busy desktop publisher, prepress operator or web designer. It allows the user to set up a hierarchy of folders once, then re-create that hierarchy anywhere in the filesystem with just a few clicks from the Finder.

Focus on Ease of Use:

Client Folder Maker was developed specifically to help design professionals be more productive. When CFM is invoked, simply enter the Client Name, its Job Number, and hit the Create Folder button. Client Folder Maker will faithfully create the folder hierarchy based on the clients name, the number associated to that job, with all the support folders inside.

Completely re-written as a Contextual Menu and Preference Pane, Client Folder Maker utilizes a very simple approach for building up custom folder sets for any job type. Easily add, rename, or delete folders in the hierarchy, as well as the ability to create new files under the folder tree too.

Tag Variables

The hidden gem in CFM is its limitless customization of tag variables, so the possibilities for personal customization are endless. Despite its namesake, Client Folder Maker's default presets aren't limited to simply a "client name" and a "job number". As long as the chosen words or phrases are surrounded in braces, users may create and leverage any tags they wish.

Client Folder Maker ships with default presents for the design or prepress minded, as well as a simple website structure for web developers. Both have their own unique tag variables, but can easily be customized for any working environment.

A Hierarchy By Any Other Name

Design professionals know that adhering to a strict folder hierarchy is paramount when setting up new clients, backing up customer files, as well as the ability to search them for repeat jobs. Graphic Designers, Prepress Operators and Web Developers alike will immediately appreciate the convenience and time-savings Client Folder Maker offers.

But it doesn't stop there. As extensible as CFM is, it offers a myriad of different uses. Photographers, Photoshop wizards, programmers, teachers and professors (for Quizzes, Homework, Solutions, Student Records), writers: anyone can leverage and enjoy its benefits.

Feature Highlights:
* Stays out of the way: Implemented as a CMM and Pref Pane
* Limitless Customization
* Zero Footprint

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard or later
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* 520 Kb~ Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability: Client Folder Maker 2.0 is available under two licenses. A single license is only $14.75 USD. A Three-User license is $35.00 USD. CFM works as an unrestricted 15 day demo until which time can be unlocked with a purchased registration code. Client Folder Maker is used by many leading Printing Firms throughout the world. Print Franchises who wish to purchase CFM in bulk licenses for stores, contact their website for available licensing options.

Client Folder Maker
Download CFM: CFM2.dmg
Documentation and Help

Headquartered in Lake Dallas, Texas, MacScripter LLC is a leading evangelist for Applescripting the Mac since 1999. GeekSuit is a website compilation of useful php scripts, and applescripts. Copyright 1999-2008 MacScripter LLC All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. - Lake Dallas, Texas - Published on 07/01/08


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