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HUGO Create

Win $500 - creative challenge

Today, creative individuals are mixing their multi-disciplinary skills and talents to go beyond the traditional paths. HUGO Fragrances takes traditional design competitions a step further and offers upcoming talent a global platform, HUGO Create. The aim of the challenge is to give designers, illustrators and photographers the chance to show the world their abilities by the creation of a stunning tribute to the iconic HUGO Man bottle. It all comes down to strong ideas, pure skills and a lot of creativity.

HUGO Create: Creativity is key

HUGO Create is all about toying with ideas, about the aspiration to do something different, to connect the seemingly unrelated. To challenge the status quo. Use your imagination and intuition. Move away from the traditional thinking. Experiment. Play. Challenge the sacred cows. Improvise. See new possibilities, dare to take some risks. No benchmarks, no boundaries. Exhibit curiosity. Brainstorm, combine and improve. Try out some new stuff. Freewheel, dream, imagine... Discover your creativity!

Do you think you're up for the challenge? Then surf to www.hugocreate.com.

HUGO Create: Round 2

The theme for the 2nd round is Music & Nightlife
Music can be described in many ways by many different people, for every person you may bump into along your walk, he or she may have a different taste of music. Music can be traced way back from the creation of the world and up to today, new breed of songs and sounds sprouts very fast.

Each of us has our own experience with music. When we hear a touching song that meets with our experiences, it makes us look up and reminisce. We call it our music. Nightlife often unleashes irresistible vibes of musical prowess that strums our soul and touches our heart. Guaranteed thrills!

Participants are free to chose the technique(s) they enjoy the most: pixel, vector, photo, hand drawn, painted, -- as long as their visuals are music and/or nightlife related. Also important is that the HUGO Man bottle plays a central role in the artwork. For the rest it's completely up to you--

Participants can upload their design on the SUBMIT page of the website. The visuals (RGB JPGS) can be max 0.5 MB. The format we use to publish the visuals on the website is 672 pixels large x 960 pixels high. In case you become one of the winners, we will need your visual in an A4 format, 300 dpi.

The 10 winners receive $500 and tons of recognition. The visual of the round winner will be published in style bible i-D magazine.

The HUGO bottle & logo footage can be downloaded from the SUBMIT section on the website: http://www.hugocreate.com/en/submit.php

HUGO Samples

HUGO Create Generator: Kickstart your creativity

Create your own design with the help of the HUGO Create Generator. Everyone can be creative, even if you don't have a technical background. Make your own custom illustration with the HUGO Generator design tool and win.

Surf to http://www.hugocreate.com/en/generator.php

Select some of the 1300 design elements and drag & drop them to your artwork. You can easily adapt the size and rotate the elements. Once you have finalized your design, you can save it on your computer, send it to your friends or enter your artwork to the HUGO Create design contest. Each round, there are 5 special prizes in the Generator category.

On April 15, 500 brand new Music & Nightlife elements added.

HUGO Create Winners Round 1

In the first round, we have received over 6800 entries.
Our list of winners includes an exciting and international mixture of established names and upcoming talent.
Round Winner: Tom Moran, Uxbridge, UK   | Ashley Paul Smith, Loughborough, UK   | Edwin Servaas, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   | Gosia, Toronto, Canada   | Imok, East Bentleigh, Australia   | Juha Jukarainen, Kuopio, Finland   | Litsa, White Plains, USA   | Matthew Needle, Cardiff, UK   | Nicholas Federico Romero, Miami, USA   | Oleg Shmykov, Hildesheim, Germany   | Carla Garofalo Tavares, Brazil   | Luigi Lucci, Milan, Italy   | Karen Santiago, Coatzacoalcos, Mexico   | Bruno Manciet, Gradignan, France

Images for download - You can download a zip with HUGO Create Round 2 examples and the winning designs from Round 1 from HUGO server: HUGOcreate1.zip (8.5 MB)

For more information: HUGO Create website: www.hugocreate.com Contact: hugocreate at rockandrollagency.net


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